Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saskia's first entry...Hi there...

Been ages since i did stuff like this(having a blog and stuff). Used to be all over the web, had yahoo-gtoups, 360 pages, stuff on myspace, multiply and loads of other stuff but i got bored and life took some turns, It just happens. Now quite happy to do some online stuff again. Think i still have something to  contribute.
Am a rather attractive 54 year old transvestite who's been out(and about) for the biggest part of his/her life. Bit of a pervert with a brain and not to be messed with. Into subtle eroticism with a bite. Serious dresser upper, eveningwear, bride-stuff, high glam, silks and satins, shoes, wigs, ff stockings all the trimmings. And very senior men(mmmmmmmm.....)! So here is bit of me. Bit hampered as most of my files are still on the harddrive of my old crashed computermachine thingy. Hope to retrieve that.

So here is me......

......and me being hot on cam some years back.......

My most recent pics, about 2 years back. Lost the taste of constant selfphotography and publishing a bit as it sorta makes you a japanese tourist to your own life. At a certain point you get your kicks from the resulting pics instead of from the experience itself and that gets weird.

And another bit of old webcamvideo.................

Think that should be it for the moment as i don't wanna give everything away in my first post. More about me and my likes and dislikes in posts to come.

Kisses from Saskia/Zee XXXXXX

Vdeo's removed through new puritan blogger rules 


  1. Oui, je t'aime, bien sure. vous etes très jolie.


  2. You have been a role model & are a stunning lady.
    Madame Eva Evil

    1. Mutual thing you evil person....(lol)xxxx


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What i want!

What i want!
I mean really really really frilly......the sort that will functionally kill off the last bit testosterone one has left. I think i want the black ones...I may go for the version with the lacy back opening to seduce prospect gentleman admirers. I've just taken off the birchplace link that should have been making me money as the system doesn't quite work for me. Pity, as my 10.000 visitors a month could well have worked for both of us. As it didn't they can very well bugger off. I'm not THAT stoopid.


All you want is....

All you want is....

vintage adverts

vintage adverts
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