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Re-reading the awesome 'Miss high-heels'.


 I had dreamed, in a word, of a world in which ladies to punish me,
dressed me as a girl in the most exquisite of  frocks and high-heeled
shoes, gloves and corsets and then, laughing at my pretensions to a
career, kept me in bondage and subjection as a toy for their amusement.
I had fought against these fancies because I felt them to be
enervating, effeminatizing, and likely to sap my will.  I had ridiculed
them as preposterous.  Yet they seemed part of my nature, they returned
and now - they were translated into fact, and being translated into
fact fascinated and obsessed me with a force a thousand times stronger
than ever.  If it had thrilled me with strange delightful emotions to
imagine myself dressed in the luxurious gowns of a fashionable girl,
undergoing punishments and humiliations and dainty tortures at the
hands of a laughing beautiful woman deaf to my prayers, how much more
was I of necessity thrilled and excited when the dream became true as
it was true now!

I haven't read anything even remotely inspiring or vaguely interesting on our favourite subject in ages. The more recent stuff on fictionmania and similar sites just doesn't do it for me. The very touching and well-meant transgender liberation stuff is not for me. And then there is the presto-chango magic and sci-fi stuff that looks as if it's written for a creative writing course in community college. No thanks. Apart from a handfull of gems from the earlier days of those sites there just doesn't seem to be anything that speaks to the twisted little minds of the real oldfashioned compulsive crossdresser. The only option was of course going back to our roots and I now find myself reading the absolute classic of the genre: "Miss high heels". It still is one of the best and I am still wondering which probably renowned writer was hiding behind the 'anonymous' here. For who's interested, my featured post at the time is about that other early classic :"Gyneocracy".

A link to "Miss high heels" is both in my link-section and right here.....It's not even voluntary. You must if you don't want to loose your 'Tranny-licence'.


Miss High-heels 


For further more detailed information on said publication you should have a look on CJ's 'Petticoat Punishment Art' website.(the link is in my link-section) 

"That's right, Denise.  You can't imagine how delicious you look
standing here tied up in your smart clothes.  Now remember Helen's
advice.  You are to think of your rounded insteps in their open-worked
silk stockings, your little feet in their lovely pearl-embroidered
slippers with the gossamer bows, the flashing buckles, the
extravagantly high-heels, peeping out from a nest of billowy white
frills of tulle and satin.  Think how you have been punished in them."


Thursday, November 18, 2021

the delights of Stepmotherhood 5 :'ROMANCE'


the delights of Stepmotherhood 1

the delights of Stepmotherhood 2

the delights of Stepmotherhood 3

the delights of Stepmotherhood 4


The rest of the way home nothing worth mentioning happened but I was nonetheless relieved to reach the front door where the ladies were already waiting for my return. Obviously they were quite anxious to question me about my little excursion.

It was quite delightful to hear how our young pupil had carried out his task and how he had noticed certain details like how feeling the breeze around his stockinged legs was strangely exciting and how he had almost instinctively reacted to 'the Rangerover ladies' with an almost perfect air of disdain and distance. Priceless actually. It all seemed to have gone perfectly to plan, including Joyce almost bumping into our local bankmanager. Only thing was that when our darling had mentioned Mr. Warren I had noticed a slight tremor in his voice that was accompanied by a thoughtful look on his beautifully made-up face. I didn't go into that immediately but there was clearly something occupying that devious mind of our little lady. Still celebrating the successful expedition there was champagne and while not actually designed as such, the idea of said alcoholic beverage loosening the tongues did enter my mind and I may have been a tad generous with it.... Unexpectedly it wasn't Joyce but Mrs. Arthuro who got loose-lipped when she revealed that she actually knew Mr. Warren quite well as Mrs. Warren nr. 3 who was a fashion model in her younger days had been a close friend of her.  Mr. Warren had not been a very loyal husband and the rumour was that he was well known in the town's stripclubs and brothels under the alias 'Mr. Vincent' because of his remarkable resemblance to sixties movieactor and horrorfilm icon 'Vincent Price'. During Mrs. Arthuro's gossipy revelations about the lecherous gentleman in question I noticed Joyce had once again shown a curious frown on his face and at some point it looked like our little lady was actually blushing.... So when he, after his third glass of bubbles, had nervously and almost guiltily mumbled that he had been strangely attracted to the gentleman, I had been rather pleasantly surprised to see that the result of our darling's hypnotherapy sessions went deeper than I could have wished for.... It was plain to see that with all this extra information, several delicious new scenario's were already forming in my depraved stepmotherly mind. An obviously more commanding gentleman like old Mr. Warren would clearly be a far more challenging and interesting 'boyfriend' for our little lady  than the relatively tame Harvey. Maybe my fantasies were coloured by the Vincent Price comparison but in my head there was an image of Joyce in the role of an ultra femininely dressed damsell being roughly groped by the creepy lovestruck elderly count. I just can't help it, I've always been turned on by the darker sides of romanticism. When I first saw Flash Gordon I actually had an orgasm when the almost disgustingly innocent Dale Arden fell under the hypnotic spell of emperor Ming the merciless and was being forced to become his bride before the plot was ruined by that boring goody Flash dude. A young me even rooted for the lovely Cruella Deville and the wicked witch of the west in Oz(remind me to order some of those flying monkeys one of these days)...
Anyway, after sending a slightly tipsy Joyce to bed, Mrs. Arthuro and I hatched a plan for the next intoxicating stage of the exciting new life I had been forcing upon him. When I later listened at his bedroom-door in passing, I noticed hearing the familiar humming sound of my darling's sextoy accompanied by soft moans, proving that the fascination with his own recently found feminine sexuality was still very much alive. And when everything goes the way Mrs Arthuro and I had envisaged, his relatively pristine boypussy may need to get used to getting stretched sooner than expected, as it were...  
We still had a lot to do though. First Mrs. Arthuro would use the tactic of 'walking her pooch' herself to accidentally meet up and re-aquaint herself with her old friend Mr. Warren, then casually bring up the subject of Joyce as he would undoubtedly have recognized little Coco with his rhinestone collar. Depending on her supposedly lecherous friend's reaction and attitudes she would try to get him to cooperate with our delightfull plans. So when Mrs. Arthuro returned from her mission with an victorious smile on her face and reported her findings it looked like the next step was inventing some vaguely believable reason to get young Joyce to meet up with the gentleman in question. A reason for getting Joyce dressed and made-up a little more extravagant than he was already used to was solved by deciding that us 'ladies' would 'dress for dinner' tonight. Needless to say that no costs or efforts were spared to make our little lady look like every sophisticated older gentleman's ultimate dreamgirl...
During said dinner my ladyfriend dished up a phoney story about her completely accidental meeting with her old friend without disclosing any details about what was said so when she afterwards asked our little lady to deliver a message from her to Mr. Warren, our princess would be none-the-wiser about things to come.

