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The perfect little lady

I would have prefered to do this one with the approval/permission of AW but as the original author doesn't seem to be communicating these days i decided to publish this on here anyway. If AW decides different, i will of course remove it but i found my version just too good to keep to myself.

"The Perfect Little Lady"
by Anonymous Writer

edited and extended (up to now unauthorised)version by Saskia

I could hear my mischievous 'aunt' downstairs at the kitchen door talking and i then heard the door close. I nervously stood near the upstairs window furtively looking out through the net curtains and watched as my slightly rowdy bunch of friends walked across the back lawn talking loudly whilst tossing a football around as they made their way down the alleyway and out of site. I then heard Madge returning upstairs to her bedroom where i was instructed to wait for her. She entered the room with purpose and continued as before.

I nervously stood near
the upstairs window
furtively looking out
"They won't be back, i've sent them away." She said with an impish smile as she returned to the dresser and then made her way to her closet. "But why?" i asked. She then said she didn't like little 'ruffian' boys hanging around and said they were a bad influence on me. I tried to explain what we usually did in the afternoons after school got out but she would have none of it. She got mad that i often showed up late for supper and usually with dirty clothes from playing football or baseball or climbing around like boys often do, and felt that since i started hanging around with them i didn't obey her as well either. That was enough and didn't even include last month's incident when one afternoon she had caught me dressed in one of her frilly nightgowns ! I knew that Madge really had had enough now. "Get back over here girly boy and be still!", she said as she snapped her fingers then pointed towards the front of her dresser and the long mirror on the wall. I did the best i could as i minced on the white, ankle strap stilettos with five inch heels. She seemed pleased at the way the heels made me shorten my steps and caused my hips to wiggle. "I just don't like boys that don't listen and i particularly don't like rowdy behaviour. And since you seem to like pretty ladies lingerie so much, i'll just have to see to it that you stay dressed as a perfect young lady from now on. That should curve your undesired course ways and i'm shure that in the end it will make both of us much happier ." she said in her most insincere amenable tone of voice.

She made me stand silently as she came back from the closet carrying a shimmering powderblue party dress perfectly suited for a fashionable young miss. She took it off the hangar then carefully placed it on the bed and then returned to what she was doing before being so rudely interrupted by my disgusting friends. She came around and began adjusting my brassiere straps until the little silicone breast forms stood straight out. She then lifted my slip and pulled my briefer panties up so high and tight that my little bulge now almost looked like a little slit! She seemed pleased at how the tight Lycra spandex material was cool and smooth to the touch and how it held me in giving me the appearance of a young girl complete with a tidy pubic muff. She then took a pair of impossibly frilly french knickers from her dresser and made me step into them. They were a creamy white satin complete with lace trim and little babyblue satin ribbons and bows at the leg openings and at the waist. She pulled them up my nyloned legs and past my garters and the garter belt i was wearing and swished them easily over the briefer panties she had me in. She pulled the satin panties up over my waist and marveled at the look as she then swished my slip back down into place.

She adjusted the straps of the lace trimmed white satin slip until everything fit to her satisfaction then retrieved the dress from the bed. She approached me and began unzipping the dress. I could hear the swish of the zipper in the silence of the room. She then held the dress down in front of me. "Step into this and be quick about it!" she snarled. Of course i did as my mischievous but arresting guardian told me. Im just so weak and feeble. She proceeded working the delicate confection over my now almost shaking body."Yes, so nice and pretty now! These pretty clothes will take all the boyish rambunctiousness right out of you!"

I felt both sickened and disturbingly anxious and could feel my apprehension making my head spin. Alone in her bedroom, i could smell the perfume. But except for the sounds the clothes made the room was totally silent. I felt the cool, tafetta of the dress as Madge pulled it up. It slithered up and over the lacy, nylon slip and past my waist. She made me hold my arms out then pulled the dress up. After looking me over she went around behind me and continued fitting me into the dress. The short sleeves with cuffs and lace trim fit easily as she pulled the dress into place. The lace trimmed collar was low enough to show off the pearl necklace she had clipped on me earlier. With another swish she had the dress in place.

