Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christeen:.....Pining for uncle Bob?.....

Uncle Bob away for business????


My dear Bob,

Over the course of these last few months i have been forcing
Christeen's poor little heart and mind to grow so wonderfully
out of control. Everything is changing so fast for her now. It's
hard for her to try to make sense of the new flood of emotions
and desires you and i are forcing upon her unguarded helpless 
heart. It's delicious to already see her being totally mesmerized
by the mere thought of "her"man's presence. I have decided to let
her delicious agony take her even further into this deep almost
hysterical form of femininity and therefore i think we should
take a rest from your dates to let her longing for her lover and
the apprehension about her willing submission ripen to the
fullest. And as absense makes the heart grow fonder, you will
be off our little lady's menu for a while. I'll tell her you're away
on business and send her all your love.....for now. She'll be pining
for you in a true ScarlettO Hara dramatic fashion(aunty will see
to that)... Again, it's all so delightfully pretty and evil and dark

Your wicked little sister


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christeen: Blushes for uncle

Another date............


Dear Sis,
I think your plans have worked wonders. Our last date was
almost perfect and Christeen really seems to have accepted
her new sexual role in life completely now. When we were
making out i noticed she actually (supposedly accidentally)
rested her little perfectly manicured hand on my erection and
blushed at her own forwardnes. This was immediately followed by
her almost melting into me and surprising her old uncle with the
most sensual deep kiss and writhing her soft sensuous body
against mine. Our little lady is now really getting into the spirit
of things. I can't be happier and may actually be falling in love
with her myself. She is really becoming the perfect compliant
romantically wanton young lady you always wanted him/her
to be. She is totally delightful.

your loving brother Bob



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Frederick's of Hollywood

I've always been quite fascinated by the delicious vintage adverts of Frederick's of Hollywood when i bumped into them. For a transvestite with a touch of the dragqueen like myself they are an absolute delight. Make me feel like a kid in a candyshop( a bit of a kinky kid of course). Just wanted to share a few of my favourites to convince a few of you to come over to the Dark side(lol)..........
OOoops i just found a few more so............

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

Christeen: Another delightful date with uncle Bob

I've put some condoms in your purse. I don't expect you will need them rightaway
but an attractive young miss like yourself has to get used to being prepared for when
the magic moment is finally there. We do want you to experience  true romance instead
of a lurid affair but we also don't expect a young lady in love to stay a virgin forever
of course. My dear brother will shurely awaken certain desires and emotions in the
enchanting almost wanton young lady you are now becoming, that you can't be
expected to deny forever.......


Oh my,..... i see my sister has gone all out to make my little lady look sexy
for her man tonight, my darling. You look absolutely enchanting and i'm
shure we're going to have such a good time together. Now come here and

give Uncle a little kiss, Sweetheart........

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Christeen- the gentleman callers

Sometimes our princess still needs some encouragement to see things his aunt's way.

Christeen can still hear her aunt's taunting voice ringing in her ears as she
lectured her on her desired feelings and behaviour towards her guests..:
Christeen still needs to learn a lot about the joy of being helpless, beautifull
and desired by men and accept her new submissive role so completely that
she even finds pride and joy in her own willing subservience to them. Yes sweetie,
you will love and desire them and even when you feel the soaring discomfort
of his command over your little helpless girlish soul it will be proof of your
total and utter femininity as you continue to compulsively give in to his
demanding manly desires. I know you still don't really want to have
these feelings towards  a masculine mature man but you just can't help it,
can you princess? You know your body and heart are screaming to have
men throbbing hard for you as they view your delicious silk and satin draped
helpless submissive self.....You know it's right for you and you will
learn to love it  wether you like it or not.......... 


Mother's ex-son really needed a suitable role model...


All you want is....

All you want is....