Friday, April 14, 2017

More Georgina for Sir Henry

The minutes seemed like hours but finally Henry appeared from the bathroom wearing an expensive bathrobe. He moved to a portable bar on his side of the room and poured himself a drink. He then put on some soft music. I began feeling weak as he motioned for me to join him......
I had no choice now. Acting my feminine best I slithered off the bed and minced towards him swishing my exquisite bridal peignoir.  He took a large sip of his drink then tilted his head back slightly as he smelled my perfume. He set the glass down and turned towards me, holding me close and driving me crazy with his intoxicating masculine presence.
"Mmmmm, you look evenmore adorable and delicate than your stepmother promissed  you would be my sweet Georgina" he said, as he took my arms and we started slow dancing to the soft music.  I felt weak, like I was going to faint. I could tell he was hard once again now as he poked against me when he held me close putting his arms around my tightly corsetted waist. It didn't take long until he wisked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed! I slipped out of the chiffon robe and set it at the foot of the bed as Dan took off his robe. I then got into bed and under the satin sheets. Sir Henry an eagerly joined me, his penis already stiff and throbbing. He pulled me close hugging me then eased me down. I knew what I had to do and he watched as I gripped the shaft with my hand, my red, manicured nails gleaming in the soft light. I began to stroke him gently and then I opened my glossy pink lips and kissed him passionately untill we were writhing on the bed in ecstasy. Actual intercourse is however still off the menu untill our glorious wedding.
Even Mildred's wedding gown wasn't sacred to our now so delightfully selfish little lady. Our sweet fragile Georgina actually ordered Mildred to get it for her and made her help getting dressed and was obviously starting to enjoy the rejected older woman's discomfort. Whenever Mildred is in the room or when she otherwise notices her looking she purposely fondles Henry or starts to make out with him to see her hidden sadness. I guess little Gina has discovered the joy of taunting all by herself. It's so satisfying to see her pick up such feminine affectations.  Stepmommy is so proud of her little princess.....


Monday, April 10, 2017

Georgina:His wife as a maid of honour?

How wonderfully cruel and exquisitely inventive....


Estranged may be the wrong word when referring to dear old Mildred, just strange would have been a better option. Lady Mildred had always been a bit odd and she was rather kinky herself in her younger days. A bit of real-life roleplay like we're doing here would very much have suited her then so even when her personal role has changed a bit, she won't be totally weirded out by our little games. Especially when she finds out that her tasks as a servant will include satisfying the physical needs of Hobbs, Henry's loyal but quite grotesque looking butler, of whom it has been said that he has a quite ferocious sexual appetite and the tool to suit the occasion. She may even get to like it....

Meanwhile our enchanting pampered little mademoiselle is already revelling in the sensual experience of wearing Mildred's exquisite and priceless furs, wearing HER diamonds and pearls. How deliciously selfcentered and spoiled she has become, she is becoming such a darling little minx .  Of course i 'm utterly delighted about Georgina's progress, soon i'll be teaching her about feminine foibles like amused contempt, merciless taunting, sublimated frailty and similar ladylike affectations. It's just so beautifull . A wonderfully responsive sweetheart like Georgie just warms a wicked stepmother's heart.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Mother's ex-son really needed a suitable role model...


All you want is....

All you want is....