It must have been around nine that night when I got on my way, carrying a big

envelope supposedly containing the lady's message to Mr. Warren. I was as expected meticulously dressed in my most elegant coat wearing my glamorous silk Dolce&Gabbana headscarf, my highest Louboutin pumps and my Gucci clutch.
After a fairly uneventful walk I had arrived at the elderly gentleman's large Victorian townhouse and proceeded to nervously walk up the garden path to the front door. Nervously I ascended the steps, but as I was getting used to stepmothers often scary tasks I just obeyed her instructions and rang the bell. After a short while I heard movements and the door opened revealing a very aristocratic and magnificent looking Mr. Warren, wearing a very elegant vintage smoking with the appropriate real bow tie. For a moment I was dumbstruck by the effect of his magnetic presence just like that time on the street but this time, with him all dressed up, it was much much stronger. I was almost ready to worship this demi-god of a man. " Now tell me what I can do to help you', young lady...", he said in a  very amenable voice. Slightly reassured by the gentleman's amicable tone I told him I was just delivering a message from Mrs. Arthuro.

Obviously I wasn't in any doubt that delivering the message had in the end only been an excuse the manipulative ladies made up to get me there and I later found out the message had only read: "Here she/he is. She is totally hot for you. Be nice to her but don't damage the goods on your first romantic date. We insist that our pretty debutante must stay a virgin just a little bit longer".
After he had casually looked at the message, he slipped it back into the envelope which he slid into his pocket before turning his attention back to me, thanking me for delivering it without reveiling it's content. He then took a step towards me and held my shoulders at arms' length while he continued to look me over. "Now let me have another good look at you, sweetheart."
"If Mrs. Arthuro and your dear stepmother hadn't told me I would never have guessed or believed you were ever a boy. And she didn't exaggerate when she described you either. You really do look like a young, extremely glamorous fifties moviestar and I don't think there is a heterosexually motivated male in town that wouldn't dream of  doing very naughty things with a gorgeous little lady like you. princess, " he said, his eyes still devouring me, "Are you sure you don't you have  some young stud boyfriend to go to on a saturday night like this? Not really, Sir." I said. "Stepmother thinks I should only date older gentlemen." A mischievous smile appeared on his handsome manly face....
"So you really came here to seduce me tonight, didn't you, sweetheart? The quite formidable Mrs. Arthuro already informed me about your preferences and romantic orientation. Now tell me that this is what you really want, darling!" he said in a voice that was at the same time suggestive and commanding. "Tell me that you desperately want to become my little girlfriend!
"Yes Sir, I do!" I almost whimpered. "Your stepmother told me that you have been having naughty fantasies about meeting a forcefull masculine gentleman like myself for quite some time now. Is that true honey?" Almost devoutly looking up at the gorgeous man towering above me, I once again nervously mumbled a timid "Yes Sir." Even as I had been totally useless at resisting sweet Harvey's kisses, my romantic feelings had never been as urgent as they seemed to be now. 
Of course he had read me perfectly because in my mind, even as I was still a bit apprehensive about things to come, I have to admit that I had been compulsively fantasizing about meeting him all the time while I was elegantly sashaying toward his house, as well as last night after bedtime... I should also have been suspicious of the almost salacious way my devisive stepmother had made me dress for tonight's events. Everything was just a little bit 'more' tonight. The heels just a bit higher, my undies a tiny bit frillier, the stockings even silkier than normal. And then there was the near-perfect hairdo, the fabulous eyelashes and finally the delicious pure silk satin designer cocktail gown.  Clearly my darling stepmother had quite intentionally dressed me up as the ultimate young seductress on the prowl. Looking at the expression on the older gentleman's face it was working...."Now, young lady, don't you think it's about time you'd give your beau a kiss? Yes sir," I nervously uttered as I took a step towards him and proceeded to stand on tippytoes to give my elderly 'Don Juan' a sweet little kiss on the mouth. I even closed my eyes doing so... "No, no, no ! Not like that, princess. That's very sweet but that is the way you'd kiss your mother, not your 'boyfriend'. I'll show you a real 'boyfriend-kiss', would you like that, darling?" he said while his large hands took hold of my waist and drew me closer, my smallish hands with the salon-nails now resting on his chest.... I became very aware that I had never before stood so close to a male that was as big as my mysterious 'beau'. Even on my very high heels, I had to stand on tippytoes and look up to face him. He just stood there for a few very long seconds, making me feel very small and delicate. And then it happened! The kiss blew my mind completely and for a moment I feared I was going to faint. It felt as if it all had happened in slow motion. This handsome manly face had looked down on his 'conquest' and the as if in a dream he came in for the kiss, me yielding and offering no resistance to his thick muscular tongue as it brutally forced his way into my very responsive mouth.
I could feel his surprisingly strong and manly 76 year old body press against my smallish girlyfied physique. I felt the trousers of his very stylish oldfashioned smoking brush against my delicate nylons whilst my girl penis, as stepmother preferred to call my diminuative appendage, seemed to no avail, desperate to escape it's straining silken prison.. I really felt I was 'his' girl now. I loved the idea that he could turn me on like this, just by acting like the mature alpha male he appeared to be but it was still a bit scary too. He held me like that, still kissing me deep and passionately with me almost devotedly clinging to him, for what seemed an eternity. When we finally came up for air my Romeo wasted no time and virtually dragged me into the house where he gallantly proceed to take my coat and headscarf only to be confronted by me looking even more glamorous in my exquisite peach satin off-the-shoulder cocktail gown. That was clearly his 'cue' to continue our romantic explorations with even more urgency and ardor. When he again grabbed my waist and kissed me it was with so much lust and force that he physically overpowered me and almost violently pushed me against a doorpost. I totally loved it. The whole idea of awakening this much desire and passion in an experienced older man like him was completely intoxicating. To demonstrate my devotion my arm was around his neck to signal him to continue his urgent tongue-invasion. His hands were
only to be confronted by me looking even more glamorous in my exquisite
peach satin off-the-shoulder cocktail gown. That was clearly his 'cue' to
continue our romantic explorations with even more urgency and ardor.

