Tuesday, June 15, 2021

the delights of Stepmotherhood 2

I already mentioned that on Joyce's second practice date I would make him sit on his boyfriend's lap. This turned out to be such a succes that when the date was over the boy in question ended up trying to hide a clearly visible wet spot in his trousers.... At least my pretty stepson's Joyce persona seemed to respond surprisingly well to the concept of being desired and being desirable to boys and most likely men in general....

Meanwhile Joyce's girlygirl lessons went on just as before because I wasn't about to let discipline slip after a few little successes. For this week's compulsory reading I had selected a quite saucy piece of text I had found on the web. It was about a glamorous 'girlyboy' describing in detail how he was pleasuring himself with a dildo whilst fantasizing about being with his masculine boyfriend. Vocalising that piece of adult writing (and I made it a point he did it in his sweetest girly voice) made him stammer whilst blushing profusely as he spoke the words but it prepared the way for the little surprise gift I had for our little lady. When he opened the parcel there was a very realistic looking dildo vibrator which caused even more blushing and embarrassment to our shy debutante. When bedtime came and I got up there to make sure he wore his prettiest satin babydoll nighty, I instructed him in my most amenable voice how to insert and use it 'just like the girl in the story' because whether he liked it or not, in the end a genitally handicapped girl like him would have to learn to accommodate 'her man' sooner or later. Anyway, once I tucked my darling in to play with his delightful new toy in private, I left him with the friendly but urgent suggestion that he should imagine being deeply in love with some imaginary man who would take his virginity and make him his bride. "Because that's what all pretty young ladies dream of , becoming a beautiful bride", I giggled.

When bedtime came I got up there to make
sure he wore his prettiest babydoll nighty

Although these last words were just meant to tease for now but they did put some delicious new ideas for the future in the back of my mischievous mind that was already picturing young Joyce completely dressed up as a bride....

Next on my list, as Joyce's practice dates had been so successful, would have to be finding the right gentleman to be my darling's first real boyfriend. Said gentleman would obviously have to act under strict instructions and rules. After all, we don't want our debutante to lose his virginity on the first date. We want our princess to be a beautiful delicate over-romantic ingenue, not some floozy. After a long discussion with my fiendish friend Henry who had been fully briefed on my delightful plans right from the start, he suggested his 'younger' brother Harvey. At the time I didn't really know Harvey was only a year younger than Henry and not quite what I originally had in mind. Discounting his age Harvey was, like his brother, supposedly a bit of an elderly Don Juan who'd jump at the opportunity to be part of such almost fiendish mischief. Finally I came to the conclusion that Harvey was probably the ideal candidate and his slightly advanced age made the whole scenario even more exciting and so deliciously wrong that it was almost perfect.

..my mischievous mind was already
 picturing young Joyce completely
dressed up as a bride....
Obviously Joyce will still be quite scared and apprehensive at meeting and having to flirt with an older gentleman first but that's not really my problem. In fact it still turns me on to see him hopelessly struggle trying to resist my delightful plans while the look of fearful resignation in his eyes shows me that in the end his Joyce persona and 'her' now so wanton receptive disposition will make him timidly give in to and ultimately even welcome Harvey's eager intimate avances. Yes, soon my little lady will be making out very very enthusiastically with this, to most girls his age, rather repulsive elderly man. Harvey really wasn't a good looking man, he was in his late sixties with grey hair and he was seriously overweight but if everything goes to my plan it will at least appear as if an almost nauseatingly devoted Joyce has fallen deeply in love with a gentleman who looks like he could be his grandfather.
O, how I'm looking forward to see my darling helpless Joyce both squirm and swoon in the arms of her eager elderly admirer.... Oh yes, how exquisitely exciting it will be to see my confused feminised stepson completely deny his initial reluctance, to see sweet Joyce betray his gender and original sexual orientation and to see him revel in his own belittlement and wanton submission to his/her adored 'boyfriend'. I find it so much more rewarding to force ones pupil's feeble little mind to actively participate in my schemes than to just force him.
So that weekend, after I had gotten my darling all dressed up for 'Datenight' in a very glamorous see-through blouse in black organza and a silk taffeta skirt with petticoats, I informed him that this time it would be a slightly more grown-up affair. She'd be having drinks with me, Henry and her date for the evening. Of course he'd be expected to be on his best ladylike behaviour and to relentlessly flirt with his date and later in the evening he'd probably have to prove how good he'd gotten at his slowdancing.... And as a final surprise at the end of the evening I would allow his date to take him for a romantic drive in his car to our local 'lovers lane' to engage in the acts one gets engaged in at such a spot.
As expected Joyce looked completely startled when he saw who was to be his date for the evening as even when I had mentioned 'someone older', he had obviously not counted on his date turning out to be a gentleman in his sixties. For a moment I feared he'd start crying but by now he knew that rebelling was probably futile so in the end he once again surrendered and decided to cooperate with my little scenario. So much so that when he was formally introduced to Harvey he coquettishly pretended to be unsteady in his 5 inch heels and needed the gentleman's support. I was obviously delighted to see him developing such deliciously manipulative little traits. So after her date had gallantly offered him his arm and guided him to his seat the evening started with Champagne and smalltalk on the couch where Joyce was again absolutely perfect, sexily crossing her shiny stockinged legs, timidly fluttering his false eyelashes at him and discreetly slithering towards him on the sofa to sit as close to him as possibly with as a result that his date had taken this as his cue to slip his hand possessively around his slender waist. Harvey didn't seem to waste much time and Joyce seemed to meekly go along. It was absolutely delightful to watch so when Henry put on the Barry White cd and we got up for a smoochie dance, our two lovebirds already had a slightly glassy look in their eyes. Even before the song was halfway Harvey was kissing my little lady's neck and whispering sweet nothings in his ear and when Barry and his orchestra had finished he had managed to lock lips with my beautiful stepson and was hungrily invading his sweet inviting mouth with his thick muscular tongue. A few more arousing Barry songs later when the four of us were back on the couch I announced that it was time for Harvey to take his beautiful girlfriend for a drive....
After his 'date' had driven him home later that night I stealthily watched as our lovebirds continued kissing for several minutes on the porch, with Joyce seeming to more than just enjoy the attention that the older man was giving him. I clearly noticed how he actively encouraged the older man's hands to roam all over his body, while he in turn was writhing his slender silk encased body against the man's large frame and enthusiastically returned his elderly suitor's passionate kisses. How delicious it was to watch him actually shiver with delight as the conceited older gentleman's hands went under his exquisite taffeta skirt to caress his smooth stockinged thighs getting dangerously close to his pretty satin and lace panties. Of course the contents of those panties will be neatly tucked away between our little lady's legs so as not to disturb the so carefully created illusion and pretence.
Harvey later told me that at certain point after they had been making out in the car for a while Joyce had let his small beautifully manicured hand with the shiny salon nails 'accidentally' fall into 'her' date's crotch after which he had actually gingerly fondled the obvious protrusion in the gentleman's trousers....

