Monday, December 26, 2016

Back to Christeen and uncle Bob

Sometimes i just have to elaborate on a certain picture and cannot keep myself from doing multiple versions. I just had to with this one. Again a big one worthy of use as a poster. I may still put some extra text/comment with it later but for now this will have to do.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tv fiction history: Gyneocracy

I accidentaly bumped into this one during one of my websearches for smut in general. I hadn't seen a seemingly complete version online for ages. Absolute classic from the late 19th century as perverts like us have been around for ages obviously. Together with Miss Higheels one of the absolute classics in forced femme litterature. Virtually a must-read for every transvestite with half a (slightly perverted) brain.....(lol)

p.s. I am fairly shure though it should actually be spelled "gyneaocracy" myself.

GYNEOCRACY(complete text)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christeen: girls MUST fall hopelessly in love

Of course for a girl like Christeen being in love is not really a matter of free choice.

My dear sweet Christeen, now your man is away for a while you must
occupy your little weakwilled head with thoughts of only him, your
future lover, the mature he-man who will soon take your virginity.
You will have daydreams of how he will take you. You may even cry
a bit as you may already have noticed he is quite big and you may hurt
a little initially but your man will naturally see your tears as tears of
happyness. It's all horribly romantic. Tonight i will allow you to send

uncle Bob a little loving email message to show him your continuing
desires for him and you can show him your newest picture where
you got all dressed up real sexy for him.

A little Christmas Bonus for the Christeen fans- Big Very Printable version of this one HERE(download)
I'm actually so happy with the work i did here i'm going to have it printed and framed myself.

All you want is....

All you want is....