Monday, January 3, 2022

Re-reading the awesome 'Miss high-heels'.


 I had dreamed, in a word, of a world in which ladies to punish me,
dressed me as a girl in the most exquisite of  frocks and high-heeled
shoes, gloves and corsets and then, laughing at my pretensions to a
career, kept me in bondage and subjection as a toy for their amusement.
I had fought against these fancies because I felt them to be
enervating, effeminatizing, and likely to sap my will.  I had ridiculed
them as preposterous.  Yet they seemed part of my nature, they returned
and now - they were translated into fact, and being translated into
fact fascinated and obsessed me with a force a thousand times stronger
than ever.  If it had thrilled me with strange delightful emotions to
imagine myself dressed in the luxurious gowns of a fashionable girl,
undergoing punishments and humiliations and dainty tortures at the
hands of a laughing beautiful woman deaf to my prayers, how much more
was I of necessity thrilled and excited when the dream became true as
it was true now!

I haven't read anything even remotely inspiring or vaguely interesting on our favourite subject in ages. The more recent stuff on fictionmania and similar sites just doesn't do it for me. The very touching and well-meant transgender liberation stuff is not for me. And then there is the presto-chango magic and sci-fi stuff that looks as if it's written for a creative writing course in community college. No thanks. Apart from a handfull of gems from the earlier days of those sites there just doesn't seem to be anything that speaks to the twisted little minds of the real oldfashioned compulsive crossdresser. The only option was of course going back to our roots and I now find myself reading the absolute classic of the genre: "Miss high heels". It still is one of the best and I am still wondering which probably renowned writer was hiding behind the 'anonymous' here. For who's interested, my featured post at the time is about that other early classic :"Gyneocracy".

A link to "Miss high heels" is both in my link-section and right here.....It's not even voluntary. You must if you don't want to loose your 'Tranny-licence'.


Miss High-heels 


For further more detailed information on said publication you should have a look on CJ's 'Petticoat Punishment Art' website.(the link is in my link-section) 

"That's right, Denise.  You can't imagine how delicious you look
standing here tied up in your smart clothes.  Now remember Helen's
advice.  You are to think of your rounded insteps in their open-worked
silk stockings, your little feet in their lovely pearl-embroidered
slippers with the gossamer bows, the flashing buckles, the
extravagantly high-heels, peeping out from a nest of billowy white
frills of tulle and satin.  Think how you have been punished in them."



  1. quote: "...doesn't seem to be anything that speaks to the twisted little minds of the real old-fashioned compulsive cross-dresser"

    I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I've been doing all these years:

    1. Don't take it personal. You probably have lots of fans. In general I'm just hard to please.(even for someone with a 'degree')

  2. I started writing just this last year (almost a year ago now) Don't know if you will enjoy what I write, but here is a link to my stories.

  3. Listen please, people. This is MY place. It's not a site you can just use to promote your own personal stories. And I do not need advice on what to read from every Tom, Dick and Harry who accidentally walked in here without ever having shown any interest in me or my writings whatsoever.

  4. To be completely frank, I am disappointed and unpleasently surprised by the lack of respect for the manuscript in question. It's not only the quality of the writing, it's also the historical significance of the whole thing. Think of it for a moment. This was first published in 1931 England, when there was no such thing as a permissive society. Still even now the adventures of Denise and especially her thoughts and deliberations on his/her situation are completely recognisable for most of us with a penchant for the extremes of enforced transvestism. True pioneer work and deserves the ultimate in respect. Same goes of course for 'Gyneocracy'.

    1. Personally I love Miss High Heels. Refer to it regularly


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