I felt her take hold of the zipper and heard the wispy noise as she pulled it up. The dress began to tighten around me as she pulled the zipper up, past my waist and up my back. I could feel the chest of the dress form around my pretty padded bra so giving me a very girlish shape! Finally, she had the zipper pulled all the way up at the back of my neck and was clipping the hook to keep the top closed. With a swish she quickly tied the satin sash that ran around my waist into a pretty bow at the back. She pulled and smoothed the dress on me then fluffed out the skirt with a swish. "Your first dress dear! You just look so adorable in it. Doesn't it just feel delicious?" She giggled as she fussed with the dress and smiled at me looking on with complete satisfaction over having her way."No unruly teenage boys around here anymore. You, my darling little Timmy, are going to be my beautiful young niece from now onward!"
I gasped and was almost shaking in nervous fear because of what she had already done to me and what was obviously still to come.
"What do I do now, aunty?" i timidly asked. She said now that i was 'properly dressed' that i could do anything i wanted. She knew that i wouldn't leave the house like this and knew that i was now properly controlled. She looked me over once again and noticed i was starting to tear up with shame and humiliation. Madge of course claimed they were obviously tears of happyness. She handed me a tissue then told me to take a moment to compose myself. "Oh" she said as she moved to the doorway. "Since you won't be going out for the rest of the day you can just help me around the house a little. From now on you are going to be home schooled as you 'will' become my darling little niece. And since Tim is a boy's name and not a name for a pretty little lady like you, i am changing your name to Marissa. Understand?" I timidly nodded my understanding as I stood there with my head hung in embarrassment. "And you'd better not ruin your makeup with any tears young lady!" With that, she left the room and went downstairs.

Of course i was still pretending to fight what was happening to me but for years i had actually secretly fantasised and dreamed about a world where these haughty older ladies for their sheer amusement, dressed me as an ultra feminine young miss in the most exquisitely feminine girls clothes, corsets, nylon stockings and high-heeled shoes and then, laughing at my ridiculous pretensions to have any say in the matter, kept me in bondage and submission as their delicate obedient girly plaything.
So if it had already thrilled me with strange delightful emotions to imagine myself dressed in the luxurious dresses and gowns of a fashionable young lady, undergoing punishments and humiliations and dainty tortures at the hands of beautiful domineering women who were totally deaf to my pleas and protestations, how much more was i of necessity thrilled and excited when Madge's machinations made the dream become as true as it was now!

I didn't know anything about makeup but as carefully as Madge had applied it to my face i knew better than to rub the tissue across my face. I dabbed the tears away gently then tossed the tissue into the waste basket. I was horrified at what i saw in the dresser mirror. She was right, i wasn't really Tim anymore, i didn't look anything like a boy now! I was only sixteen and physically hadn't had the time to grow into a much of a man yet(probably never will now). I knew(vaguely) that i was still a boy, but with only a few make-up tricks and the clothes i was now wearing she had made me look completely like a disturbingly attractive eighteen year old miss, dressed to compete in some sort of girly pageant!

My facial features had been softened by the makeup and the light eyeshadow and false lashes accentuated my eyes. A little blush made my cheeks appear rosy and being finished with the pale red, glossy lipstick i now looked unmistakably like a girl! And the lipstick matched the nail polish Madge had applied to all my nails. I could even see my painted toenails through the open toes of the ankle strap heels and the sheer nylons she had me in. I noticed the little earrings in my ears and could still feel the pain of Madge piercing them only an hour or so ago. I noticed the little pearl necklace too and how convincingly feminine such little details made me look. Madge had seen to it that all outward signs of my boyhood were now safely hidden away.

She had dyed my hair blonde and had curled it with a curling iron and set it with lots of hair spray after she had gotten it into a feminine style. As she worked a big satin bow into my hair she had commented that my hair would grow out in no time. This worried me and made me think that she wouldn't be done with me anytime soon.