Mrs. Titania Rawlinson-Smythe

After his 'date' had driven him home later that night, I stealthily watched as our lovebirds continued kissing  for several minutes on the porch, with Joyce seeming to more than just enjoy the attention that the older man was giving him.
After his 'date' had driven him home later that night,
I stealthily watched as our lovebirds continued kissing
for several minutes on the porch, with Joyce seeming
to more than just enjoy the attention that the older
man was giving him.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

the delights of Stepmotherhood

Due to a deep-seated and enduring character flaw I had for a long time secretly been fantasizing about feminizing and dominating weak, susceptible boys. So, when after the passing of my late husband, I had noticed that my up to that point almost tediously boring 15 year old stepson Josh had developed an unnatural interest in my lingerie drawer and assorted frillies, I saw my chance to have some fun and indulge in my dark hidden fantasies. Initially I didn't really encourage his dressing up but I had set the trap by deviously providing my 'victim' with ample opportunity to engage in his newfound little hobby and acces to a wide variety of women's clothes complete with plenty of exciting lingerie, make-up and a even a wig! All supposedly accidentally(lol). Like i stored some boxes of carefully selected ladies fineries in his closet that were supposedly meant for the local thrift store. Later, after I had confronted him with his urges and his guilty secret was out, I had made clear that I insisted he would stay in pretty dresses and frillies permanently from that moment onward. As expected he protested but it wasn't very convincing as I had caught him fully dressed striking sexy poses in front of a full length mirror so I told him in my sweetest voice that it was obviously what he himself had wanted. I was only making 'his dreams' come true. End of the discussion.... There were a few tears in his eyes but that made no difference to me. If anything, it was kinda sweet and only made him look even more feminine.  I was really looking forward to controlling him and as time passed I noticed I seemed to become more and more excited by seeing his submission and compliant resignation to the new life I was seducing/forcing him into. And as he was now becoming more and more obedient  nobody would ever have to know of my intoxicating immoral scenario. Aside from my hairstylist friend Rhonda and my friend Henry, who would visit occasionally, no one knew what I was up to. And by the time I would be ready with our little ingenue, nobody would for a moment question her gender and our little lady would herself declare to anyone who wanted to know that it had been all her own wish and that being a pretty young lady had always been her ultimate dream. It's all so intoxicatingly delightful and right......and deliciously immoral.
Of course getting him to dress as the glamorous ultra feminine young miss I was making him into was only part of my plans. His behaviour, mannerisms and preferences would naturally have to match the looks perfectly which means vigorous training and conditioning. My 'princess to be' spent hours mincing around the house in the highest of heels and was made to learn how to sit down elegantly and suggestively cross her legs, how to carry a handbag and how to wiggle her/his sexy girlish tush. Sometimes, when young 'Joyce' wasn't performing her/his tasks to my satisfaction she/he had to be spanked but that didn't happen often as our little lady was in general, surprisingly cooperative by then. Undoubtedly this was at least partly due to the nature of the clothes our darling was allowed to wear. Think of it.... How hard it would be to convincingly rebel or make a scene when one is delicately dressed in an impossibly narrow pencil skirt, a tight girdle and mincing around in 13 cm stiletto's? There is no running away when you can only take very small steps. And having ones delicate physique permanently sensually stimulated by the silks and satins of the clothes and the delicate nylons to the point of near orgasm, doesn't get a young crossdresser in a rebellious mood either. Of course along with the punishments there had to be rewards. Whenever I noticed him voluntary adopting a new feminine trait or affectation like coquettishly adjusting a strand of hair or timidly fluttering his eyelashes,  I just had to reward him with a present in the form of some type of ultra feminine finery. Young 'Joyce' just couldn't resist and never had a chance against the delights that were on offer. The boy has basically been too stunned by my ruthless regime from the moment i took charge to put up any kind of a fight. You should have seen the look on his face when I showed him his newly decorated ultra feminine bedroom... It was priceless. All his boy stuff had been thrown out and the room was now all done up in pastelshades and elegant draperies, it had a vanity and a very feminine bed with satin covers. Now he'd be emerged in femininity almost completely and there was nothing left to remind him of 'Josh'. And as his father has left me quite wealthy, no costs were spared when it came to my little lady's delightful future. Around the same time I introduced a few more rules on his dressing regime. All his clothing and underwear was to be exclusively made from slinky sensuous materials like satin, taffetta and shiny nylon and stockings and stiletto's were now compulsory. Soon his calf muscles will have adapted and in the end our 'Joyce' will probably only be able to walk in shoes that have at least a 5inch heel. The slinky materials now almost permanently caressing his skin in combination with the sensuous nylons and almost debilitating footwear would nearly ensure keeping our debutante in an enduring state of sensual erotic turmoil.

Soon Joyce will probably only be able to walk
in shoes that have at least a 5 inch heel
Obviously Joyce wasn't going to become 'just a girl', I wanted him to be the ultimate 'little lady'. Both a deliciously helpless fragile debutante and a teenage vamp who'd be the ultimate wet dream of every boy and man who'd lay his eyes on 'her'. Almost an archetype of imagined erotic girlhood that wasn't made to exist in the real world....

And then there were the girlygirl lessons in which he was expected to learn to think as a girl by reading specially selected romantic books and publications, imagining himself in the role of the main female character. He had to read certain especially romantic and girlish passages aloud. At first he found it embarrassing but I insisted because vocalizing these things actually seems to really influence ones thinking and also just because i simply enjoyed his discomfort and submission. Making him timidly declare that he was in love with a boy or making him confess he desperately wanted to be kissed by some man whilst fluttering his long eyelashes and blushing profusely was just delightful. And sometimes we
nylon stockings were now compulsory

watched a romantic movie during which he found that I had dressed him exactly like the romantic heroine as to more completely identify with the scenario in question. Naturally i teased him mercilessly about his imaginary romances. Needless to say that after a few of these lessons and with a little stepmotherly help he became a very responsive subject. I even made him write fictional love-letters in which he had to describe in loving detail what he wanted the boy/man I had selected to do to him. Around that time I also decided that it was about time young Joyce was introduced to the outside world and more specifically was to learn about real boys and what effect he/she now had on them....

That meant I would seek out a boy who was usually an overly shy son  of one of the society ladies I knew. The sort of boy who needed a bit of help meeting girls. When the boy found my approval, I would blatantly invite him over and set up a sort of chaperoned date where Joyce would be glammed up completely, make-up and glamorous hairdo, wearing her sexiest eveninggown for her 'boyfriend',who would be extremely shy and unexperienced and was totally intimidated and nervous at meeting a stunning sophisticated young lady like Joyce. These evenings were spent teaching the youngsters how to behave on a date. This went from holding hands, him putting his arm around my protege's waist and holding her to giving eachother furtive little kisses. Later in the evening they would  slowdance with my very specific instructions how to hold and caress eachother, look into eachother's eyes and behave as a teenagers in love. If this all went well they'd be back on the sofa for the final act of the evening, the kissing and making out scene. If I was convinced they were doing it with the right amount of enthusiasm I would leave them alone for a while so they could practice being in love just a little bit more. By this time my conditioning and girlygirl lessons had him reacting to the situation almost completely like any delicate sexually awakening teenage lady would. By now he was immerged so deeply into his new role that it looked like he seemed to actually love every minute of making out with the boy and at least outwardly gave the impression of a young lady who was deeply in love with her beau.

This somewhat mischievous stepmother has really enjoyed Joyce's first little practice date. It's absolutely delightful to see how his underlying reluctance to participate in my little schemes loses out again and again against the wonderfull new feelings and affectations I'm forcing upon him. Joyce did so well and showed so much enthusiasm at the kissing and making out part that her 'boyfriend' actually looked kinda dazed when his mother finally picked him up. Joyce's old self is still in there somewhere of course but that side of my little lady has absolutely no chance of surfacing as long as I keep rewarding my sweet susceptible Joyce with new sensual and erotic sensations and adventures. The practice dates are perfect excuse to do this, I think I'll make her sit on the boy's lap next time, wiggeling her sexy satincovered bum on the poor adolescent's already straining genitals..........
But the fun shouldn't stop at that of course. I was already looking to put our ingenue in more challenging situations and after reading about the fabulous Lady Fenton and her machinations regarding her own stepson Georgina, I started to think it would eventually be a complete turn-on to watch my precious feminized princess being roughly groped and helplessly undergo the lascivious avances of a masculine much older suitor. The whole idea excites me to the point of actually getting close to orgasm. My precious effeminate will undoubtedly ruin his pretty make-up by crying when I tell him of my delightful plans but that will only make his eventual compliant surrender and resignation more delightful. To first see him defiantly squirm and protest and to then eventually watch him give in to his/her receptive girlish nature and my relentless conditioning up to a point where my little lady actually ends up being in complete rapture over the rather aggressive avances of her ardent manly admirer. I totally love it.
Stepmommy dearest is already getting moist in anticipation of the coming events....


Mrs. Titania Rawlinson-Smythe


to watch him helplessly undergo the lascivious
avances of a masculine much older suitor


Monday, April 19, 2021

Christeen revisited

Just something to pass the time. Am working on a story but it's taking a bit of time. My most recent Christeen forgeries have all been in black and white, partly because of the general atmosphere but mostly as it just looks more fitting when i use them as illustrations to my stories.......

