Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chrystal's Naughty Adventures(updated)

Although the images with this one are still from the Christina universe, the story is mostly inspired on my own younger days as a glamourous transvestite. Partly real, partly fantasy. Enjoy!
In the end my picture got a rather prominent place right next to last years Miss Stepford Valley.....

Ever since i started dressing up as a girl in my early teens i've been fascinated by pre-fifties fashions and the big moviestars of the time have always been my rolemodels. I've spent years in front of my mirror trying to emulate them, wearing glamourous outfits, fully fashioned stockings, scyscraper heels and all that goes with it.  At a certain point it's just not enough sitting at home being ravishing and i started acting out little scenario's to make itall a bit more exciting and perhaps a little more dangerous. At first it was just late night walks where i would incidentally be confronted by gentlemen giving me lustfull looks, cars slowing down amd hooting their horns as they drove by and spotted me.
More and more i was seeking these confrontations. I kept an eye out for the times when certain neighbours walked their dogs or went for a late night stroll and the walks concentrated on places where i could bump into people, especially older gentlemen. At some point i discovered hailing a taxi driving by and consequently being completely regarded and treated as a lady. That was so exciting that it became a regular feature on my little outings. It even got me shyly entering a quiet local bar for a drink without anyone doubting my gender for a second and one or two gentlemen coyly flirting with the intimidatingly dressed young vamp i portrayed. It was all a bit scary at first but so very very exciting in the end.
The Photographer.....
Mr Pierce was this dishy older man who had a little shop/coffeecorner with a small museum of Hollywood glamour pictures and memorabillia in the back, which was of course way up my street. The place had offered quite a bit of inspiration over the years.
Mr Pierce did however got a bit of a reputatiom for gettimg a bit too touchy feely with some of the young ladies who came in to pose for  glanour pictures of themselves in Hollywood style. As a new adventure for my delicious alter ego i had kinda decided to give this rather attractive pervy senior citizin his perfect model and possibly seduce him a bit in the process..........
The plan would be happening next weekend when mother would be on bizniz trip. She obviously knew about my little hobby(not many boys have a 40  square ft walk-in closet filled with dresses, shoes and wigs in their bedroom(built it mysef during the hollidays...) but it was never discussed so i kept some things from her, like my outside activities. Mother seemed to be alright with my little hobby as long as it was kept to my part of the house. I mostly respected that and i didn;t want to confront her.

I'm not shure why meeting up with a man like mr Pierce was so alluring to me. It wasn't hard sex or so, i wanted to flirt a little and to be lusted after by someone who apreciated me in the role of a delicate and vulnerable 1950's young miss. It was both scary and terribly exciting.

To be continued

I'd taken hours getting dressed up, doin' my hair and make-up and nails but it was all worth it when i saw the expression on his face when he saw me. His eyes were almost popping out of their sockets at the vision of near perfect fifties glamour i portrayed. I loved it.....
So here i was, all dressed up as a sexy young diva from a 1950's movie, showing myself off to this sophisticated older man, Shivers of excitement running through my silk encased body whilst trying to be as feminine and seductive as i could. Mr Pierce was almost drooling when he was looking at me.......I felt sooooo sexy and desired, it was totally mindblowing and this was just the beginning.....
He actually offered me 100 dollar an hour to pose for him and there were some classy ouyfits in his prop-room.The green tafetta frock was to die for. Mr Pierce  seemed to agree as when he zipped me up i noticed a distinct bulge in his pants...

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  1. Hi
    That was such a fun little piece. I love christeens images too andcare still an inspiration in my art.
    Need time to look around here properly.


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