Saturday, August 12, 2017

HOORAY!!!!!!the Bloggywog reached 250.000 visitors....

A quarter of a million may be nothing to some webbies but i'm from a country with a population of 17 million and to us simple folk 250.000 is a lot.....(though the images on their own do 1.3 million visitors on Flickr- maybe i should stop writing stuff). Had i not taken a break from alcoholic beverages there would have been some bubbly stuff but i happened to have a bag of excellent Orange Bud and that is just as good( or better)......


 Bobbi Marie.....the date ......

Bobbi knew exactly what was expected of her tonight.........Isn't she a complete and utter doll now?

Sir Harold then took a step towards me and stood very close to me. I instantly became acutely aware that i had never stood so close to a masculine older man before, especially one that was as big as Sir Harold. Even on my high heels, i had to look up to look into his eyes. He just stood there for a very longlasting moment, making me feel even more shy and submissive. Then leaned over getting even closer to me. I could almost feel the heat of his body close to mine. Something stirred in my panties. His masculinity physically excited me. I had never felt like this before. It made me feel so vulnerable and weak, and fragile. Then I felt his hands go down and settle on my waist. He gently pulled me towards him. I had not choice. To keep my balance, I took a half step forward, resting my arms on his chest. I felt his belly on mine. I felt his manhood eagerly press against me. He was rigidly hard. I felt his pants material brush against my delicate nylons when he moved in even closer to aggressively kiss me. He held me like that whilst passionately french kissing me for quite a long time. I totally loved it but i was also still a little scared by my own rather disconcerting reactions and unexpected emotions. That didn't keep me from enthousiastically kissing him back and sucking on his thick muscular tongue though, Lady F's little conditioning sessions were obviously doing their work (even though i can hardly even remember what they were about - i'm becoming such a ditz.....).
It felt like a whole new set of instincts was guiding me. Oh how intoxicating it was to realize that I was causing all these frantic urges in this large powerfull man and even more the realization of all the little erotic affectations i would let loose on him to raise his desire for me even more. So here i was already, wriggling my slender silk encased body against my lover's large frame as erotically taunting as i could and immediatly feeling the result as he virtually shoved me against the wall of the bar, his heavy body now leaning into me so much i could feel his weight on me, whilst once more frantically kissing me. When he finally came up for air i could actually hear him panting......i think i may learn to really like mother's little games........
It made me feel so vulnerable and weak
I felt his manhood eagerly press against me. He was rigidly hard.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To be continued........

Bobbie will still be a little scared and apprehensive at first but that was to be expected. In fact it's  really turning me on. The hint of fear in her eyes and the knowledge that in the end her wanton receptive disposition will make her enthousiastically give in to all Sir Harold's eager intimate avances. Yes, soon my little princess will be making out like crazy with this, to most girls his age, rather repulsive old businessman. In her eyes he will be the most attractive man on earth. To our now almost nauseatingly devoted sweet Bobbie Marie it will almost feel like he's her own personal god.......

The gentleman off course had had strict instructions from mommy. Afterall we don't want our debutante to lose her virginity on the first date. We want our princess to be a beautifull frail emotional wreck, not a whore.
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..Off course i can't constantly be there to watch it all unfold but i have hired a very thorough private investigator to document the complete date. He willl be watching(and filming) our amorous couple like hawk when they are out and there will undoubtedly be hidden cameras and microphones installed in the man's room in case our two lovebirds will end up there(and if Lady F's therapy has worked i'm fairly shure they will - not for actual sex of course but at least for a night-cap and some serious making out). O, how i'm looking forward to see my darling helpless Bobbi both squirm and swoon in the arms of her depraved masculine admirer.........O yes, how exquisitely exciting to see my confused feminised son completely deny his initial reluctance, to see sweet Bobbi Marie betray his gender and original sexual orientation and revel in his own belittlement and wanton submission to her adored "boyfriend". I find it so much more rewarding to force ones pupil to actually feel certain things than to just force him/her to do or undergo stuff.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bobbi Marie: How to proceed..........?

When mother discussed her new plans for Bobbi's future and how to acomplish them(especially overcoming Bobbi's reservations towards an eventual mature admirer) with Lady Fenton who actually has a degree in behavioural psychology, she had this to say:

The base of what we're trying to accomplish is this: When in company Bobbi Marie MUST ALWAYS be acutely conscious and aware of the effect she is having on the men in her presence. Consequently she must also learn to be conscious of what some of her actions, poses and movements will do to them. For women this is an uncommon skill but former boys have a little advantage here. As even when they have changed quite a bit, not long ago they were adolescent boys who knew very well what the sort of young miss they were now portraying would do to them. They have probably had those reactions themselves seeing their new me in the mirror. Just like deep inside they knew very well what the effect would be when they crossed their perfectly smooth nyloned legs with her incredible stiletto heels in a certain provocative manner. And what about a naughty smile.(you CAN practice them in the mirror). The ones who had the crossdressing bug to begin with were probably motivated by very similar emotions already(the concept of being seduced by the girl in the mirror is quite common in (initially)heterosexually motivated transvestites).They just have to learn to revell in the role of the seductress too, realizing the effect the mirror girl has on himself also works on other boys and especially grown men.
The basics for Bobbi's succes are thus very much there, we just have to make our precious little lady much more conscious of them and make him realize how excing and rewarding being desireable and desired can be. She must learn to recognize(and love) the lustfull looks and stares and all other signs(yes, even bulging pants) that men and boys who lust after her may show.
Once we have these concepts firmly anchored in Bobbi's psyche, together with the fetish and sensual aspects of his conversion he will eventually blossom into a total and complete doll, every man and boy's wet dream. And she will revell in her newfound divalike status too, because it feels soooo good. Behavioural enhancements just always work better if there is some sort of effective reward. So to conclude my advice, i think that Bobbi, through his predisposition and the medication we've already been given her to make her more responsive and obedient, will respond very well to a few sessions with a professional fully reciprocal and obliging hypnotherapist (a certain Lady F. comes to mind) to firmly anchor the forementioned concepts in her pliable subconscious mind.
When in company Bobbi Marie MUST ALWAYS be acutely conscious and aware of the effect she is having on the men in her presence.