Not by Chtisteen


Of course Chris spent time in wedding dresses before but this time aunty has a bit more in mind. Chris must now become a real bride for her depraved 'uncle' Bob....


I recently noticed the real Christeen did a version of this one too. I wouldn't have if i had known that as i don't want to plagiarise her work. I do however think that mine turned out better. Sorry....



Saturday, January 9, 2021

'Miss' April and her 'Designated Suitor'

Although I knew that the wicked beautifull demi-goddess that was my darling mother wouldn't return from her out-of-town dealings until much later tonight, I had obediently and faithfully kept to her rules and dressed to the nines for the night in a beautiful pale ice blue satin evening gown with silver trim and a sexy slit at the side. My now quite long dark auburn hair was done up in a lustrous high ponytail that was tied off with a pretty satin bow that matched the dress and I was wearing a gorgeous pair of silver highheeled sandals. Of course I wore the appropriate jewelry and I was perfectly made up, false lashes and all. I was wearing my prettiest undies and a pair of delicious tan-coloured nylons. Nothing but perfection was enough for mother. I'd had a small meal and I had just settled on the couch with a girly drink when 'mother' called to tell me that her solicitor would come by to bring round some papers for her to sign. She told me she'd be home around ten and I was to stand in for her and keep the gentleman entertained until her return. I don't think she meant anything directly sexual with that but I'm certain that putting me in an uncomfortable and potentially disconcerting position is definitely part of her kind of tactics. Me being home alone, all glammed up, being set-up to meet with a relative stranger was certainly still quite scary, especially in the light of her recent hinting at and mercilessly teasing me about me supposedly starting to get attracted to men. Even worse was the fact that she may actually be right as the concept of being desired, especially by men, seemed to be an intregral and natural part of becoming the irresistible young lady in the mirror. Mother herself insisted that the pretty miss I must become, should always be acutely aware of the effect such a young lady has on men, and if you hadn't guessed already, mother is always right.
Sir Geoff was a quite handsome, conservative looking gentleman in his late fifties. I had met the gentleman briefly before but only in company of mother. I was not certain how much she had told him. Of course, as a 'friend of the family' he must know that my parents never had a daughter.

Sir Geoff was mother's solicitor but he had also been a longtime businesspartner of my late father and for some reason I was quite sure that Sir Geoff was on the level with and by the sound of it even quite supportive towards my depraved mother's imaginative ministrations to completely feminize her obviously already effeminate son. When asked, she usually tells the 'o so very respectable' town's people that she was totally unselfishly supporting her troubled son with his gender confusion issues. Only a small circle of her peculiar friends knew that my 'pillar of the community' mother was really a rather depraved woman who had caught her kinky son crossdressing and who had fallen in love with the idea of transforming him into her ultra feminine plaything, her own living Barbie doll.
It hadn't just been about having me dressed as a girl on a daily basis. Just making me a girl wasn't enough so mother decided I had to become the ultimate feminine little miss who would only be allowed to dress in silks and satins, who wore girdles with real nylon stockings and who always wore the prettiest of high heeled shoes. It was going to be ribbons, bows and lace all the way. Money played no role and my closet was now filled with sophisticated cocktail dresses, glistening evening gowns, impossibly narrow pencil skirts and the most glamorous silk blouses. I owned several pairs of beautiful high heeled shoes and my drawers were filled with the most luxurious lingerie, foundations and stockings. I basically was made to live like a stylized grown-up version of one of these junior pageant princesses. Of course it wasn't as ridiculous, as mother had excellent taste in matters of fashion and style but just saying I looked overtly feminine was not enough. I had to be precious and exquisite now and I was only allowed to speak, act and move

accordingly. The young lady that now accompanied mother on her out of town shopping sprees was a picture of beauty and refinement. She was stunning and

I had to become the ultimate feminine
little miss who would only be allowed
to dress in silks and satins, who wore
girdles with real nylon stockings and
who always wore the prettiest of high
heeled shoes.

sophisticated, an overtly delicate and feminine delight. She possessed a true vintage moviestar glamour, a rarity in today's age for a young miss her age.

Of course I couldn't complain much as this had all started when she accidentally walked in on me in the old attic. I had been completely dressed as a girl and was posing in front of a large mirror. I had been experimenting with dressing up as a girl there since I found this strangely fascinating suitcase filled with all kinds of ladies attire, a pair of high heeled shoes and even a wig. In hindsight I'm not completely sure if me discovering the mysterious suitcase had been completely accidental. Anyway, that's when 'mother' took charge of things.

Mother had been intrigued as she had watched watched her 16 year old son admire his own girlified reflection in the full length mirror. She watched him elegantly spin around, his skirt and petticoat swirling with him. She smiled as she watched her son throw his reflection a little kiss. He looked as if in bliss, captivated and enthralled in his/her femininity and mother had fallen in love with the sight of pure and wondrous femininity that had come alive right in front of her. With his slender near hairless body and his refined features he would be perfect.  He had everything to become sugar and spice and a whole lot of nice. Her beautiful glamorous princess, overtly feminine and elegant, a pristine doll whose beauty was soon to rival her own.
No longer would he be allowed to be a rough and disobedient adolescent boy. He must become mother's doll, a picture perfect, sweet, and and adorable young lady....
Several months went by since and under the inspiring guidance of my mother I had entered into a fairy world of hopelessly delicate debutantes and helpless fragile damsells. Mother was revelling in her new power and sheer dominance over me. Her enthusiasm and the obvious pleasure she seemed to get from my virtual subjugation clearly said that it was at least partly for her own depraved sexual satisfaction. 

I hadn't actually been as if I had to be forced as mother made shure that my up to then hidden desires and fetishes were well catered for and under these extraordinary circumstances we may find it much easier to do and think what we are told than to make these decisions and choices ourselves. In the end things are not our responsibillity anymore either and that almost results in a feeling of freedom... As long as those things don't clash with more deepfounded needs or wants we may have, it's a hell of an attractive concept. And of course the silk dresses, luxurious lingerie and the stockings were completely intoxicating. I never had had a chance against such temptations.

So when Sir Geoff had arrived with the papers I had first showed him to a chair and poured the gentleman a brandy. When I went to put mother's papers on her desk, my mind was racing and i was close to panicking, wondering what my next action should be but when I returned Sir Geoff was already confidently sitting back in his chair, sipping his brandy and quietly smoking a cigar, seeming completely on top of the situation.... I only found out later that Sir Geoff, apparently having a penchant for this kind of very overt and deliberate femininity, had already shown an active interest in my development and  had been keenly aware of mother's little scenario from the beginning....
"Your darling 'mother' has made you look so very very lovely and feminine now, April my dear", said Sir Geoff, virtually drooling over my new appearance. Gaining some confidence out of his reaction, I put my hands on my hips and couldn't resist striking a sexy pose, glancing coyly over my shoulder at him and drawing the slit in my pretty evening gown up my thigh a bit higher, suggestively showing off a large part of my smooth stockinged leg to this lecherous older man."You are becoming quite a bit of an irresistible little seductress, honey" the elderly 'Don Juan' mumbled, only just keeping himself from salivating. Then he put down his drink and his cigar, nervously took a few steps toward me and now, standing quite close to me, proceeded to gently slip his arm around my waist . "Now tell me, darling....Your delightful 'mother' tells me that once you are all dressed up as the little lady we agreed you must become now, you desperately want to be held and kissed by a real man. Is that true, sweetheart?" "Yes sir", I mumbled, still slightly disconcerted by admitting it.Up to recently I still tried to deny it but it was true, as soon as I pictured myself as the glamorous young miss 'mother' made me portray, the mere thought of men lusting after me got me all tingly and excited. The whole time when I was mincing around the house in a pretty cocktail dress, full make-up and hair, wearing my highest heels, images of me being in the arms of and passionately making out with masculine older men kept racing through head to the point where I would actually cream my pretty girly panties at the mere thought." Does that include more mature men too, my darling April?" Sir Geoff continued, smiling expectantly, meaning that 'mother' had probably already briefed him on the details of my daydream suitors. I timidly flustered "yes sir" as the men in my fantasies had actually exclusively been somewhat portly masterfull older gentlemen who always wore a conservative suit and tie. Which was probably why my depraved 'mother' had set me up to be alone with Sir Geoff, who fitted the profile perfectly. Now understanding where this was supposed to go, I felt a shiver of excitement and anticipation going through me and at that moment I actually had to keep myself from shaking oncontrollably as I realised I was about to give myself to this depraved elderly aristocrat to do with me as he pleases by my own (relatively)free will. Sir Geoff, breathing heavily, had obviously taken his cue from my reply and now his large manly hands were holding me possessively around my waist whilst my
Then he put down his drink and his
cigar, nervously took a few steps
toward me and now, standing quite
close to me, proceeded to gently
slip his arm around my waist .

