Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Georgina's Exquisite Surrender

And then the day finally comes to succumb to your ultimate submission......to HIM.
I love the eighties style wedding dress Georgina is wearing. Sir  Henry is of course very much based on the type of man i fancy myself.

By returning Guest-artist Ignatius Fluke

p.s. Keep ignoring me at your own peril.
p.p.s. I am looking for a new main character/ victim for coming scenes. If anyone has any suggestions? Preferably someone from the public domain like a minor celebrity from the past.(i've considered Leif Garrett but he's too obvious and maybe just that little bit too pretty. Basically the same problem with David Cassidy) Maybe someone a little less famous.Think i prefer a bit of an irritating teenage preppie. Makes it just that tiny bit more exciting to destroy his disgusting boyhood(lol).
I seriously considered young master Trump getting caught with big sister Ivanka's wardrobe but i don't want to wake up in Guantanamo one of these days.......... 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Delights of being Someone Else

How transvestism isn't always about being yourself. When looking back and having gained some understanding of my motives in these matters, i'd say that in my case my enjoyment is in being someone else who is this almost unreal, in all aspects hyperfeminine persona i invented. It's about the deception and the fraud instead of about a supposed true inner self. whilst at the same time taking this deception much further than a lot of the gendermotivated trannies do. Even my sexual preferences are those of my character and when i'm with a man there is not a cel in my body that experiences it as anything but a heterosexual experience and urge(gay men don't even turn me on for that reason). The vamp i used to portray always had a strong urge to be desirable and desired. There is also what i call "the other Planet effect". Bit like the speech of "Roy"in BladeRunner. We've been to places and had experiences none of the "normal people" had. It's something i can't easily explain to people who haven't been there and trannies who prefer more convenient and more conformist explanations. Yep, i'm a weirdo but that's nothing new either, i was diagnosed as one as a child. Sometimes i just can't help saying summink smart. Next post will probably be my usual pervy amusement stuff, i still have Georgina's wedding to finish.(i even got returning guest-artist Ignatius Fluke in to add some spunk to the festivities)..........

Friday, May 5, 2017

Guest artist: Satin Pansy

A welcome intermezzo whilst i prepare to get ready to go on to Georgina's further developments...(i think i found the perfect dress).
Got the permission to publish some early drawings by Satin Pansy who is rather famous for her Youtube and other fetish stuff. She's the absolute sissy fetish doll and one of my favourite kinksters. Always had something with the ones that go all out with this stuff(not even start me on her delicious satin and taffetta wardrobe- personally i always went a bit for the more grown up look but i could go for the sissy stuff if i could do it this way). First got talking with her back when we were both on Yahoo 360 and apart from anything i else i get the impression she's actually an interesting person.
The drawings really take me back to my own secret dressing up adventures in my teens. I kinda got off on the fear and anxiety part of it. Sneaking out at night for scary dressed up walks around the neighbourhood, just not getting caught....it still gets to me. First time getting noticed by men, passing cars hooting, men walking their dog accepting me as a girl and saying "hello, miss". Soooo exciting then......Guess most of us real transvestites have all been there in some way.

Satin Pansy
Me, still satins & tafetta but contrary to my sissy friend, i never got along with pastels.
Sorry,but i just couldn't help touching myself there. Hope it doesn't land me in trouble with the local authorities. I was already reprimanded by Flickr this week and i've been so on my best behaviour the past few years.

Monday, May 1, 2017


Just couldn't resist one more Mildred, she's just that extra cherry on the cake.Beginning to think i've got a real penchant for the cruelty stuff lately, and i was always such a kindhearted gentle person.......(lol)

All you want is....

All you want is....