everywhere too and when his leg forced it self between mine I noticed my suitor had a fairly large protrusion in his trousers. Wanting to enhance his passions more than ever now I decided to be bold and put my hand on it and started to lovingly stroke his rigid member through the fabric of his trousers, driving this darling man almost mad with desire and lust.... " Oh my god darling... What are you doing to me?" he muttered in between kisses and whispered declarations of love and lust. "I want you so bad darling" I whispered in his ear, knowing that the conditions stepmother had probably set my lover still ruled out actual penetration on our first romantic encounter.... Meanwhile my 'boyfriend' was, his arm possessively around my waist, guiding me to a large settee in the adjoining livingroom where I elegantly sat down, crossing my knees and adjusting the skirt of my gorgeous dress over the luscious frothy petticoats while 'my boyfriend' was busy with glasses and champagne to celebrate our 'union'. After he finally joined me on the couch with our drinks it didn't take long before his hand had once again possessively encircled my nipped-in silken waist pulling me closer whilst the other hand had now settled on my smooth nylon-encased knee. A surprisingly intimate new experience, to feel his strong large hand lovingly caress me like that really turned me on. His hand that after some delicious fumbling around with the hem of the skirts moved a bit further up my thigh, emphasizing how this ultra-feminine and delicate way of dressing was making me feel so sumptuously vulnerable and accessible in that area. For some reason it's an extremely erotic feeling, especially when it's accompanied by being in the strong manly arms of the man you've got the hots for. Once again my mouth was invaded by his wonderfull thick muscular tongue so deep and hungrily that I felt giddy when he allowed me to come up for air. And all the time my excited little peeny was slowly oozing pre-cum in its silken prison, almost like I was having a prolonged very slow female orgasm....
While we were making out like mad his hand had reached my stocking tops and was slowly moving towards an even more sensitive region and in turn I was again lovingly manipulating his wonderful still hidden rockhard penis through the fabric of his loose-fitting trousers. Only moments later I had managed to timidly open my boyfriends elegant trousers to release his gorgeous big veiny member. When I touched it  my lover shuddered but immediately rewarded my gesture by lovingly rubbing the part of my gorgeous silky knickers that contained my little boyparts and kissing me again. Underneath the opulent ruffled silk knickers said boy parts were for aesthetic reasons still neatly tucked between my legs with a tiny specially made string. Having it gently manipulated through the fabric of the knickers was heaven. We must have been making out whilst gently exploring eachother's genitalia like that for quite some time but at some point, in between increasingly hungry kisses, this darling increasingly excited man had managed to gently steer his beautiful large throbbing manhood under my skirts and between my smooth nylon encased legs up into my pretty knickers. Then, as he with my loving assistance had started gently rubbing his delicious big mancock against my small girlpenis , completely driving me crazy, he proceeded to ardently and in the end almost aggressively dry-hump me untill he collapsed on top of me, awarding me by filling my pretty knickers with large globs of  his warm manly fluids. My small 'flooded' girl penis was completely falling in love with his large mancock....



I had the almost perfect illustration ready for the finale of this one but I remembered Blogger's rules on full frontal cum-shots just in time..... 

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The delights of stepmotherhood- A depraved reader's delighted reaction

mistress Beverly

A letter to an intoxicating stepmother....