In addition to the makeup she had completely shaved and Naired my body and spritzed me with a very feminine smelling perfume. I noticed my dress that hung just below knee length and how the silky fabric of my slip and skirt rustled loudly at my every movement as I turned to look myself over and how my nylons caressed my legs and shimmered in the light as I teetered on the high heels with the little feminine bows affixed at the back that matched the satin bow at the back of my dress. All of these alien sensations were terribly unnerving. Fact was that these feelings were exciting me against my will too. When i had calmed down a bit and stopped shaking i realised that Madge was waiting for me downstairs so i decided i had better get going as not to anger her and see what else my 'loving' aunt had in store for me.

"Such a delightful little lady!" Madge beamed as i nervously came down the stairs and entered the livingroom. She made me mince and swish around the living room giving her a good look at all her efforts. "Curtsey for me Marissa dear" she said. I complied and listened as my dress and nylons swished and rustled loudly in the proces. Madge then led me into the kitchen. She took an oldfashioned pinafore out from under the sink and quickly tied it tightly around my waist. I noticed it was the kind of extremely frilly, feminine apron that women wore in the 1950's. "Yes, so very pretty, and so deliciously feminine!", she said in a tone of total delight. "You'll soon get used to the heels Marissa darling. And you'll get used to wearing dresses and skirts all the time too now because i am boxing up all your disgusting 'boy'clothes and getting rid of them!"

She then handed me a dust cloth and feather duster. "Get with it missy" she said. "You have lots of time around the house now and as you don't look anything like a boy anymore, and now look totally like a pretty little lady you might as well do some women's work around the house. So get busy." I took the cloth and feather duster from her and started diligently moving about the room while Madge kept a watchful eye. "Yeeessss." she said. "Nice and feminine! With a little more practice and coaching you're going to get the hang of this in no time. And if you know what's good for you you'll make sure you stay in 'character' and act as feminine and delicate as you possibly can all the time from now on.

The next few days and the entire weekend were filled with more lessons in learning how to dress, how to put on makeup, how to move and walk like a proper young lady and how to talk like one as well speaking in soft, feminine tones. Madge delighted in her control over me and seemed very satisfied that at least for now, the old Tim had almost been completely erased! She continued with light house cleaning lessons, cooking and sewing lessons and other chores expected from a proper lady-of-the-house! Meanwhile she had begun changing my room over into an overtly feminine style with lots of pinks and frills and ruffles until there was no mistake that this was a girls room now. And all the while i wore pretty dresses and skirts every day and babydoll nighties to bed and slept between  satin sheets!

She had made arrangements for my home schooling to get my high school diploma saying that would be all the education a pretty young lady would need. Then one afternoon Madge dressed me up once again. She still had me in a pretty dress but it wasn't as overtly frilly and juvenile as the outfits she had me wear around the house up to then. The shoes were still elegant highheeled pumps but they were a bit more decent than the hooker-heels she had me wear up to then. And i didn't have the juvenile bow in my hair but by the way she combed it out and curled it up and by the way she had applied my soft, feminine makeup she made sure i would nonetheless be seen as a very attractive young lady. Of course she still had me in a lacy bra, a tight briefer panty, a garter belt with sheer nylons, a pair of white satin panties with plenty of lace trim and little blue satin ribbons at the front of each leg and at the waist and a lacy, white nylon full slip underneath the dress. "There we are!" She said as she finished and looked me over. She then took me downstairs to the closet and took out a stylish girl's coat and handed me a pair of elegant ladies kid leather gloves and a matching purse! "There! The perfect little lady." I became nervous as she put on her coat, took her own purse then led me to the front door!
I hesitated as she forcefully pulled me along by the wrist. "What are you doing aunt Madge!? I...I can't go, go outside like this!!! Somebody might see us!" i exclaimed in absolute terror. Madge opened the front door and giggled."Of course people are going to see us! We have to go shopping to get you some more pretty clothes and shoes, and you will need makeup and perfume." I told her i had done everything she had asked and pleaded with her not to punish me by making me go outside. "Silly dear" she said. "You're not being punished! We're having a delightful 'ladies' day out shopping!" I was terrified as she continued holding my wrist whilst pulling me outside. "I don't want to go Madge, please, i don't want to go!" I yelled out and noticed my voice start to change into a girlish whimper! Madge then changed her tone with me. "Now listen here missy!", she said angrily. "We are going shopping and you will be spending the day going all over town with me. You behave like a proper little lady and you won't have any problems. But if you fight me Marissa dear i will pull up the skirt on your dress then pull down your pretty panties and panty briefer so everyone can see your little 'pee-pee'! Would you like that!?" She said as she raised her voice in anger. "You do as you are told and everything will be fine but if you put up a fuss, everyone will know you are a boy in a dress! Would you really like that? Just imagine everyone pointing and laughing at what obviously was a silly boy dressed up like a girl!! Do you understand me now!?", she said as she shook my arm. I got quiet and yielded my resistance and with that she pulled me outside onto the sidewalk and then closed and locked the house doors.

