Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bobbi Marie: the boyfriend lessons.

Within weeks of mother's "takeover" i had almost completely reconciled myself with my new situation and really started to enjoy mothers machinations as the now awfully pretty and glamorous girl in the mirror had strongly re-awakened the very sexual-erotic feelings that had driven me to dress up to begin with. And then there were the sensual feelings my new clothes themself provided, the feel of silks and satins on my teenage body, the restrictiveness , the heels, the stockings. It was still a bit confusing but also extremely exciting. Of course mother encouraged and stimulated these feelings. And she didn't stop at the clothes, it was deportment lessons, speech lessons, ettiquette and what she called girl lessons in which i was actually taught how to think as a girl by reading certain very feminine romantic books and magazines, imagining myself in the role of the main character. Needless to say i was a very responsive subject. I was now a girl all of the time when i was at home.
By now i was almost completely brainwashed and mother loved it. The partyfrocks had become classy designer cocktaildresses and promgowns and the heels had gone from 3 to 5 inch. The undies had gone from girly to stunningly glamourous and sexy. At that time mother also decided that i had to learn about boys.
That meant mother would seek out boys who were usually shy sons of her ladyfriends who needed a bit of help meeting girls by themselves. When one of these boys seemed sufficiently interested and found her approval, she would blatantly invite him over and set up a sort of chaperoned date where i was glammed up completely, make-up, hairdo, wearing my sexiest eveninggown for my "boyfriend",who was usually an extremely shy and unexperienced young man who was totally intimidated and nervous at meeting a stunning sophisticated young lady like me. These evenings were spent teaching us youngsters how to behave on a date. This went from holding hands, him putting his arm around my waist an holding me to giving eachother furtive little kisses. Later in the evening we would learn to slowdance with mothers very specific instructions how to hold and caress eachother, look into eachother's eyes and behave as a couple in love in general. If this all went well we were back on the sofa for the final act of the evening. The deep sensual kissing and making out scene. If mother was convinced we were doing it right she would leave us alone for a while so we could practice being in love as she called it. By this time my conditioning and girl lessons had me reacting to the situation as any delicate sexually awakening teenage lady would. By now i was immerged so deeply into my new role that i actually loved every minute of it and moaned softly under my "boyfriend's" kisses and was actually almost starting to feel i was really falling in love with him.

Young master Geoffrey was a nephew of Lady Fenton and just seemed a perfect subject for Bobbi to practice her kissing technique on.........Mommy just cannot wait to see her feminized son in the arms of "her" "boyfriend"......


  1. Oh, I love where this is going, and I love how well Bobbie has adjusted.

  2. this is great!!

  3. la sexy Bobby Marie si fa sempre più femmina grazie alle attenzioni ed agli insegnamenti della sua sexy maestra magnifica!! baci baci baci

  4. Replies
    1. It looks like someone has other less innocent interests than stamp collecting and making fire-extinguishers from waterpipes....(lol).



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