Mme Beverly D.
Ashtonville, New York

June 28, 2021

Mrs. Titania Rawlinson Smythe
c/o Saskia's Transvestite Affectations

My dear Mrs. Rawlinson-Smythe,

With great interest I've been reading about your delightful adventures regarding your stepson Josh/Joyce and I enjoyed it a lot as we seem to have very similar ideas and tastes. I too find a strange twisted pleasure in forcing/enticing susceptible young men into an ultra-feminine lifestyle not of their own choice. Unlike you I am however not in the position of a (step)parent so we do have a very different starting point. I found the subject of 'my' efforts after I had placed several personals, both on the web and at a few rather classy adult shops that had links to the bdsm scene. Obviously I presented myself as this very strict and even ruthless disciplinarian who would only accept 'total' obedience and was looking for very submissive timid boys who needed correction. Of course I added a picture with me dressed appropriately for the role without going for the traditional leather and latex. Instead I went for intimidating ladylike chique with a touch of stern schoolmistress complete with a swishy cane, vintage spectacles and indecently high heels. At first sight you may think that it would just be older men that would volunteer for bdsm scenario's but there were actually quite a few teenagers reacting to my request. Not all of them serious of course because that's just what this scene is like, most people have to build up courage to actually take the step from masturbation fantasy to the scary world of depraved domme ladies.... In the end I had three relatively suitable candidates left. One of them, though having the required qualities, fell through immediately because he seemed to think that he could have demands about the situation he was getting into and thought this was a client v. dominatrix relationship so even though he was willing to pay for said service(as he called it) I had no use for him... What I was looking for was someone who'd both worship and fear me but certainly not one who is looking for an all too simple domination game on his terms. Obviously he must have the physical attributes that would make convincingly portraying a pretty young lady possible. So apart from having the appropriate timid disposition he had to be relatively slender with little to no bodyhair and beardgrowth. Both youngsters who were left seemed to have the will and the right disposition but the young man called Alex just totally looked the part. He was smallish, blonde, virtually beardless and had rather delicate facial features. He was just a bit deliberately scruffy but I would soon correct that. Of course I already had a very official looking contract made up by my attorney. As the 17year old young man claimed not to have any contact with his parents or relatives, he was probably convinced that he was basically signing his life away to me. Naturally that also made me kind of responsible for him but that seemed a small sacrifice to make in exchange for all the depraved fun we were going to have.... Needless to say he wasn't informed about the actual nature of my delightful plans, he'd probably be expecting some role-play, bondage and similar physical restrictions. But as in the picture he had first introduced himself with, he had, unlike the other boy who had gone for the leather look, already been wearing girls knickers and stockings, I had an entry-point. Knowing that the idea of dressing up in girl undies was already part of his S&M idiom made it all much easier. A bout of merciless teasing and taunting him on his 'obviously effeminate' nature could turn out to be an almost perfect start to the proceedings.
As you probably realise from your own experiences with your delightful stepson, I still had quite a few preparations to make and a lot of shopping to do. As I'm not exactly impoverished and also fully prepared to invest in such a delightfully twisted project, like you, I had decided to go all out on the prettiest of undies, stockings, shoes and other items necessary to create my own pretty pageant-princess.
Arrangements were made that would have him stay with me 24-7 for periods of at least a week at a time, depending on both our outside commitments. For now that is, because soon the inevitable semi-permanent changes in his looks and demeanor will be impossible to hide.(that glamorous pageant-girl perm I'm planning won't disappear in the morning -it's not called a 'perm' for no reason - the unkept blonde mop he had now was virtually screaming for it)
If it hasn't been clear I totally agree with your policy on insisting on the permanent sensual stimulus of the most delicious silk and satin undies and the most delicate ff and rht nylons. Although I applaud the ultra feminine ladylike dressing regime you so successfully forced on young Joyce, for Alex I had a slightly more juvenile get-up in mind. I just so desperately wanted to see him virtually fall apart when seeing himself completely done up as a beautiful but appropriately nervous prissy pageant-queen wearing an exquisite impossibly frilly ball-gown and a tiara... and then being made to act the part to perfection... Or else....
So after I had shown him his room for the coming times I had him strip and provided him with a pretty pair of ladies knickers, a gorgeous 'What Katie did' suspender belt and a pair of fully fashioned stockings with the instruction that he'd better make sure that his seams were straight as failure would give his darling 'mistress Mommy' an excuse to use her swishy cane. So when I re-entered the room after giving him the time to get dressed I found him dressed in said frillies with a embarrassed guilty blush on his face. As expected his seams weren't straight as virtually nobody gets that right the first time. I couldn't let him get away with it though and I administered two painful strikes with the cane to his now so delicately knickered butt, telling him not to repeat the offence again. Then, helping him to re adjust the delicate nylons, I kept telling him how good they looked on him and what delicate girlish legs he had. This, together with me accidentally touching his intimates in the process immediately resulted in my young victim having a stiffy in his pretty panties. I also suggested that my darling should at least wear heels with such beautiful stockings. Even if it was only to keep the delicate and expensive nylons from getting damaged. At which point I magically conjured up a pair of elegant black patent ladies shoes with a 'modest' 4 inch heel so he wouldn't fall over and hurt himself at the first try. Seeing him wobble a bit as he tried his best to ballance himself in the unfamiliar footwear, I again couldn't resist teasing the blushing boy mercilessly by complimenting him on his 'delightful' natural girlish flair and looks. Even as he seemed to take it all in without comments I could see that it still unnerved him. He just timidly stood there staring down at his smooth stockinged legs that really looked quite feminine in combination with his new shoes whilst his excited peeny was still showing his unspoken appreciation. Although our young pervert had been wearing panties and stockings before as a part of his submissive masturbation fantasies, I had provided him with the ultimate in silky frillies and wearing fully fashioned Cervin nylons isn't quite the same as wearing the stuff the sex-shop sells. The real thing provides, as you know, an amount of erotic sensual stimulation that few people (especially adolescent boys) get to experience. To enhance the total effect I guided the excited boy in front of partly covered mirror so he had a perfect view of his own smooth stockinged girlish legs and the highheeled  shoes. I would stand behind him and caress his legs with my gloved hands whispering in his ear instructing him how he should imagine that those pretty legs belonged to a very glamorous young lady. Obviously this concept seemed to work for him as by now he was almost shaking with excitement. "Now deary, I think your mirror girl wants you to show her how much you like her by playing with her boy clitty "I said in my sweetest voice. Then in sterner tone,"I mean NOW, honey!  A bit faster and put your heart in it, it's not your mother and it think your 'girlfriend' likes it a bit rough....". I think that last remark clinched it as my young ward's now frantic self abuse almost instantly resulted in him swaying in his heels whilst ejaculating big globs of jizz into his pretty silk knickers. And if I hadn't caught and steadied my new plaything he would undoubtedly have fallen over.
And so ended session one.  I told young Alex to go to his room where he'd find a clean pair of pretty knickers and some clothes to wear around the house. And as I didn't want to put him in a dress before he was truly ready for it himself, it obviously still had to be something that reflected his subservient status and 'supposed'(by me) effeminate nature. After some deliberation I had decided on a teenage version of the classic 'little Lord Fauntleroy' look. It consisted of a very cute black velvet little jacket, matching short trousers and a gorgeous white silk blouse with lots of delicious ruffles and lace. He should however wear it with the girdle, the stockings and the highheeled shoes. I also instructed the coy young man to practice walking in his pretty heels as I'd expected him to master them for our next play-session....
Later that day, when I had called him to come down for dinner, I was sorry that I hadn't had the time to do something about his hair because apart from that, he was absolutely perfect. The submissive boy, nervously rocking from one foot to the other in his unfamiliar footwear, looked positively angelic in his new clothes. Naturally I told him exactly that as the boy needs to be confirmed in his new role and a supportive gesture from 'mistress Mommy' at the right moment never hurts.... As a bonus they made him appear quite a bit younger than the 19 that was in his driving license. For dinner I made him wear a ridiculously frilly pinafore, supposedly so he wouldn't soil his beautiful new clothes. To be honest the term pinafore didn't do the elaborate confection justice as it was a totally unreal victorian style ruffled organza creation that tied with a big bow at the back.  In reality it looked more like a delightful erotic parody on a pinny than the actual thing. Of course the boy needed to watch his figure and as I had decided he was now on a strict diet, he was only allowed some soup and a little salad. After he had his dinner I made him kneel in front of me, still wearing his outrageously feminine pinny and thank me for his beautiful new clothes and all the wonderful things I was doing for him. Obviously with Alex in such a position of submission it was the perfect opportunity to take some delicious pictures of  my pretty pupil. I also had him do a curtsy with him elegantly holding the ruffled skirt of his shimmering pinafore. "You are looking absolute adorable, darling. I think the people at the exclusive fetish shop where I bought your lovely outfit will insist on putting your pictures up in their shop and probably on their website. I think you're going to be a star..." I giggled. He probably would as even while he was obviously still clearly a boy, he at the same time looked so incredibly pretty, feminine and almost sickeningly subservient that his pictures would cause many of the shop's lascivious clientele to fall head over heels in lust with our 'little lady-to-be'.
To my utter delight, later, when I had made him take off and carefully fold up his lovely pinafore, I noticed that his lack of masculinity had clearly not included his libido because the protrusion in his pretty velvet shorts was clearly showing that my darling was still rigidly hard and very excited. When I sent him to his room I instructed him to shower, put on the robe and panties that were laid out for him there and wait for me to come up to get him ready for bed. He was of course not to touch himself down there. Meanwhile I was already on the phone with my friend Mistress Lavinia, who  was the owner of the fetish shop and mailing her Alex's pictures. As expected she was almost euphoric about them and I actually had to convince her that young Alex wasn't (as yet) available as a model for her new fetish catalogue. Keeping in mind that she also owned a very classy bridal and eveningwear salon, she may one of these days meet 'Alexis' too (for either of the two options....(lol)).
When I finally went up there and I entered the room, I found my young pupil demurely sitting on the edge of the satin bedcovers in his peach satin robe and as if he had guessed what the next step would be he had, even without my specific instruction, done his moist hair up in a big fluffy towel. He was right with that as after brushing out his almost shoulderlength blonde hair and trimming away a few unruly strands, he ended up with a head full of tightly wound large rollers and was placed under my hairdryer. I wasn't always rich and I can still do a bit of home hairdressing. A feminine hairdo would be just one small step away from wearing make-up and having his nails done. To keep him occupied during the procedure I had a selection of your Josh/Joyce's adventures printed out for him to read.... Just to see his initial reactions to them. I especially wanted to know how he'd feel about Joyce's delightful interactions with men.... Especially the way you managed to override Joyce's initial reluctance and make him an enthusiast and active participant in his own delightful conversion was inspirational. I hope you don't mind me asking if there is a more complete transcript of Joyce's hypnotherapy session(I specifically didn't include that part in Alex's reading material as I didn't want to prematurely give the game away). I think it may be very helpful when the occasion arises to equally modify young Alex's romantic preferences.... The thought of the by then utterly feminized boy being completely helpless to resist the lascivious romantic attentions of elderly gentlemen is just so exquisitely twisted and deliciously depraved. Him ending up actively desiring and welcoming such immoral contacts is so hopelessly romantic.... I love it to the point where imagining the scenario is actually getting me moist 'down stairs' myself.