delicate manicured hands with the shiny salon nails were resting on his shoulders. And then he moved in to kiss me, and just like in my daydreams I immediately felt incredibly feminine and totally receptive towards his romantic avances.
The anxiety leading up to that first, still almost shy kiss had already gotten me to go weak at the knees, but when our mouths then met again with less platonic intentions and Sir Geoff began to French kiss me deeply and passionately, I was close to a spontaneous orgasm. I can still remember tasting the manly aroma of cigar smoke and whiskey on his breath, and the urgency of his thick muscular tongue invading me like it was his manhood. I wanted to drive him crazy with lust and desire for me and when I noticed his bulging manhood already growing throbbing hard against my belly I just gyrated my silk-encased young body against his as erotically as possible. By now his hands were everywhere, caressing my bum, my stocking tops through silk of my dress and then back to possessively pulling me against him whilst still frenching me passionately. Totally in ecstasy I moaned softly in between kisses. This successfull professional older man was so much stronger than me but however forcefull and passionate he held me, he still held me like I was something precious and delicate. I think I'm falling in love....with being made to be April.

 I only found out later that Sir Geoff,
 apparently having a penchant for this
kind of very overt and deliberate femininity
, had already shown an active interest in
my development and  had been keenly
aware of mother's little scenario from
the beginning....



Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Tuition with the Bentleys

It wasn't that Andrew had had extremely bad grades or that he was stupid but his pushy widowed mother, being a bit of a snob, was convinced that a son of someone of her standing had to achieve well above average. So when one of her posh friends told her about Mr Bentley who, before retiring, had been the head-master of an eminent prep school and who was now available for private tutoring, she knew immediately what to do, although I doubt if her enthusiasm would have been the same had she known a bit more about the seriously eccentric Bentleys.
So it came about that, every other Friday Andrew's mother would drop him off at the Bentley's large Victorian town house where he would timidly walk up the garden-path and ring the oldfashioned big brass doorbell.
You would then, if you'd been an on-looker, have seen the formidable Mrs Bentley open the door and welcome Andrew, tell him to wipe his feet on the mat, usher him inside the house, and close the big front door after him. The Bentley residence breathed an almost Dickensian atmosphere, as did the inhabitants themselves. The Bentleys supposedly lived there with their niece Ashley whom Andrew had never met as she had to keep to bed as she was sickly and never left her room when Andrew was around.
Inside, Mr Bentley himself would then usher young Andrew into the study whilst his wife heated up a kettle to make some tea.  Andrew would quietly sit down on the large leather settee, once again taking in the atmosphere of the large room with the impressive and almost intimidating amount of books on the shelves.  Of course he didn't see how Mrs Bentley carefully mixed an undefined powder into one of the porcelain cups before bringing in the tea things on a tray.
Today, after Mrs Bentley had poured the tea, Mr Bentley had asked him about how it was returning to school  after the holidays, how he got on with his class mates and teachers and how he had fared with the homework task Mr Bentley had given him at his last visit. The boy politely sipped his tea and nibbled on his cookie whilst Mr. Bentley asked his questions and young Andrew provided his tutor with the appropriate answers which seemed to satisfy the elderly gentleman.
Meanwhile Mr Bentley had sat down next to Andrew on the settee, and Andrew never consciously noticed that Mr Bentley's voice had  gotten a strangely hypnotic, droning quality to it.  Pretty soon, although he was still hearing the words and was able to respond to them, it was with all the animation of a sleepwalker.
Mr Bentley checked his watch as Mrs Bentley was clearing the tea things and he thought about the times Andrew had been their guest in the past and how they had first hypnotized the boy, a job made easier by the introduction of the mind altering drug that they slipped into Andrew's tea. Mr Bentley once again checked his watch...just a few more minutes, and the drug would be at full power. Mr Bentley reflected on how lucky they had been to have found  a subject like Andrew.  He looked at Andrew, sitting on the couch, upright but already in a deep trance.  The boy was small for his 17 years, slim and remarkably graceful in his movements, blonde haired and blue eyed, and atypical for his physical age still without any trace of beard-growth.  All of which added up to Andrew being the almost perfect candidate for their depraved little games.
By the time the tea-things had been put away, the Bentleys decided it was time to proceed to the next stage of the day's activities.  Mrs Bentley now also sat down next to the boy and  started whispering into his ear. Mrs Bentley smiled and then told him to follow her. He stood up and meekly let her guide him up the stairs. And when they came to the door of the mysterious niece's bedroom and Mrs Bentley knocked on the door, informing her 'niece' that it was time to to wake up, he had clearly heard a gentle girlish voice conforming that she was awake, not realising that the words had come from his own mouth.
When Mrs Bentley ushered the mesmerized boy into the utterly feminine bedroom he found that he wasn't surprised to find a beautiful silk robe, a pretty matching set of girls undies consisting of a little bra and knickers, a cute suspender belt and stockings neatly laid out on the bed. On the vanity there was a beautiful wig, makeup and next to it was a very cute pair of highheeled ladies shoes. And when Mrs Bentley made him sit him down in front of the vanity,  after undressing him and helping him donning the undies and stockings he seemed to know instinctively how to apply his makeup and how to finish his transformation by carefully placing the beatiful wig on his head before expertly brushing it into an exciting, very feminine youngish style. Finally he added a pair of small diamond earrings. Meanwhile Mrs Bentley, who had left him alone to let him finish his feminine preparations, had returned carrying the dress she wanted him to wear. It was an utterly girlish peach satin party dress with a pretty little petticoat, short puffy sleeves and a big bow at the back. She then helped the still totally apathetic boy who now looked every inch a very pretty young miss to stand up in his heels and lowered the delicate confection of a dress over his head. She then zipped him up and maneuvered him in front of the full-length mirror.
At first he just stood there like a beautiful manikin, passively taking in his transformation. Mrs Bentley watched him, savoring the next moment.  After a moment or two, she whispered :"Welcome back, my darling Ashley". The effect was completely startling, like a doll coming to life. A spark flashed in his eyes and he took a deep breath, looked at
him/herself in the mirror and, when he saw his image, let out a soft moan. Then as he stood coyly before the full length mirror he struck a sultry pose. Andrew had now once again become Ashley. And when 'she' saw Mrs Bentley approach her and gently caress her shoulders 'she' turned around, kissed her 'aunty' and softly mumbled "Thank you aunty, for making me be Ashley again. It was horrible having to be Andrew all this time". "Well darling, you'll be happy to hear that i just had Andrew's mother on the phone and she has agreed to pick him up on Sunday so Mr Bentley can prepare him even better for the coming schoolyear and that of course means our little lady can be with us a little longer this time. Now let's go downstairs and show uncle Arthur how pretty his 'niece' looks in her gorgeous new party dress. It's a good thing he doesn't have a heart-condition as you look so yummie it could kill someone on the spot", she sniggered. 
As expected Mr Bentley was almost dumbstruck when  'aunty' presented his 'niece' to him, looking like a total pageant princess."Do a little curtsey for your uncle Arthur, Ashley darling." she said with a giggle as Ashley elegantly strolled over to her depraved 'uncle' in her glamorous party dress. She obediently complied and when timidly standing in front of  Mr Bentley, she nervously wobbled a little on her skyscraper heels but then did the most elegant feminine curtsey she could master. "Isn't Ashley just divine?" aunty giggled triumphantly. 'Uncle' Arthur looked her over admiringly and smiled as he noticed our princess's pretty face reddening at his scrutiny. "Okay sweetie, now give your uncle a sweet little kiss to thank him and to show him how much of a little lady you are becoming".
And when the feminized boy obediently stepped forward to give his 'uncle' a sweet little kiss on the lips, 'aunty' was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, seeing him acting so deliciously helpless, delicate and ladylike. Of course there was a glass of champagne to celebrate Ashley's return and aunty casually mentioned that after dinner they were expecting a guest in the form of her halfbrother Philip, who Ashley should address as 'uncle' Philip. In her familiar mischievous manner Mrs Bentley also suggested that as her halfbrother was supposedly a rather handsome gentleman, she would be expected to practice her flirting techniques on him. Although her beloved aunty had carefully prepared her for such delightful event to come up, the prospect of it actually happening still scared her a bit too.