She heard me start to sniffle once again and quickly commented: "and if you ruin your makeup young lady, you are going to get it!" With her now holding my hand she led me towards the car. My sniffles quickly stopped at Madge's warnings and the sheer terror of what was happening to me and all the strange feelings I was experiencing were starting to sink in.

The cool morning breeze swirled around my nyloned legs and up my dress. I could hear the click of my little heels on the sidewalk as we walked to the car. Madge opened the door to the passenger seat and told me to get in. "Sit down like a lady, Marissa", she said."Bum first and then just keep your knees together and gently swing both legs in at the same time", she continued as she watched me get into the car. She made me smooth my dress and coat down while i kept my knees together then after buckling my seat belt she had me hold my purse and gloves in my lap while she closed the door and went around to the driver's door. In moments she was looking through her purse for the car keys and soon we were pulling out of the driveway and were on our way downtown!

I could smell the perfume in the air in the car. I could feel the coolness of the fall day on my shaved and nyloned legs and noticed how strange and different it felt from wearing pants. As I squirmed in my seat I could feel my nylon lingerie slide and swish against the nylon lining of the dress I was wearing and could hear the sound of the fabric swish as I moved. Madge could tell I was nervous and overexcited as she heard me issue a soft gasp. Still, she continued into town until we had pulled into a parking place. Then I noticed she had pulled up just down the street from a very exclusive dress and lingerie shop!

My throat was dry and I was visibly shaken as we walked down the sidewalk and I noticed the intimidating shops getting closer and closer! I could feel and hear my nyloned thighs zipping together and my dress swishing with each step and rustling in the breeze as we continued on. Madge could sense my apprehension noticing all the other men and women going about their business moving along on the sidewalk and goin in and out of stores. "Remember what I told you little girly boy!" She said, then looking around continued "See? Nobody is staring or pointing or laughing at you, you look like a perfect little lady now. And you'd better keep acting like the perfect little lady or i warned you what would happen, didn't i?" I quickly understood and timidly whispered my compliance as not to anger her again.

She told me that in time i would get so used to going out dressed as a girl that with a little more work and a few more lessons it would become second nature and i wouldn't even notice or care anymore. Besides, i really didn't want my dress pulled up and my panties pulled down to reveal to everyone that I was really a boy, didn't i? For now i would have to take Madge's word for it and hope that my true gender wasn't discovered. I just had to go along and continued to act as feminine as Madge desired me to. This seemed to please her greatly.

We entered the dress shop and I could smell the perfume in the air at the same time the bell on the door tinkled signaling our arrival. Once inside I thought I might pass out right then and there! I had never been in a women's dress shop before. This was "no man's land" a place where men just didn't go! Several women browsed the dress racks and tables filled with fluffy, satin and nylon lingerie while others looked through the hosiery display picking out pairs of nylon stockings while others searched the racks for the perfect girdle or brassiere. I noticed a couple of women come out of the changing room to look over new dresses and skirts they had tried on to see if they liked them. The place was quiet, with a little music playing in the background and all the while a feminine perfume hung in the air. Madge then led me to the sales counter. An attractive middle-aged woman appeared. "How can I help you ladies today?" She said with a smile. "We're going to need a couple of pretty dresses, some pretty lingerie and a few other items for my young niece today" Madge said with total conviction like she was just taking her little niece on a ladies day out shopping. The sales lady smiled and soon we were moving past the hosiery racks with all the nylons on display and past the racks of slips and foundation wear and pretty nighties then through the racks of dresses until we arrived at the junior-miss department.