The thought of the by then utterly feminized boy being completely helpless
to resist the lascivious romantic attentions of elderly gentlemen is just so
exquisitely twisted and deliciously depraved. Him ending up actively desiring
and welcoming such immoral contacts is so hopelessly romantic....

So after having spent about 25 minutes under the hairdryer reading about your Joyce i decided it was bedtime for my boygirl. As I planned to finish his new hairdo the next morning I covered his rollers with a hairnet to not ruin the result during the night. I then provided my princess with a peach satin pijama jacket that matched his robe and knickers. As I tucked him in I asked him about the story and if he liked it . "I don't really know? It at the same time really turns me on and scares me." he mumbled nervously. And in a slightly more alarmed tone: "Must I really become a girl? I know I'm not very masculine and I do quite like dressing up stuff but you are my mistress now and as you probably know what is best for me, I probably must."he said with an ever so slight tremble in his voice. Although still reluctant and not with much enthusiasm, the boy seemed to have already resigned himself to his fate before I even made the suggestion. I guess it's in his compulsively submissive nature....
His total obedience, however satisfying it is, is not enough as the real victory is in making ones subject enjoy his own defeat. I wanted him to crave his feminization to the point of him practically begging me to make him do and experience all the things he once had objected to...
"Come on darling, It's not that bad. Think of the fun we are already having; I just checked the Fetish shop site and even after just an hour or so there are a load of reactions to your delightful pictures. You'll absolutely love being desired and desirable. All pretty young ladies do.  And think of all the beautiful expensive clothes I'm going to buy you. I intend to make you the prettiest little lady in town if you let me. You'll just love becoming an impossibly vain little debutante, always meticulously dressed in exquisite silks and delicious satins whilst wearing the prettiest high heels on your exquisitely stockinged legs. Mistress will take good care of her 'princess'." Meanwhile my hand had crept under the bedcovers gently touching young Alex's genitals through his gorgeous satin and lace french knickers to keep him in the right mood. "I'll promiss not to make you do anything you really don't want but you do need to tell me that you absolutely want to be dressed as a pretty girl from now on... Come on, you already fell in love with the girl in the mirror and the feel of your shiny slippery nylons on your pretty legs. Just imagine how they'd feel when they are caressed by a pretty silk slip or a tight pencil skirt and what if you can see your mirror girlfriend in the whole instead off just her stockinged legs and heels. And you can have these sensations all the time. Just say it and I'll make your dreams come true." My hand had him throbbing hard again and he was breathing heavily. He was clearly ready to explode after all the excitement of the day... "Tell me now! Or....." I for a moment I stopped my manual stimulus. He softly moaned and managed to whisper a "Please don't stop". "Then say the words, sweety...." I insisted again. "You know you need to if you don't want me to leave you like this and cuff your hands to the bed, sweety..."He mumbled something but I wanted him to say it out loud... "I REALLY REALLY WANT TO BE DRESSED AS A PRETTY GIRL FROM NOW ON....PLEASE PLEASE MAKE ME...." I Finally had him where I wanted him. Like you and miss Saskia, I too believe that saying things out loud definitely changes matters for real. It just gives an admission like this a certain gravitas. Obviously I had recorded it on my phone for later use as it was still possible for him to protest or deny later that he ever said it.
"I think I will call you Alexis from now on and you must call me Aunty Beverly." I had resumed my stroking as my princess had deserved to be rewarded for accepting the beautiful future I had chosen for him. He almost immediately exploded in his pretty french knickers whilst loudly exclaming how grateful he was for my altruistic deeds (in between moans of ecstasy)... After cleaning him up and refreshing his knickers I once again tucked him in and went down to have a drink celebrating my victory. I still had some arrangements to make and some serious online shopping to do for my beautiful soon-to-be 'niece'. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.... 