Of course Mrs Bentley had had very definite ideas about Ashley's desired behaviours and attitudes towards men right from the start of their delicious little experiment.   
The base of what she was expecting  to accomplish is this: When in company Ashley MUST ALWAYS be acutely conscious and aware of the effect she is having on the men in her presence. Consequently she must also learn to be conscious of what some of her actions, poses and movements will do to them. For most women this is an actual skill but former boys have a little advantage here. As even when they have changed quite a bit, not that long ago they had been adolescent boys who knew very well what the sort of young miss they were now portraying would do to them. They have probably had those reactions themselves seeing their new me in the mirror. Just like deep inside they knew very well what the effect would be when they crossed their perfectly smooth nyloned legs with their incredible stiletto heels in a certain provocative manner. The ones who had been susceptible to the crossdressing bug without the help of a depraved aunt had probably been motivated by very similar emotions already(the concept of being seduced by the girl in the mirror is quite common in (initially)heterosexually motivated transvestites).They just have to learn to revel in the role of the seductress , realizing that the effect the mirror girl has on themself also works on other boys and especially grown men.
The basics for Ashley's succes are thus very much there, we just had to make our precious little lady more and more conscious of them and make him realize how excing and rewarding being desirable and desired can be. She must learn to recognize(and love) the lustfull looks and stares and all other signs(yes, even bulging pants) that men and boys who lust after her will undoubtedly show.
Once we have these concepts firmly anchored in Andrew/Ashley's psyche, together with the fetish and sensual aspects of his conversion he will eventually blossom into a total and complete doll, every man and boy's wet dream. And she will revel in her newfound divalike status too, just because it feels soooo good. Behavioural enhancements like these just always work better if there is some sort of effective reward. So Mrs Bentley had been sure from the beginning that Andrew, through his already impressionable predisposition and the medication they had been giving him to make him more responsive and obedient, would respond very well to a professional hypnotherapist like Mrs Bentley herself to firmly anchor the forementioned concepts in his pliable little mind.

Of course Andrew/Ashley knew that in the end he had to but actually kissing a real man was still a step further than the last remaining bit of Andrew could take but at the same time his Ashley side was overjoyed at the prospect and could barely wait to finally show their guest her utterly feminine devotion.
So  when their guest had arrived and when 'uncle' Philip finally entered the room, looking really handsome in a expensive conservative suit and tie, she wasted no time and minced over to greet him with a kiss just like aunty had instructed her to. Uncle Philip had actually put his strong muscular hands on her waist and it had felt wonderfull. And when he reacted by looking down on her with a little smile on his face and said: " Thank you for that, darling, that was very sweet.", Ashley blushed profusely whilst fluttering her eyelashes . It wasn't so much the whole act itself that had sent her mind into a delicious turmoil as it was the gesture of submission to this masculine older gentleman. In the company of this real man she was once again reminded of how she was obviously destined to be the fragile ultra-feminine princess that Mrs Bentley had insisted he/she must become.
Mrs Bentley was of course totally delighted to see Ashley acting the perfect demure and slightly feeble young lady, fluttering her eyelashes, feigning shyness and being hopelessly attracted to him. She was actually pretending to be unsteady in her 5inch heels so he'd have to support her. Yes, she was really the perfect submissive girlthing for this incurably vain gentleman and she pulled out all the tricks....... Ashley played the role to perfection and you can only do that if you really understand the part. Aunty had almost underestimated the devious mind of the 'natural transvestite'. Our sweet little Ashley actually seemed to be completely conscious of what her actions and little affectations were doing to the gentleman. She was(as they say) playing him like a fiddle. The point being that Mrs Bentley had really created a delicious pretend niece that was already taking after her mischievous aunt like few real girls could. Her little lady was actually enjoying acting all shy, prissy and delicate but deep inside she was very much the one who was directing this little play. It's where dominant males (i mean the ones who think they are - Mrs Bentley doesn't believe in the concept of dominant males) always lose out. The perfect submissive miss does not exist as real submissives are mostly people with a very low self opinion who can never handle a scenario like this without falling apart. The perfect shy demure ingenue is in the end bound to be a sweet delicate manipulative bitch.....

Of course every good thing has to come to an end and so does a perfectly succesful evening and when it was time for uncle Philip to take his leave our devious Mrs Bentley insisted that our little lady should accompany him to the door to see him out. And when the two of them stood in the small hallway to say their goodbyes uncle Phillip took a step towards her and stood very close to her. Ashley instantly became acutely aware that never before had she stood so close to a masculine older gentleman, especially one that was as tall and handsome as uncle Phillip. Even on her high heels, Ashley had to stand on her tippy-toes to look into his eyes. It felt as if they stood there for a very longlasting moment, making her feel very shy and at the same time even more anxious about what was to come. He then slowly leaned over getting even closer to her. Ashley could almost feel the heat of his body. Something stirred in her panties. His masculinity physically excited her. Ashley had never felt like this before. It made her feel so deliciously vulnerable, delicate and feminine. Then Ashley felt his hands go down and settle on her waist. He gently pulled her towards him. Ashley had not choice. To keep her balance, Ashley had to take a half step forward, resting her arms on his chest. Ashley could feel his belly on hers and his manhood pressing against her frail body. He was rigidly hard. Ashley felt his pants material brush against her delicate nylons when he moved in even closer to intimately kiss her. He held her like that whilst passionately french kissing her for quite a long time. Ashley totally loved it but Ashley was also still a little scared by her own rather disconcerting reactions and unexpected emotions. That didn't keep her from enthusiastically kissing him back and sucking on his thick muscular tongue though, Aunty's little talks were obviously doing their work (even though Ashley can hardly even remember what they were about.....).
It felt like a whole new set of instincts was guiding her. Oh how intoxicating it was to realize that Ashley herself was causing all these frantic urges in this handsome older gentleman and even more the realization of all the little erotic affectations Ashley would let loose on him to raise his desire for her even more. So here Ashley was,  already wriggling her slender silk encased body against her beau's manly frame as erotically taunting as Ashley could and immediatly feeling the result when he virtually shoved her against the wall , his masculine body now pressing into her so much Ashley felt totally physically overpowered, whilst the gentleman was once more frantically kissing her. And when he finally came up for air young Ashley could actually hear him panting......I think our little lady is really starting to enjoy aunty's little games........

Saturday, May 23, 2020

When Beverly found out

                                                    When  Beverly found out and........
                       (After an idea originally suggested in a story by Susan Petty)

Up to recently I was fairly shure my name was Marco but if you could see me now you would never believe it, especially if you saw the way I am dressed now. I'm fully made up as a blushing young bride with my hair done up in a very glamorous updo and I'm wearing an exquisite designer bridal gown and veil with clouds of petticoats and full bridal lingerie and I'm waiting for my devious stepmother to get ready and take me to the very exclusive Girlyboy club theme night which tonight is Brides and Grooms. These nights are held at high class hotels and are run by the Girlyboy club for their members to take part in. The cost is quite high but my 'delightfull' stepmother just loves to put me through these nights as she totally adores seeing me like this.
So how did all this come about? It's not that long a story but I should tell it so other silly boys don't unwittingly fall into the irresistably intoxicating mindtrap I seem to be in myself......

