Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Christeen- the gentleman callers

Sometimes our princess still needs some encouragement to see things his aunt's way.

Christeen can still hear her aunt's taunting voice ringing in her ears as she
lectured her on her desired feelings and behaviour towards her guests..:
Christeen still needs to learn a lot about the joy of being helpless, beautifull
and desired by men and accept her new submissive role so completely that
she even finds pride and joy in her own willing subservience to them. Yes sweetie,
you will love and desire them and even when you feel the soaring discomfort
of his command over your little helpless girlish soul it will be proof of your
total and utter femininity as you continue to compulsively give in to his
demanding manly desires. I know you still don't really want to have
these feelings towards  a masculine mature man but you just can't help it,
can you princess? You know your body and heart are screaming to have
men throbbing hard for you as they view your delicious silk and satin draped
helpless submissive self.....You know it's right for you and you will
learn to love it  wether you like it or not.......... 



  1. Of course, that offer of work at the club can be held over Christeen's pretty head. "You know, dear, if you don't make enough of an effort to please your dates, a week of employment at that club might help you to learn how to behave better around men. I'm just thinking of your best interests, darling."

    1. Which was of course exactly what aunty had in mind. The gentleman callers are, unknown to Chris, of course carefully vetted beforehand so nothing nasty can actually happen to our princess.


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