As I said, a real feminine hairdo would be just one small
step away from wearing make-up and having his nails done

Hoping you are interested in our story, Iwill keep you and miss Saskia posted on further developments regarding my 'Alexis' and I will eagerly await reading about any further adventures of your wonderful stepson....

With my kindest regards,

Mme Beverly D. 


You'll just love becoming an impossibly vain little debutante, always meticulously
dressed in exquisite silks and delicious satins whilst wearing the prettiest of high
heels on your exquisitely stockinged legs.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Another Joyce piccie....

I can't help myself,  I just have to. I'm just fooling around with pictures to pass the time and sometimes I fall in love with the result. Still almost think of my stuff as short movie scripts actually. Of course totally unthinkable at the time but I imagine them as some darker episodes of television series like 'Rod Serling's Night Gallery', 'Outer limits' or 'Amazing Stories'. To compensate for this being virtually impossible I do the collages and sometimes even small animations. The story will probably continue but I'm lazy and I have never been a very prolific writer to begin with. This will have to do for now....

Obviously Joyce was never going to be 'just a girl', I
wanted him to be the ultimate 'little lady'. Both
a deliciously helpless fragile debutante and a
teenage vamp who'd be the ultimate wet dream of
every boy and man who'd lay his eyes on 'her'. An
archetype of imagined erotic girlhood that was never
made to exist in the real world.... Print Size

Sunday, August 1, 2021


I'm not quite sure if and how this one will fit into a possible continuation of the story but when i found this vintage picture, i just couldn't resist putting young Joyce in it. Think it must be another delightful little outing with stepmother and her ladyfriends.Hope you like it....


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

the delights of Stepmotherhood 4 :Femme fatale


(Get part 1 first)

It was when Harvey and 'his conquest' were about to leave us ladies to ourselves, as I had given the gentleman permission to take Joyce for a ride in his new automobile before returning him home in time for dinner, that I saw it. 'It', was me realising how perfect our little lady had become over this relative short period. Without  me fully realising it our darling seemed to have picked up on several delightful affectations and mannerisms on her own. Only a week ago I had already seen him manipulatively pretending to be unsteady in his 5 inch heels and timidly accepting the supporting arm of his 'date'. He successfully pulled off the same charade this time, feigning utter girlish fragility and helplessnes whilst bashfully looking up at his manly suitor, making the enamoured elderly Casanova protectively slip his arm around 'his lady' to support the delicate little thing. All this was accompanied by coquettish little gestures, fluttering lashes and adjusting strains of hair peeping out from under the fabulous 'Dolce&Gabbana' silk headscarf our darling had decided to wear to protect his exquisite new hairdo during the ride and simply to show off. Was Joyce 'playing' him? It was just too good to be accidental, it looked very much like our darling perfectly understood what he/she was doing to the 'bewitched' older gentleman. In fact Joyce seemed at that point to have become an active and seemingly even quite willing participant in my little schemes. Developments that were still a bit unexpected but I think I am really starting to like our little lady. With some help he/she may actually have the makings of a deliciously manipulative little bitch, warming a wicked stepmother's heart.....
I may have underestimated the curiously twisted mind of a young transvestite and  I could very well have inadvertently found myself a 'partner in crime' where I had expected a 'victim'. Sometimes I tend to forget that only a short time ago these girlyboys had actually been oversexed adolescents who were very conscious of the strong erotic feelings girls and women could awaken in boys and men. It was partly that which gives the young transvestite an advantage over real girls his age who still have discover their powers, often by trial and error. Most of these initially heterosexually motivated boys had got hooked partly through fancying their own 'pretend-girl in the mirror' and said pretend-girl had been practicing seductive poses and affectations on him/herself since the very beginning. They knew very well how a lady crossing her nylon encased legs with their exquisite footwear could drive a boy/man crazy, even when it's now their own impossibly high-heeled and stockinged legs doing the job of mercilessly teasing their manly admirers. A pretend-girl has a far better starting point when it comes to 'reading' a suitor.
So when I watched our lovely couple leaving the establishment with Joyce dependently clinging to her beau's arm and the ladies praising me for my delightful little demonstration, I was already thinking of the delicious possibilities the new situation could offer.

Later, when a slightly disheveled Harvey delivered an almost impish looking Joyce home in time for dinner, I once again noticed how my adorable stepson had caused a member of the 'opposite' gender to have a little 'accident' as the gentleman hadn't been able to hide a clearly visible wet patch in his pants. 
Of course my original plan to marry my little lady off to a depraved gentleman like him was put on hold now our 'innocent' young miss seemed to have demoted him to the 'very lucky victim' role, whilst at least partly becoming the perpetrator him/herself. I still want to see Joyce as a beautiful bride but the game seems to be going in a slightly different direction now.
I'm utterly delighted about Joyce's progress, soon I will be fine-tuning her obvious natural talent for picking up delicious feminine foibles like amused contempt, merciless taunting, sublimated frailty and other 'tricks of the trade'. The trade of being an impossibly vain, manipulative and spoiled upper class brat, that is. It's just all going to be so beautifully twisted and wrong.
Obviously there would still be a lot to learn for a young femme fatale in the making but the basics seemed to all be there.