It all started when Beverly, my extremely glamourous stepmother unexpectedly returned home one evening and walked in on me,all made up and dressed to the nines in her prettiest clothes and heels, getting ready to go out. I had planned nothing more than a walk to this small neighbourhood shop to buy a packet of cigarettes from the old man who ran the place and who previously had obviously been completely deceived by my little masquerade and had almost been drooling over the mysterious sophisticated miss visiting his humble little shop. That in itself had been so exciting that I had decided to repeat that little scenario to see how far I could take my little deception........
As I stood in front of her my formidable guardian just stared at me with a slightly menacing amazed look on her face but then I also saw a mischievous little grin start to appear on her face.. "Please stepmother, I can explain" I stuttered.  Of course I couldn't but it's what you say when you are panicking and so stressed that you are actually shaking. "Don't say a word, just sit on the bed and wait for me to come back and don't touch or remove anything until I return." She then went into the bathroom and I could hear her talking to someone on the phone but couldn't make out what was being said. I then heard her rummaging in the medicine cabinet and a tap being run. When she returned stepmother told me to take the  tablets she handed to me and to drink the water."Right, now just let those tablets calm you down and then you can tell
me what you're doing in my finest skirt and silk blouse and my sexiest highheeled shoes. It also looks like you're wearing my prettiest slip  as I can see that lavender lace peeping through the slit of my skirt. And are those stockings or hose you have on your legs?" Stockings I timidly admitted."And what's holding them up, honey?" "A...... garter belt", I mumbled. "Show me," she said.
I lifted the hem of my skirt and slip to reveal the lavish 6 suspender belt holding up the gleaming nylons."Well you have certainly done you homework, Marcia honey". "Marcia ?"I mumbled. "Well you're hardly a boy now, are you. I can't keep calling you Marco now you are becoming such a pretty little lady? You are much too convincing for me to not take your efforts serious.... You even have on the lavender camisole I can see the lace and bows through your pretty blouse, I suppose you have the matching bra on under there somewhere, don't you". I nodded my head "and why is my new black swing coat on the bed? Going out were you?"
"No mother I wouldn't dare", I mumbled unconvincingly. "Why not? No one could mistake you for anything other than a very pretty young miss and a sexy one at that." At that I already could feel my excitable little cockette stirring in the delicious silk panties. Lets look in the handbag shall we? She rummaged through the contents and asked why I had an extra pair of panties and a lipstick in there. Was that in case you got kissed by the gentleman admirer you were meeting and the panties for when his avances would make you have an accident in the ones you were wearing? Strangely the more she said the more aroused I was becoming. Please stepmother, don't keep talking like that. I knew it, your 'are' getting turned on at the thought of some man kissing you and feeling you up, aren't you? She sniggered slightly but then she cupped my fairly non-existent breast in her hand and started to squeeze and fondle my nipple. I involuntarily almost purred at her machinations and begged her to stop (as i was about to cum in my pretty panties).When at first I had feared she would throw me out or/and disown me after catching me in her clothes, it now looked as if my formidable stepmother had very different, probably equally ominous plans.
"And no, I'm not going to punish you if that's what you were thinking. Quite the contrary actually....."(she paused for a moment) You see, we haven't really got on to well as I always wanted a daughter, someone who I could have in the shop with me (she ran a small chain of very exclusive fashion boutiques in town) and who I could dress up in pretty dresses and lingerie and who i could take to the beauty parlour with me. But now I'm starting to think that I can kinda have a very pretty pretend daughter to pamper. Just think, you will never ever have to be an ugly filthy boy again or wear those nasty rough boy's clothes. You will be dressed for most of the time in exquisite tight pencil skirts, sexy satin blouses and pretty party dresses with lots of full fluffy frilly petticoats. Wouldn't you like that? No...., I lied. You are obviously in denial, sweetheart. Just look at how stiff your little peeny has gone at my little suggestions." With that she pushed me back onto the bed and my cockette was clearly trying to escape from my pretty panties. I couldn't believe what she did next as she actually put her hand on my stiff weeny in its silky satin layers of lingerie and gently started to stroke it.
"You desperately want to become my glamorous daughter don't you my darling Marcia." She whispered  ameniable as she once again gently stroked my silky cockette.

"Also honey, I have just made a telephone call and signed us up to this very exclusive Girlyboy club. Its cost me over £5000, just to join and on top of that we have to pay to attend their 'special events'." "What do you mean", I asked? "Well Marcia darling, they have theme nights, for example there's a delightfull Brides and Groom weekend at a very exclusive country hotel. There will be 5 couples consisting of 5 boy brides and then there will be 5 gentlemen who love girly boys like you and payed a small fortune for the privilege who will be the grooms. All 5 couples are dressed in the most gorgeous wedding dresses and weddingsuits and they go through a complete wedding ceremony and then there's a reception and there is dancing. Of course at the peak of the night, the eager pretend grooms will take their beautiful brides up to their honeymoonsuite where the randy husbands will passionately make love to them. Other themes include girly birthday parties where you girly boys wear these ultra-feminine little girl party dresses with masses of fluffy petticoats, ribbons, bows and pretty lacey panties, all in the finest silks and satins. And the men will come dressed as pervy uncles or granddads  and they will watch you play party games like pass the parcel where the parcel contains the most exquisite sexy lingerie and when the music stops you rip the paper off and model the lingerie you unwrap for your masculine older admirers. There's musical chairs which ends in you girlies sitting on your uncles laps being naughty and you'll play all kinds of lovely little games I know you are going to love. I can't wait to take you, darling. I think the wedding weekend is coming up first."

From that day onward my formidable stepmother proceeded by keeping the promises she had made and within days all my boys clothes had been replaced by the most stylish designer dresses, skirts, blouses, highheeled shoes and lingerie any fashionable young miss could possibly wish for. I was instructed on everything a 'young lady' needed to know and how to move, walk, talk and behave in great detail. She actually made me practice certain gestures like coqettishly adjusting a strand of hair or coyly fluttering my eyelashes in front of the mirror untill I did it just right. And then there were small things like doing all the normal daily things with fairly modest two centimeter salon nails, which is not as easy as it looks. Even my room had been stripped of all paraphernalia that could even remotely remind me of ever having been a boy and it now had a vanity and my bed now had satin sheets, fluffy pillows and a frilly pink comforter. In fact i was being submersed in this ultra-feminine lifestyle I had allowed my obviously depraved stepmother to seduce me into so completely that even after a mere week or two my old life was already starting to feel like a distant memory.

So as the limo carrying me and and stepmother, who was as usual dressed to absolute perfection herself, drove up to the red carpet of the Regency Hotel I was appropriately shaking with both apprehension and genuine anxiety over the coming procedures. My beautifull attire, the exorbitant bridal gown, the exquisite bridal lingerie and the stunning hairdo really got the transvestite in me into an extremely heightened state of excitement but I was at the same time still more than a bit scared about the consequenses of me being placed in the position of playing the blushing bride for this mature gentleman who obviously desired me as such. Both of us had been given a short profile and picture of the other and I had of course been instructed extensively by mommy about the coming happenings and ceremony and exactly how to think, act and behave. The gentleman who was to be my 'fiancee' had been handpicked by my stepmother from a number of gentlemen that had anxiously volunteered to be my 'groom' for the occasion.
After we had entered the impressive lobby of the hotel that was exclusively reserved for 'the

