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the delights of Stepmotherhood

Due to a deep-seated and enduring character flaw I had for a long time secretly been fantasizing about feminizing and dominating weak, susceptible boys. So, when after the passing of my late husband, I had noticed that my up to that point almost tediously boring 15 year old stepson Josh had developed an unnatural interest in my lingerie drawer and assorted frillies, I saw my chance to have some fun and indulge in my dark hidden fantasies. Initially I didn't really encourage his dressing up but I had set the trap by deviously providing my 'victim' with ample opportunity to engage in his newfound little hobby and acces to a wide variety of women's clothes complete with plenty of exciting lingerie, make-up and a even a wig! All supposedly accidentally(lol). Like i stored some boxes of carefully selected ladies fineries in his closet that were supposedly meant for the local thrift store. Later, after I had confronted him with his urges and his guilty secret was out, I had made clear that I insisted he would stay in pretty dresses and frillies permanently from that moment onward. As expected he protested but it wasn't very convincing as I had caught him fully dressed striking sexy poses in front of a full length mirror so I told him in my sweetest voice that it was obviously what he himself had wanted. I was only making 'his dreams' come true. End of the discussion.... There were a few tears in his eyes but that made no difference to me. If anything, it was kinda sweet and only made him look even more feminine.  I was really looking forward to controlling him and as time passed I noticed I seemed to become more and more excited by seeing his submission and compliant resignation to the new life I was seducing/forcing him into. And as he was now becoming more and more obedient  nobody would ever have to know of my intoxicating immoral scenario. Aside from my hairstylist friend Rhonda and my friend Henry, who would visit occasionally, no one knew what I was up to. And by the time I would be ready with our little ingenue, nobody would for a moment question her gender and our little lady would herself declare to anyone who wanted to know that it had been all her own wish and that being a pretty young lady had always been her ultimate dream. It's all so intoxicatingly delightful and right......and deliciously immoral.
Of course getting him to dress as the glamorous ultra feminine young miss I was making him into was only part of my plans. His behaviour, mannerisms and preferences would naturally have to match the looks perfectly which means vigorous training and conditioning. My 'princess to be' spent hours mincing around the house in the highest of heels and was made to learn how to sit down elegantly and suggestively cross her legs, how to carry a handbag and how to wiggle her/his sexy girlish tush. Sometimes, when young 'Joyce' wasn't performing her/his tasks to my satisfaction she/he had to be spanked but that didn't happen often as our little lady was in general, surprisingly cooperative by then. Undoubtedly this was at least partly due to the nature of the clothes our darling was allowed to wear. Think of it.... How hard it would be to convincingly rebel or make a scene when one is delicately dressed in an impossibly narrow pencil skirt, a tight girdle and mincing around in 13 cm stiletto's? There is no running away when you can only take very small steps. And having ones delicate physique permanently sensually stimulated by the silks and satins of the clothes and the delicate nylons to the point of near orgasm, doesn't get a young crossdresser in a rebellious mood either. Of course along with the punishments there had to be rewards. Whenever I noticed him voluntary adopting a new feminine trait or affectation like coquettishly adjusting a strand of hair or timidly fluttering his eyelashes,  I just had to reward him with a present in the form of some type of ultra feminine finery. Young 'Joyce' just couldn't resist and never had a chance against the delights that were on offer. The boy has basically been too stunned by my ruthless regime from the moment i took charge to put up any kind of a fight. You should have seen the look on his face when I showed him his newly decorated ultra feminine bedroom... It was priceless. All his boy stuff had been thrown out and the room was now all done up in pastelshades and elegant draperies, it had a vanity and a very feminine bed with satin covers. Now he'd be emerged in femininity almost completely and there was nothing left to remind him of 'Josh'. And as his father has left me quite wealthy, no costs were spared when it came to my little lady's delightful future. Around the same time I introduced a few more rules on his dressing regime. All his clothing and underwear was to be exclusively made from slinky sensuous materials like satin, taffetta and shiny nylon and stockings and stiletto's were now compulsory. Soon his calf muscles will have adapted and in the end our 'Joyce' will probably only be able to walk in shoes that have at least a 5inch heel. The slinky materials now almost permanently caressing his skin in combination with the sensuous nylons and almost debilitating footwear would nearly ensure keeping our debutante in an enduring state of sensual erotic turmoil.

Soon Joyce will probably only be able to walk
in shoes that have at least a 5 inch heel
Obviously Joyce wasn't going to become 'just a girl', I wanted him to be the ultimate 'little lady'. Both a deliciously helpless fragile debutante and a teenage vamp who'd be the ultimate wet dream of every boy and man who'd lay his eyes on 'her'. Almost an archetype of imagined erotic girlhood that wasn't made to exist in the real world....