The sales lady selected a couple dresses then took Madge and I to the dressing rooms. Madge watched as the lady helped me out of my coat and hung it up then came over and unzipped my dress. She had me step into the new dress and when she pulled it up my slip came up exposing the lacy white satin panties Madge had made me wear! "My, such feminine little panties dear. Your aunt must really appreciate your being such a feminine little lady." The sales lady almost beamed with excitement and approval. "Too many girls these days won't even come into a store like this. They just wear the same horrid jeans and T-shirts the boys do. It's such a shame, and not very attractive at all", the lady continued as she fitted the dress on me then zipped me into it. "Yes", Madge commented with a smile ."I insist that Marissa here is going to be a proper lady. I won't allow her to become a tomboy while she is in my care." The sales lady seemed to like Madge's attitude and they immediately struck up a rapport. After trying on some more pretty dresses, a few impossibly narrow skirts and picking out several pairs of stockings and some very frilly items of lingerie we made our way to the sales counter where the lady rang up our purchases and boxed everything up in the store's pastel pink boxes. After thanking us we were soon on our way back to the car.

We put everything in the car and then went shopping for a few more things. Then it was time for lunch at a little café and then a trip to a shoe store where Madge made me try on and then model several pairs of high heels. It was late afternoon when we started for home once again.

Madge pulled the car into the driveway and we gathered our packages looking just like two fashionable ladies out on a day of shopping. "You did so very well, Marissa darling.", she said. "You really 'are' going to be a perfect little lady, you'll see. And you're going to be wearing exquisite dresses, high heels and pretty silky lingerie all the time from now on. We'll be taking trips to the beauty salon and doing more shopping and in a few weeks we may even get you started on some female hormones! Yes my little sweetie, you are going to become the perfect little lady!" Madge finished as she closed the car door and we started for the house.

It had been over a week since she had sent my new friends away and i had watched them cross the back yard and disappear down the alleyway. But now i noticed the same six guys turning the corner of the block. They noticed us and then started moving up the lawn!

"Hey Mrs. Dubois." the first boy said as he tossed the football he was carrying up in the air. "We thought we would stop by and see if Tim was around. We wanted to play a game of football this afternoon. He hasn't been in school and we were wondering where he was." The boy finished as the other ones looked on. Since i was the same age i could see how they were looking me over, noticing my dress, my nylons, my makeup and my high heels and that we had just gotten back from shopping. They clearly didn't recognize me at all! Then one of them timidly asked : "Who's the girl then?"

"I am sorry boys." Madge said as she paused while we were still by the car "Tim had to return home, he's gone now. This is his older sister Marissa." She said. "She'll be staying with me from now on." The boys, who were now looking me over with teenaged lust in their gaze, never saw past the clothes, the heels, the makeup and the now carefully styled blonde hair and never suspected it was me at all. They looked at me as if i really 'was' a pretty girl now and they nervously fidgeted and stumbled around to have a good peak at said 'girl', which was of course very much to Madge's total delight. Madge hurried to finish the conversation after the boy's had asked why Tim was gone and why Marissa was now here in his place. She had explained that boys were just too unruly for her personal likes and tastes and that she was much more comfortable with having her niece around.
"Well, it was nice to see you again boys." she said. "I'll tell Timmy you said hi", she finished as she moved away from the car issuing me along to follow her up the sidewalk and into the house.