 you will never ever have to be an ugly filthy boy again
or wear those nasty rough boy's clothes
club', the first thing on the program for the evening was 'the interview with the bride' where the young 'ladies' were to be interviewed 'on camera' for the official wedding video. Of course no cost or effort was spared. There was a complete talkshow decor with a couch for the bride and her chaperone (in my case: stepmother). And the of course apropriately glamorous dressed lady who was doing the interviews was actually the host of a popular celebrity show on a local television channel. The whole thing was of course carefully scripted and stepmother had really put me through my paces on what to say and how to act during the interview. Of course part of the interview would be about the dress, our hair and appearance but the most important and slightly disturbing part would be us expressing our feelings towards our impending wedding and our grooms in particular. Of course this part was exactly up my devious manipulative stepmother's street as she had already shown when she first caught me now almost six weeks ago and had unexpectedly taken a real delight in making me confess to all kinds of embarrassing feelings and desires. So over the past few weeks my stepmother Beverly had been teasing me mercilessly with my impending wedding and how much in love I must be with my wonderful fiancee. At bedtime she had even expertly assisted me in masturbating whilst making me express my being desperately in love with this older gentleman whom I had never really seen in the flesh. I had been shown a short piece of video of him introducing himself and his framed picture was now near my bedsite to 'get me in the right mood' and I was also provided with a large realistic looking dildo so I would get comfortable  with accomodating 'my man' sexually. In the end she had me loudly moaning how much I wanted to be with him whilst I was impaling my slender silk envelloped body on this substitute penis.
Finally the game culminated into the moment when my gown had arrived and she had me completely dressed up as a beautiful bride with the veil all the accessories and perfectly made up  for my final 'rehearsal'.
And then, whilst leading me towards the full length mirror that forced me to me take in the unescapable reality of this, my ultimate transformation, she continued in her sweetest insicere voice: "It's what 'every' girl dreams of, right Marcia darling? And that's what you have secretly dreamt about too, haven't you, princess? To wear your beautiful wedding gown and to feel totally and utterly feminine and sexy for your man? "Just think about it, you standing next to your handsome mature fiancée, reciting your vows to love, honor and obey him? And all club members will be there to witness it. It will be the event of the season, you, the gorgeous but apropriately timid bride standing before him looking absolutely ravishing in your exquisitely beautiful satin gown. At that point you'll probably be totally overcome by exitement and feelings of love and affection but at the same time you'll still be a bit fearful of what it will feel like to have your man take you in his arms, hold you close and passionately kiss you.
Meanwhile, he has of course fallen completely in lust after standing next to the perfect vision of virginal beauty that you project. To your man, you are of course the most beautiful young miss he ever set his eyes on and all he wants to do now is to take you and claim you as 'his' lady. You will love it. Being desired and feeling desireable is ultimately what it's all about, princess."
She had also arranged a session of hypno therapy with a friend of her who usually did sessions like these for people who were up for exams of some sort. Not anything as far reaching as changing my psyche but she ashured me it would boost my confidence in my role as the perfect blushing bride.

To wear your beautiful wedding gown and to feel totally
and utterly feminine and sexy for your man
After all this it should not be a total surprise that if one watches the wedding video and the forementioned interview, I was completely convincing when after the initiating congratulations and the chitchat around how gorgeous I looked in the dress, I the beautiful bride passionately declared being totally and desparately in love with my wonderfull fiancee and that I almost couldn't wait for him to take my virginity. By then I think i almost meant it too and on top of being totally turned on sexually there were even some real tears of joy in my eyes when i spoke the words. There is something in expressing certain things in words that changes reality. It's not quite that it magically becomes true but speaking the words out loud in a way makes the possibility more of a reality in ones mind. I can't put my finger on it exactly but it definitely changes things.
Looking back at the video was both crazy and wonderfull, seeing myself looking up at this aristocratic looking older gentleman as if he was some sort of adonis during the ceremony that was led by an actor
 this aristocratic looking
older gentleman
dressed as a priest still sends shivers down my spine. Then completely melting into him when he was allowed to kiss his wanton bride... Even now as I'm looking back, it still makes me cream my panties. Later, after the all the congratulations and the traditional sexy bride and groom dance where I already noticed my man being throbbing hard against my almost shaking body, the rest of the night was filled with romantic kisses and making out whilst the beautifull little bride had wantonly settled her silk encased tush on her large masculine husband's lap. What happened later when I had tossed the bridal bouquet and my man took me up to our suite and actually carried me over the treshold was of course not in the video but I promiss you it was wonderfull. He was a complete gentleman and even though my lover is quite a large man he was very gentle with me. He made me feel like his beautifull bride completely and I loved every minute of it....and when I close my eyes I can still feel him inside me now... Stepmother was of course totally ecstatic about the final result of her machinations and I am already looking forward to the next delicious club-event where I will do my utmost to be the sexiest ultra feminine girly girl in the world for my lovely old pervy uncle. I think I'm in love......

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

'Halloween Belle' by Saskia

Madge and Timmy:
'Halloween Belle'
loosely based on the 'Madge and Timmy' stories by A.W.(Anonymous Writer)

It has only been 5 months now since his estranged parents ugly divorce and since Timmy landed into Madge's care on a permanent basis and there was already not much of the boy left in our heroin. Tim's initial almost violent protests against Madge's disturbing plans and ministrations had virtually stopped or had been silenced by now. Madge commanding ways and natural dominance had seen to that.  Of course he was still pretending to fight what was happening to him but he also knew that for as long as he could remember he had actually secretly fantasized and dreamed about a strangely exciting imaginary world where these haughty older ladies for their sheer amusement, dressed him as an ultra feminine young miss in the most exquisitely feminine girls clothes, corsets, nylon stockings and impossibly high-heeled shoes and then, laughing at his ridiculous pretensions to have any say in the matter, kept him in bondage and submission as their delicate obedient sissyfied plaything. So if it had already thrilled him with strange delightful emotions to imagine himself all dressed up in the extravagant dresses, skirts and gowns of a very fashionable young lady, undergoing punishments and humiliations and dainty tortures at the hands of beautiful domineering women who were totally deaf to his pleas and protestations, how much more thrilled and excited could he necessarily be when Madge's appearance in his life made his shamefull secret dreams come as true as they seemed to be now! He had never had a chance...
And now, as some time has passed under our darling Madge's strict supervision, young Tiffany-Tim almost seemed eager to fully embrace dressing as a pretty little lady, doing his hair and make-up without even having to be told, almost as to show off his now total compliance to being the desireable delicate ultra feminine princess that Madge was forcing him to become. It often feels like inside him there now is this authorative inner voice that for some reason makes him accept and finally even desire the strange and scary experiences his formidable guardian was forcing upon him. The voice that seems to find an almost sadistic pleasure in destroying all that is left of Timmy and it seems to fully echo Madge's opinions and demands. It's of course also the delightful silky feel of the clothes, the feminine fabrics, and how they feel when he walks and moves about and how they constantly seem to caress his now so sensitive body when he's wearing a particularly figurehugging slip or dress .  To feel how his garter straps pulled on his stocking tops, and how tight the girdle is and how it molds him into an almost cartoonesque ultra-feminine shape.  And seeing the pretty nylons shine and how slippery and silky they feel on his smooth legs and how he can hear their loud swishy noises with each step as his smooth feminine legs rub against each other. It is for a large part these intoxicating sensations that gave Madge this power over him to begin with and she was exploiting this weakness to the full as everything she now allowed him to wear was exclusively made of delicate ultra-feminine materials like nylon, silk, satin or taffeta.... Needless to say that anything that had even vaguely resembled boys clothes had been banned completely. It was tight pencil skirts, girdles, nylon stockings, pretty silk blouses and exquisite high-heeled shoes all the way now. It wouldn't be long before Tim/Tiffany's calf muscles would have adjusted so far he would hardly be able to walk in anything but the highest of stiletto heels.
Madge had to be creative though to keep the momentum going so on top of his already intense daily training ever so often she would add some extra-curricular activities to keep poor Timmy on his toes and to exploit his depraved little affectation to the full.
Sometimes these take the form of ellaborate dressing-up sessions in deliciously outrageous or very restricting feminine costumes that tickle his fetishist preferences.......
And sometimes she just likes to mess with our little lady's impressionable mind. Like at night she'd have  him all dressed up in his sexiest silky babydoll nighty and his prettiest panties and Madge of course immaculately done up looking irresistably menacing and overpowering. The whole game is even more effective due to Timmy already being bit drowsy from the pill she slipped into his champagne to make his already feeble little mind even more susceptible to her delightful little suggestions. She'd sit next to our pretty princess on his impossibly femine bed in his now impossibly feminine and elegant bedroom when she tauntingly tells him about her delicious but slightly disturbing plans for his future. Meanwhile sweetly caressing him with her perfectly manicured hand under the bedspread until he's totally helpless to resist the sweet erotic agony she is forcing upon him. She keeps this up until our darling is almost in a hysterical state of arousal and is panting for release. At that moment, she knows he is ready to agree to do or say anything she wants him to. She makes him admit to the most embarassing acts and thoughts like him desperately wanting to be kissed and held by manly men and even have him beg her to make him have a boyfriend. Of course she records these statements and confessions for later use when her protégée may have the ridiculous impertinence to rebell against the wonderfull plans she has with him. At their most recent intimate little game our precious little darling actually confessed to desperately desiring to be with a much older masculine man  and wanting to be his pampered little girlfriend or even his trophy wife.  Some of his adorable  girlish little fantasies may be made to come true one of these days but any protests on his behalf will not sound very convincing after his confessions. There is nothing wrong with a little blackmail.......
Of course sweet depraved Madge finds it absolutely intoxicating to see our poor young protégée slowly but inevitably turn into this demure, fragile and almost compulsively dainty wanton princess.  Timmy-Tiffany practically delights in and relishes her own helplessness these days. Like he's now a delicious luxury item, much too delicate and not really made to exist in the real world. Just transforming him into a girl just isn't enough, in the end we want Timmy to be the ultimate archetype of femininity, the perfect damsell in distress and as such both physical and emotionally a virtual invalid.