(OOOOoops, i think i've accidentally been smart again and unravelled the whole transvestite thing.......You probably owe me the costs of a shrink now!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lovely Bobbi Marie: A photoshoot and more.....

This somewhat mischievous mother has really enjoyed Bobbi's little practice date. It's absolutely delightfull to see how his underlying reluctance to participate in my little schemes loses out again and again against the wonderfull new feelings and affectations i'm forcing upon him. Bobbi Marie did so well and showed so much enthousiasm at the kissing and making out part that her "boyfriend" actually looked kinda dazed when his mother finally picked him up. Bobbi's old self is still in there somewhere of course but that side of my little lady has absolutely no chance of surfacing as long as i keep rewarding my sweet susceptible Bobbi Marie with new sensual and erotic sensations and adventures. The practice dates are perfect excuse to do this, i think i'll make her sit on the boys lap next time, wiggeling her sexy satincovered bum on the poor adolescent's already straining genitals..........
But the fun won't stop at that of course. After talking to Lady Fenton and hearing all about 'her' machinations with Georgina, i think it would actually be a complete turn-on to watch my precious feminized darling being groped and even manhandled by a masculine much older admirer. The whole idea excites me to no end. My precious effeminate may even shed one or two tears in the process but that would make his eventual compliant surrender and resignation even more satisfying. To first see him squirm and protest a bit and to then eventually see him willingly give in to his/her receptive girlish nature up to a point where my little lady actually seems to be in extace over the rather aggressive avances of her ardent manly admirer. Mommy may actually wet her own pretty panties in the process

Mommy had also organised a lovely photoshoot this week with our precious Bobbi Marie all glammed up and looking extremely sexy and alluring in an  exquisite satin gown. She looked of course absolutely gorgeous again and our little debutante actually shivered at the touch and contact with the sensuous silky materials on her delicate frail body.
What Bobbi hadn't been told yet was that the pictures were not only for her little private blog as with some help from Lady Fenton and her delightfull Protégé Georgina, mother has also gotten Bobbi her own webpage with a very exclusive up-market datingsite.  It will go online in a few weeks time after my sweetheart has graduated from dating-class. Precious little Bobbi Marie is going to be VERY VERY popular.................


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bobbi Marie: the boyfriend lessons.

Within weeks of mother's "takeover" i had almost completely reconciled myself with my new situation and really started to enjoy mothers machinations as the now awfully pretty and glamorous girl in the mirror had strongly re-awakened the very sexual-erotic feelings that had driven me to dress up to begin with. And then there were the sensual feelings my new clothes themself provided, the feel of silks and satins on my teenage body, the restrictiveness , the heels, the stockings. It was still a bit confusing but also extremely exciting. Of course mother encouraged and stimulated these feelings. And she didn't stop at the clothes, it was deportment lessons, speech lessons, ettiquette and what she called girl lessons in which i was actually taught how to think as a girl by reading certain very feminine romantic books and magazines, imagining myself in the role of the main character. Needless to say i was a very responsive subject. I was now a girl all of the time when i was at home.
By now i was almost completely brainwashed and mother loved it. The partyfrocks had become classy designer cocktaildresses and promgowns and the heels had gone from 3 to 5 inch. The undies had gone from girly to stunningly glamourous and sexy. At that time mother also decided that i had to learn about boys.
That meant mother would seek out boys who were usually shy sons of her ladyfriends who needed a bit of help meeting girls by themselves. When one of these boys seemed sufficiently interested and found her approval, she would blatantly invite him over and set up a sort of chaperoned date where i was glammed up completely, make-up, hairdo, wearing my sexiest eveninggown for my "boyfriend",who was usually an extremely shy and unexperienced young man who was totally intimidated and nervous at meeting a stunning sophisticated young lady like me. These evenings were spent teaching us youngsters how to behave on a date. This went from holding hands, him putting his arm around my waist an holding me to giving eachother furtive little kisses. Later in the evening we would learn to slowdance with mothers very specific instructions how to hold and caress eachother, look into eachother's eyes and behave as a couple in love in general. If this all went well we were back on the sofa for the final act of the evening. The deep sensual kissing and making out scene. If mother was convinced we were doing it right she would leave us alone for a while so we could practice being in love as she called it. By this time my conditioning and girl lessons had me reacting to the situation as any delicate sexually awakening teenage lady would. By now i was immerged so deeply into my new role that i actually loved every minute of it and moaned softly under my "boyfriend's" kisses and was actually almost starting to feel i was really falling in love with him.

Young master Geoffrey was a nephew of Lady Fenton and just seemed a perfect subject for Bobbi to practice her kissing technique on.........Mommy just cannot wait to see her feminized son in the arms of "her" "boyfriend"......

Saturday, July 15, 2017

And so it has started.....

I don't think you are ready for the actual thing yet but being admired and lusted after on the web will get you used to the attention a pretty girl like you will have to deal with once she's out there in the real world, my precious Bobbi Marie. For now you still have a lot of learning to do, like elegantly walking in those delicious 5 inch heels you are wearing and i have engaged someone to work on your speech and feminine vocabulary. We will also be working on your social and seductive skills. There is still a lot to be done but it will all be worth it in the end, darling.

Mother's ex-son really needed a suitable role model...


All you want is....

All you want is....