Friday, June 13, 2014

But there are the magazine-covers.....

Should be doing something on a different theme now but i originally did these for my own amusement. I just like em so much that i had to share em.
http://petticoatpunishmentart.com/docs/cjart015.0.htmlThe real Christeen is still here:

Sorely tempted to actually start some sort of posh sissy magazine now..  I'd buy something stylish in this genre for shure. The world just needs pervs with a touch of class. Think many of you would buy it if it was on your newsstand or adult bookstore. Serious gap in the market me thinks.


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  3. I've been back and looked at your Christeen parodies (and some of your older stuff - I've only just discovered your site!) and I can't believe no one has commented on them, because these are marvelous! I agree that 'Society Sissy' is a magazine that really needs to be published. There's not enough on the internet about the classy, glamorous end of sissy life. (Gorgeous, high couture frocks! Drool! Drool!) Surely any mother/aunt who's successfully feminised her son/nephew would want to see 'her' married off to a rich man?

    And I think you make out a very good case for the "older gentleman". Chris, looking at boys her own age now must find them very immature. And an older man looking for a young and pretty Trophy Wife will have the assurance that a sissy, who can be trained to be elegant, will be utterly devoted to him, and not just be a gold digger, as a genetic girl might. (Mothers-in-law and aunts might be a different story!)

    So thank you for doing these. They work really well. I'm glad that Christeen herself approved!

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