The next opportunity for one of Madge's ellaborate dressing-up games was Halloween. Madge loved to make a big thing of it and this year she chose a 'Gone with the wind' theme which obviously gave her a perfect reason to get her charge into some really over the top hyper-feminine outfits and to make her 'princess' participate in one or two of her depraved little games. Of course no expenses were spared and she had her friend Conchita, who specialized in very extravagant quinceanera dresses, measure Timmy for the most frilly southern belle dress possible. The final dress was a total dream in pale pink siks and satins and oodles of lace with layer upon layer of delicious petticoats. Of course it came with all the fitting accessories. It even had one of these bonnet type hats with lots of ruches and frills that was kept in place by satin ribbons that were tied into a pretty bow under our little lady's chin. Of course on the day Madge herself and Mildred, her closest friend and part-time maid and housekeeper, would be in period costumes as well. Naturally just dressing up on the day hadn't been enough, Timmy had to be perfect so before the day finally arrived Madge put him through his paces and had him practice relentlessly on elegantly managing the big hoop skirt and the many layers of frothy petticoats. How to move around in them and how to sit down elegantly and even how to curtsey and to behave appropriately submissive and ladylike for the occasion. Madge was as always a stickler for detail. On the day itself even the sweets for the trick or treaters were elegantly wrapped to look right with our little lady's exquisite costume. At first Timmy had been jittery and uneasy about having to be the one to open the door to welcome the neighbourhood children.....,what if one of them or one of the parents escorting the younger ones recognized him......? The contrary was true of course, Timmy/Scarlet was a  big hit. The young girls were ecstatic about the beautifull lady in the pretty dress and the adults kept complimenting the blushing Timmy on 'her' costume as well. Only the few older boys accompanying their younger sibblings were a bit unnerving as they obviously had different feelings towards such an attractive young miss. One of em even let out a genuine wolf-whistle when Timmy/Scarlet appeared at the door. All in all our pretend-girl's ego got quite a boost from the whole experience. The next thing on the program was however far more alarming.
When our dear mischievous Mildred had mentioned that our next door neighbour mr. Blenkinsop who used to be a bit of an amateur actor in his younger days and who had played Rhett Butler in the local theatre production of 'Gone with the wind', always dressed up in his old theatre costume at Halloween, Madge had had one of her 'enchanting' little epiphanies. These seldom seemed 'good news' for poor Timmy and this time wasn't very different.
 After having an obviously agreeable telephone conversation with said mature gentleman it had been decided that on the night in question Mildred would take Madge's 'niece' over to his house to 'get aquainted' as he had clearly been excited over meeting a beautifull southern belle like 'Tiffany'(the name Madge used for Tim when they were in company)..... Off course Timmy hadn't been told beforehand as not to unnecessarily scare him.
 So here is our darling Timmy, of course still very apprenhensive about being taken out to show off his delicious costume to the elderly town casanova next door but was no longer daring to fight his inevitable faith. By now he knew very well that Madge always gets her way. It was unavoidable that he'd completely accepted that at least today he was to be this adorable highly erotisized extremely frilly interpretation of the 'southern belle'. An impossibly feminine and almost compulsively dainty debutante, relishing his/her own helplessness and vulnerability, dressed to the nines in what can only be described as a cloud of bows, frills, and a mass of petticoats in assorted silks and similar sensuous materials. Of course Madge had made shure that underneath this our little lady was wearing the prettiest silk undies and silkiest stockings one could possibly find. The more historically correct bloomers and pantaloons were just a bit too rough and sexless for her pretty protege. Of course his make-up was flawless too. In the end Timmy was now the perfect personification of a young Scarlet O'Hara on feminine steroids.
Of course Mildred had been briefed about how far Madge would allow this adventure to go, as Madge knew very well that Mildred's penchant for depravity easily matched her own and she did not want to see Timmy return as 'damaged goods' this evening just because her friend got impatient or too eager.

Finally Mildred, dressed in a beautifull Victorian maid's costume, rang the doorbell of our neighbour's house and a moment later this older Rhett Butler lookalike appeared at the door, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat...... "O my..,Madge really didn't exaggerate when she said her 'niece' made the prettiest 'Scarlet' ever, didn't she?", he said as he actually kissed our heroine's delicate gloved hand. Young Timmy actually blushed profusely at this gesture, that once again confirmed him in his role of  the delicate vulnerable damsell he was being made into. Mildred smiled. It was all going perfect so far. When 'Rhet' asked his lady-visitors in he galantly offered a slightly flustered 'Scarlet' his arm, which was of course again reason for blushes. Up to now it was all very 'Gone with the wind'. As Scarlet/Timmy timidly accepted the tall, slightly arrogant gentleman's arm to enter the house and tried to mince along as elegant as possible whilst barely managing the huge dress and the many delicious layers of peticoats A michievous Mildred had a fiendish grin on her face and was filming everything on her phone. "Madge is going to love this" she thought. As the older gentleman led the ladies into the main room he took his seat in large armchair an then turned to Timmy, saying :"Now let me look at you a bit closer, darling".
"Curtsey for Rhett, Tiffany my sweet." ,Mildred said with a giggle in her voice as Timmie stood there in the gentleman's living room in his exquisite glamorous ballgown. He timidly complied and when he was standing in front of Mildred's old friend mr.Blenkinsop he wobbled a bit on his skyscraper heels but then did the most elegant feminine curtsey he could master!
"Isn't Tiffany just darling?" Mildred giggled as her old friend looked her/him over and stifled an amused chuckle himself as he noticed Tiffany's pretty face reddening even through her makeup. "Okay sweetie, now give Rhett a sweet little kiss to introduce yourself." "I think she should come and sit on my lap first.",mr.Blenkinsop boldly exclaimed.  And with that this brazen Rhett Butler impersonator didn't waste any time and blatantly drew young Timmy closer and placed him firmly on his lap whilst holding our perplexed debutant tightly around her small corsetted waist. Even Mildred was surprised at the audacity of the mature playboys avances. Timmy was of course completely panic-stricken and aghast and when his 'beau' then announced that his make-believe Scarlet now owed him a 'real' kiss, he was just too stunned to react. Rhett however wasn't going to wait for further permission and passionately kissed our young ingenue straight on the mouth. For a brief moment Timmy tried to turn away but the older man was just too persistent in his effort and when his thick muscular tongue forced his way into our little lady's mouth he/she was too stupified to put up any sort of a fight. And when they finally came up for air young Timmy looked as if he was in shock and too petrified to even react. It was like his conscious mind had just retreated so not to have to cope with the overwhelming experience. So when his impertinent admirer took this as submission and kissed his beloved again our delightfull pretend-Scarlet just submitted to her faith and by the third kiss it started to look as if she was actually returning his passionate kisses. And when Mildred, who was still getting everything on video, saw Timmy's delicate gloved hands almost lovingly going around his beau's neck to draw him even closer and to continue forementioned intimate mouthcontact, she was  actually getting moist in her knickers. The video now showed what looked like the two passionately making out. Mildred was almost sorry she had to end this before the point of no return would be reached. Madge wouldn't want things to go too far(yet- as Madge didn't approve of sex before marriage(lol)) but up to now the whole exercise had been absolutely perfect. Madge was never going to give the poor thing a rest with this embarassing proof of his obvious 'voluntary' submission to a man who was old enough to be his grandfather.....

The true Vamp looks at the world with an air of 'Amused Contempt'....