I was still slightly apprehensive about drawing this much attention
to myself on the street where people had actually known me as Josh.
And drawing attention was probably inevitable as I was sure that stepmother
had already carefully selected an extremely glamorous outfit for me to wear.
The day after stepmother had taken me to lunch with her odd ladyfriends, one of these ladies appeared at the house to help me take my deportment skills to the next level. This meant me learning to walk as elegantly and ladylike as possible in my highest heels and tightest skirt whilst at the same time trying to keep that feminine wiggle in my tush. It had to be perfect, the way I held and moved my hands and arms, the way I held my purse, my general posture, everything.... Mrs. Arthuro, who had actually trained runway models in the past, was very strict and the ladies had me practice until I did it exactly the way they wanted. By then I was exhausted and my feet were hurting but the final test was still to come. Mrs. Arthuro decided that it would be a wonderful idea to make me walk her little pooch up and down the lane where we lived looking like a fifties moviestar and stepmother agreed it was a perfect finale to the day. It was a nice, quiet and affluent neighbourhood so there wasn't much real danger but wealthy people were just as nosey as others so I was still slightly apprehensive about drawing this much attention to myself on the street where people had actually known me as Josh. And drawing attention was probably inevitable as I was sure that stepmother had already carefully selected an extremely glamorous outfit for me to wear.

After dinner, in the early evening, my little adventure was to take place as at such an hour it would be relatively quiet and a young lady walking her darling little dog wouldn't look too out of place. Luckily stepmother had kept my get-up quite sedate. The skirt suit with the fox fur collar itself looked almost like something a 'lady' could be wearing to church. That is until one notices that the skirt was just a bit too figure-hugging and the jacket a bit too well tailored. I only later saw the label indcating that it was actually vintage Versace. Underneath I was wearing a darling satin a-cup push-up bra, that made the small fleshy mounds on my chest look like actual little titties, accompanied by a tight 'Kiss me deadly' waist cincher with 6 suspenders holding a gorgeous pair of Cervin fully fashioned nylon stockings. The black patent 5 inch+ pumps had a snakeskin pattern and were definitely not the churchgoing type. As usual I was perfectly made up and I had made an effort with my new hairdo. The ladies had still argued wether I should wear the Dolce&Gabbana headscarf or not but in the end the answer was yes because it was soooo deliciously 'Hollywood chique'....
So at 7.30 that evening the ladies virtually shoved me out the door with little Coco on a pink leather leash attached to a rhinestone collar. To be completely honest my memories of the excursion weren't very detailed as I had slipped in something like a trance that made the adventure feel almost like I was dreaming. Not much dramatic happened as I did my best to promenade down the lane as ladylike as I could whilst trying to look completely aloof and slightly indifferent to the world outside my direct view. Al seemed to go down rather uneventful and even the posh ladies from nr. 34, who were the kind of people who believed 'class' meant wearing wellingtons, plaid skirts and driving a rangerover just gave me a disapproving but uninterested look when their Alsatian showed too much interest in little Coco. Nothing happened until I came to the house of mr. Warren the bank manager who was just leaving the house to walk his beloved dachshund. Mr Warren was known to us youngsters as a stern and rather formal gentleman who wasn't very people-friendly. Which was probably an asset when your job involves refusing people loans. When we almost bumped into each other and our doggies got acquainted the usually grumpy gentleman
greeted me with a polite "Ma'am" definitely looking just that tiny bit more benign than usual when we both resumed our walk. It had only been a few seconds but for some reason I had never before realised what an attractive man this stern bank manager actually was and just like when I was first introduced to Harvey I actually felt a shiver going through me. It wasn't like the two gentlemen resembled each other in any way, Harvey being a chubby teddybear whilst Mr. Warren was a very tall almost gangly man, who in his somber black suits could very well have played the role of the creepy undertaker in a cheap horror movie. I just couldn't help it but I wanted him to do all kinds of terribly naughty things with me.... I also realised that with my recently discovered feminine superpowers I could probably have him at a mere snap of my beautifully manicured fingers....

Thursday, July 8, 2021

the delights of Stepmotherhood 3 : a ladies lunch.

(Get part 1 first)

Most of the time stepmother's demeanor appeared to be almost sugary sweet and even when there was always a tone of belittlement in her voice, in general she acted fairly amenable towards me. However, whenever I had the unthinkable audacity to protest or complain, she could also become rather frenzied and menacing. "You're called Joyce now, little lady!" she would exclaim in a hissing, almost hysterical voice. I would of course cringe at her vehement insistence and once more realise that I was completely at my stepmother's mercy. In the end I would timidly mumble a resignating "yes ma'am, of course I am". Almost the same thing happened when she first suggested that a young lady like me should date members of the opposite sex. And learn to like it! Obviously i should have known by then she wouldn't let that one rest....

Of course Josh/Joyce had needed some additional assistance to help convince him to play his role in my wonderful script and that's where my friend, who is a renowned professional hypnotherapist comes in. The point is that unlike most of the fantasist who pretend to hypnotise someone with silly soundfiles, I've actually made a bit of a study of this 'brainwashing' stuff. I know you can't hypnotize people to do things they don't really want to but you can however make them overcome hesitancy and shame over things one secretly likes or just wouldn't mind experiencing, so in the end it's all about reasoning and convincing the subject that these things must be. The point is that most people don't really mind being told what to do or even think as it actually takes away responsibility for their actions. Think of how liberating it can feel not having to make decisions or ever having to worry about consequences. Think how attractive the cop out 'I was just doing what i was told' really is. And having been 'hypnotized' into certain behaviours is a perfectly acceptable alibi for our subconscious mind to welcome such a manner of reasoning.... What makes it all work isn't the trance in itself for that is just the tool to narrow ones consciousness to the point where our inner conversation stops and one is more susceptible. Certain anti-psychotic drugs would do exactly the same. In the end it's making the subject freely choose to put you in command. You have to convince them of the attractiveness of such a choice.