And then there were the girlygirl lessons in which he was expected to learn to think as a girl by reading specially selected romantic books and publications, imagining himself in the role of the main female character. He had to read certain especially romantic and girlish passages aloud. At first he found it embarrassing but I insisted because vocalizing these things actually seems to really influence ones thinking and also just because i simply enjoyed his discomfort and submission. Making him timidly declare that he was in love with a boy or making him confess he desperately wanted to be kissed by some man whilst fluttering his long eyelashes and blushing profusely was just delightful. And sometimes we
nylon stockings were now compulsory

watched a romantic movie during which he found that I had dressed him exactly like the romantic heroine as to more completely identify with the scenario in question. Naturally i teased him mercilessly about his imaginary romances. Needless to say that after a few of these lessons and with a little stepmotherly help he became a very responsive subject. I even made him write fictional love-letters in which he had to describe in loving detail what he wanted the boy/man I had selected to do to him. Around that time I also decided that it was about time young Joyce was introduced to the outside world and more specifically was to learn about real boys and what effect he/she now had on them....

That meant I would seek out a boy who was usually an overly shy son  of one of the society ladies I knew. The sort of boy who needed a bit of help meeting girls. When the boy found my approval, I would blatantly invite him over and set up a sort of chaperoned date where Joyce would be glammed up completely, make-up and glamorous hairdo, wearing her sexiest eveninggown for her 'boyfriend',who would be extremely shy and unexperienced and was totally intimidated and nervous at meeting a stunning sophisticated young lady like Joyce. These evenings were spent teaching the youngsters how to behave on a date. This went from holding hands, him putting his arm around my protege's waist and holding her to giving eachother furtive little kisses. Later in the evening they would  slowdance with my very specific instructions how to hold and caress eachother, look into eachother's eyes and behave as a teenagers in love. If this all went well they'd be back on the sofa for the final act of the evening, the kissing and making out scene. If I was convinced they were doing it with the right amount of enthusiasm I would leave them alone for a while so they could practice being in love just a little bit more. By this time my conditioning and girlygirl lessons had him reacting to the situation almost completely like any delicate sexually awakening teenage lady would. By now he was immerged so deeply into his new role that it looked like he seemed to actually love every minute of making out with the boy and at least outwardly gave the impression of a young lady who was deeply in love with her beau.

This somewhat mischievous stepmother has really enjoyed Joyce's first little practice date. It's absolutely delightful to see how his underlying reluctance to participate in my little schemes loses out again and again against the wonderfull new feelings and affectations I'm forcing upon him. Joyce did so well and showed so much enthusiasm at the kissing and making out part that her 'boyfriend' actually looked kinda dazed when his mother finally picked him up. Joyce's old self is still in there somewhere of course but that side of my little lady has absolutely no chance of surfacing as long as I keep rewarding my sweet susceptible Joyce with new sensual and erotic sensations and adventures. The practice dates are perfect excuse to do this, I think I'll make her sit on the boy's lap next time, wiggeling her sexy satincovered bum on the poor adolescent's already straining genitals..........
But the fun shouldn't stop at that of course. I was already looking to put our ingenue in more challenging situations and after reading about the fabulous Lady Fenton and her machinations regarding her own stepson Georgina, I started to think it would eventually be a complete turn-on to watch my precious feminized princess being roughly groped and helplessly undergo the lascivious avances of a masculine much older suitor. The whole idea excites me to the point of actually getting close to orgasm. My precious effeminate will undoubtedly ruin his pretty make-up by crying when I tell him of my delightful plans but that will only make his eventual compliant surrender and resignation more delightful. To first see him defiantly squirm and protest and to then eventually watch him give in to his/her receptive girlish nature and my relentless conditioning up to a point where my little lady actually ends up being in complete rapture over the rather aggressive avances of her ardent manly admirer. I totally love it.
Stepmommy dearest is already getting moist in anticipation of the coming events....


Mrs. Titania Rawlinson-Smythe


to watch him helplessly undergo the lascivious
avances of a masculine much older suitor



  1. Beautiful Story and Lovely Pictures!

    1. Thanx, wasn't completely sure of this one. Bit short even by my standards but it what it is. Being consise is sometimes just right.

    2. Shouldn't have worried. Nice reviews on Fictionmania, even one by A.W. him/herself. Extremely flattered.

  2. This is excellent and very teasingly delightful.

  3. Absolutely loved the story. Would love to read a sequel.
    Thanks so much.


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