Tuesday, January 24, 2017

the Christeen universe: Georgina, Lady F. takes charge....

(from a letter to aunty)
Isn't he/she a complete doll? I kept it simple for now as i had to work with the things i
had at hand but i'm planning to go all out on her. As soon as i've done some serious
shopping i'll be pampering my enchanting little debutante with some really sophisticated
and extravagant fashions to keep her penchant for the fetish side of her little foible alive.
 She is still a bit apprehensive(especially about dating men) as it's still all a bit much to
take in but she seems to accept my authority and seems delightfully obedient and compliant.
I still get a few buts but as soon as i put my foot down she does as she is told. Unlike your
Christeen she is very conscious of the fact that she brought this on herself by his/her
earlier hidden effeminate affectations. She knows very well that too much protests would
sound very unconvincing now....
Yours Sincerely, Lady Fenton (Purring, almost intoxicated with delight)


  1. Excellent photo. Like the extra text. Looking forward to more from your Christeen universe: Georgina. Thanks Miss Saskia.

    1. Some excellent photoshopping if i may say so myself. Quite a bit harder than the CHristeens to be honest. Not the easiest face to work with but Georgina still has a bit more of the dressed up boy left and i kinda like that. Maybe Christeen has become a tiny bit too perfect. Still planning to do more Christeens in the future but this was a welcome change to keep me sharp. I was getting lazy and routine was creeping into the work.

  2. I love your Christeen storyline, but I also would love to have something new and different.

    Maybe you could change it up with this one. Maybe Georgina goes for a more 'mature' look? That bow blouse is a perfect look for an older woman, one that would look perfect next to an older gentlemen.


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