Taking this all in, this is about what one of the last 'sessions' we had with young Joyce before I first introduced him to his 'boyfriend', sounded like....
"....O yes, how exquisitely exciting it'll be to finally see you completely deny your initial reluctance, to see you betray your gender and original sexual orientation and actually revel in your own belittlement and wanton submission to your 'boyfriend'.
And o, how I wish I could see you both squirm and swoon in the arms of your depraved masculine admirer....
I know it is just what you've always secretly dreamed of, sweety. Just what you've subconsciously always wanted. An ultra-feminine young lady, like you 'insist' on becoming, just naturally needs the regular romantic attention of some lascivious older gentleman to feel complete."

Obviously I can only give you an impression as the whole session actually took almost 6 hours of our subject repeating instructions and answering questions. It concluded with this...:

"....And I know that after today you will no longer be able resist this aristocratic looking much older man's hands intimately touching you and holding you close. You will still try to deny it but it's completely obvious now.
His hands may brazenly wander all over your silk encased now so girlish body. He may and you of course hope with all your heart that he will. You know he is going to be a very very close and intimate friend to you now and it feels all so completely right and delightful. The feeling of being desirable and feminine that you get from being so very close to him is completely intoxicating.
Being held and touched so very intimately by such a distinguished much much older man is what you will desperately crave now.
His wrinkly veiny old hands possessively moving all over you and shamelessly fondling your cute little tush and kissing you. It all feels so right. He is so commanding and completely in control whilst you just comply and helplessly yield as he takes charge of his 'little lady'.
Because you know this is really what you have secretly always wanted as your body already agrees and shivers with delight at the mere thought of his ravenous touches and other intimacies.
And you know that from now on you are going to be thinking and reacting like this all the time. You are never going to want to stop feeling like this because it's who you are now.
You enjoy feeling romantic.
It's exciting and appropriate for you to feel this way.
You already have become such a very romantic 'girl' now and you are becoming more and more romantic every day and with every time you listen to me.
You enjoy listening to me because I help you to become more and more feminine.
And as you develop more and more romantic thoughts and feelings you will find yourself wanting to listen more and more as it feels so right for you to become ever more feminine.
 You've already become such a precious, hopelessly romantic 'little lady', always dreaming about being desperately in love with lovely much much older men.
Always dreaming about being as pretty as possible for these much older men and thinking about how good it feels to be in the arms of such a darling elderly gentleman.
How wonderfully girly it feels to be held in his strong manly arms.
And as you think of these things you feel all warm and tingly inside.
Feeling so desirable and cherished whenever you are with your elderly 'boyfriend'. Because you adore this slightly authoritative elderly gentleman.
You really really like much older men now. Elderly men are so excitingly masculine to an ultra-feminine boyprincess like you and you compulsively want to make them lust after you and to get them to passionately make out with you.
In fact whenever you meet such an elderly man or fantasise about these much older men you will almost instantly become horny and aroused.
Always acutely wanting him to look at you and speak to you. Wanting him to notice you and to notice how horny you are for 'him'. You will actually love these gentlemen for belittling you and making you feel so completely helpless, delicate and fragile. You would do almost anything for a man like that because your  intense feminine feelings of romance and sexuality are all rolled into one unstoppable wave that makes you want to belong to him completely."

Evidently our little lady wouldn't really remember much of what was actually said during these sessions as the drugs had made her conscious mind take a 'backseat' but that doesn't make the proces any less effective. When the time comes his Joyce persona will know....

The week after the exciting but also very disturbing 'date' with Harvey, the older gentleman my stepmother had chosen to act as my boyfriend, she had me accompany her to have lunch in town with her small circle of strange lady friends. Of course i was dressed to the nines in a delightful little skirt suit that had a very narrow pencil skirt and a delicious tailored jacket in powderblue satin over a creme coloured silk camisole. And clearly fully fashioned nylons and black patent pumps with a 5 inch heel.  There was also a matching Gucci handbag and Rhonda had done a fabulous job on my own now peroxide blonde hair that with the help of a few

fully fashioned nylons and black patent
pumps with a 5 inch heel

switches had been done up in a fabulous high ponytail with bangs at the front. Stepmommy was clearly determined to show of her 'wonderful creation' to her friends. Evidently i was a big succes but i was a little surprised the ladies seemed to know all about stepmothers 'delightful' schemes and plans which they seemed to find extremely amusing, especially when mommy triumphantly informed the ladies that i now had a 'boyfriend', which had been cause for giggles and felicitations. Next bombshell was stepmother telling her friends that they would be able to see for themselves as the gentleman in question would actually be joining us later.... No sooner had she divulged this when an aristocratic looking older gentleman in an expensive suit entered the establishment and started moving towards our table.

After I had nervously greeted the gentleman I had for some inexplicable reason been so disturbingly intimate with the week before, the elderly casanova had almost immediately drawn me close and he had intimately kissed me just like I was his 'girlfriend' for real, and still being a bit dazed and overcome by the whole situation I once again just couldn't resist kissing him back.  The ladies, enjoying their mainly fluid lunch whilst keenly watching the happenings and seeing the man's brazen amorous advaces and my reactions to them, whispered an approving, "Ooooolala!".  Now feeling completely overcome in his manly arms, I noticed myself almost instinctively surrendering to 'him' by slithering my slender body up against him, whilst he in return let his hands wander from my waist to gently fondle my silk encased girly bum.  I could already feel his growing erection pressing against me through the flimsy materials of my dress and I just couldn't help feeling proud that I made him want me so much that his manhood was reacting this way. Kissing me again I felt his delicious thick muscular tongue entering my mouth with determination.  The kiss became more and more passionate with me actively cooperating in the intimate mouth contact as the ladies started making comments: "Whoo-ee!"  "Look at them, they are actually making out !"  "Isn't it delightful?"  "Show us how much you are in love with him, princess!"
I did exactly that of course and hadn't my darling stepmother and her friends been such respected clients of the up-market establishment, we would probably have been asked to leave.
By now I was obviously  so deeply immerged into my role that I actually loved every minute of it and moaned softly under my "boyfriend's" kisses and was actually starting to believe I was really deeply in love with this depraved elderly gentleman. The 'ladies' seemed to have the time of their lives....

An ultra-feminine young lady, like you 'insist' on becoming,
just naturally needs the regular romantic attention of some
lascivious older gentleman to feel complete.


....The true Vamp-lady looks at the world with an air of 'Amused Contempt'....