I watched as the my former friends left, never knowing that they had been looking at Tim all along! But then i knew what the punishment would have been if i had slipped out of character! And Madge knew all too well too! She had noticed how they had looked at me and even when they were only teenage boys, she knew that she had already made me attractive and feminine enough to awaken certain masculine feelings in members of the male gender. As we walked back up the sidewalk to the front door of the house and as i struggled with all the pink dress and lingerie boxes and packages i sadly watched as the boys walked away from the house and down the street.
I was almost shocked by the fact that they didn't recognize me as Tim at all and i most likely couldn't have handled it if Madge had exposed me as such. At that point i was actually glad i had been able to carry off our little deception so successfully in front of my 'former' friends. She knew she almost had me exactly where she wanted me now. And as i minced along on my high heels i was again totally conscious of the sound and feel of the silks of my dress and slip erotically swishing around me and my nylons zipping together with each mincing, ladylike step! Madge could hear it too and obviously 'read' my duplicitous feelings. "Yeessss" she giggled "you see? Almost the perfect little lady already and we have only just started. Did you see how one of your 'friends' secretly took a picture of the pretty miss he just met?"I almost cringed for a moment,....that was it, the final nail in my coffin! Marge, pretending not to notice my panic, just went on and wasn't making it better. "Now don't you worry about it young lady, i'm fairly shure he just wanted a picture of pretty Marissa and don't tell me you didn't notice that those silly boys were staring at you because they really fancied you. I bet that picture is going to be the main feature in some boy's naughty bedtime ritual tonight, now don't tell me that doesn't even excite you just a little bit", Madge said with a mischievous grin on her face...."They probably know they haven't got a chance in high heaven as they are obviously much too young to be of interest for a sophisticated 'lady' like Marissa but aunty knows very well that for a young miss like yourself it will still be strangely intoxicating to feel desired and desirable. I've seen the look on your face, princess. You liked it!" I think i actually blushed at those comments but my lips mumbled an unconvincing denial. And when i saw Madge's victorious smirk, i knew she'd found a new delightfull angle to taunt and tantalize me. Of course didn't have wait very long for my darling 'aunt' to find an occasion start her new 'campaign'.  
Only a few days later Madge decided she wanted to make something special out of my bedtime. Now there was me, lying in the cloud of satin and silks that was my bed, all dressed up in an outrageously sexy babydoll nighty with matching panties and there was Madge herself, of course also immaculately dressed and groomed and being her irresistably menacing and overpowering self.  She would then sit next to me on my impossibly femine bed in my now impossibly feminine and elegant bedroom and then she would gleefully tell me in detail about all her 'delicious' plans for my future. Meanwhile she is gently manipulating the last remains of my boyhood in their satin prison with her perfectly manicured hand until i'm totally helpless to resist the sweet erotic agony she is forcing upon me. She keeps this up until i'm almost in a hysterical state of arousal and i'm panting and begging for some sort of release. At that moment, Madge knows i'd be ready to agree to do or say anything she wants me to. One of her favourites is make me admit out loud to desperately wanting to be kissed and held by some masculine man and she even makes me beg her to make me have a boyfriend. Of course she records these statements and confessions to use against me whenever i have the ridiculous impertinence to protest against any of the wonderfull plans she has with me. Her most recent little game even had me timidly confessing to desperately wanting to be with a much older gentleman like her masculine brother Harold(a rather stern conservative looking gentleman whom i really had only seen a picture of ) and that i absolutely needed to become his girlfriend.
Madge of course finds it an absolute delight to manipulate her formerly undesireable nephew into submission this way. So with a fiendish smile on her face she tells me that some of my adorable girlish little wishes may well be granted and promisses me to show her brother my pictures a she was shure he'd totally love to meet a pretty young miss like Marissa. "You are well on your way to becoming exactly the ultra-feminine ladylike creature my brother loves. I love the idea and i almost can't wait to get you all glammed up in an exquisitely luxurious evening or cocktail gown for him, it's soooo romantic. You two will make such a cute couple, you getting to be such a timid, compulsively dainty little lady recently with my masculine brother as your somewhat domineering older suitor. It's almost perfect."
a rather stern conservative looking
gentleman whom i really had only
seen a picture of

I can still hear Madge's taunting voice ringing in my ears as she continued to lecture me on my desired feelings and behaviours towards her brother. "You still need to learn so much about the joys of being helpless, beautifull and desireable for your man and eventually you must accept your new role so completely that you will even find pride in your own willing submission to your lover's ardent manly desires. I know you still don't really want to have these feelings towards a masculine mature man but you just can't help it, can you princess? You know your body and heart are screaming to have your 'boyfriend' throbbing hard for you as he scrutinizes your delicious silk and satin draped helpless submissive self..... Think of it, if you two hit it off you could one day actually become my little sister in law", she sniggered delighted.

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