Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More recovered.

Strange how much of ones life is still online somewhere. Had quite a few piccies and other stuff parked on imageshack.com(bloody handy place) for use on forums and other semi-public sites. Revived my account i'd almost forgotten about and found a heap of silly stuff. Here's a first taste. Will also push the comic a bit down the page so you get a better view i hope.

Saskia x

Yes, i AM a smoker......

More retrieved Art

Bit of work done on the details. One of my early ones i managed to save from the rubble.

I like a bit of romance........

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another retro piccie

Just to keep it a bit balanced. Me looking good is an important part of this blog stuff too. I'm a vain bitch even if it's about images that go back a few years.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Another comic. Made it a few years back but dit a bit of work on it recently to give it a bit of a boost. If the full-size view gets hampered by the blog-info(happens when stuff gets to the top of the page sometimes) i recommend downloading the file.(rightclick>save as - may not work in Firefox as it tends to save imagefiles with an incorrect extension)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Prim and proper..........

And then there are moments i really get off on portraying an utterly decent and delicate headscarf wearing upper class lady.

Just summink silly........

Made this once for a short animation clip i once started but never finished about pervy lesbian barbies. Just found it (and the rest of the footage which i may edit into something fun one day afterall-who knows).


Sunday, July 8, 2012

New shoes!

By far not the highest heels in my collection but they are cute as hell. Have a serious shoe fetish and have real problems passing a ladies shoeshop without going in and worse buying new shoes i don't really need. Quite some hot shoes to be had at the time too. Serious heels are back with a vengeance. I love it.....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

TG art stuff coming but not yet right now......

Tried to put up some of my TG(pp) artwork on here but had a few problems with the sizes. They are comics with textballoons so they should come in a size that's readable and i didn't manage to do that here so i will have to cut them up or host them externally to make that work without changing the whole layout of the blog. I will do so in the future but it will take some time and work.For now you'll have to do with another of my little gif animations. Take-out from one my little video's


Sunday, July 1, 2012


....doin' stuff on here against my better judgement as i find i have to do way too much promoting to get a bit of attention. That was a feckin' lot better in the old days before the masses took over the web. It's becoming hard work and i do enough of that already and this should be fun, innit..........So here's a few simple piccies. Nothing especially sexy or kinky but i'm still a bloke in a frock which is supposed to turn people on as i've been told.

apreciation......(not really)

10 followers and a handfull of shy, mostly anonymous reactions is not very flattering, izzit?

What i want!

What i want!
I mean really really really frilly......the sort that will functionally kill off the last bit testosterone one has left. I think i want the black ones...I may go for the version with the lacy back opening to seduce prospect gentleman admirers. I've just taken off the birchplace link that should have been making me money as the system doesn't quite work for me. Pity, as my 10.000 visitors a month could well have worked for both of us. As it didn't they can very well bugger off. I'm not THAT stoopid.


All you want is....

All you want is....

vintage adverts

vintage adverts
More Fredericks of H.