Friday, December 8, 2017

(Very)Vintage me.....

Two of the earliest(crappy polaroid) pics documenting my early dressing up adventures thanks to having obtained a new scanner-thingie.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Merit points....

Merit points would of course mean benefits like pretty dresses and other delicate feminine delights....Bobbi
still has to find out what demerit points will result in.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Taunting and persuading.........Listen carefully....(animated)

There are still a few flaws of course but i'm getting close to what i actually wanted. The whole animating experiment has put a pause on actually writing new stuff and i'm basically just elaborating on the Bobbi Marie scenario and especially on how our darling was coerced into becoming mother's precious little lady and the ultimate wet dream of every mature man that comes in contact with her. Sometimes one has to be patient and do with what you are given for now......(especially when one is as shy and demure as effeminate people like us obviously are(lol)).

In fact, whenever you see a much older man or think about a much older man, you are very likely to become extremely horny and aroused.  Wanting him to look at you and speak to you. Wanting him to notice you so bad. To notice you and to notice how very horny you are for him.
 Because really you are always thinking about it and always wanting it and thinking about elderly men most of the time now.  And all your thoughts are always in a nice feminine voice. Always thinking in a pretty feminine voice and talking in a pretty feminine voice as you flirt with elderly men and compulsively fantasize about being kissed and courted by much older gentlemen.

The base of what we're trying to accomplish is this: When in company Bobbi Marie MUST ALWAYS be acutely, yes, even obsessively conscious and aware of the effect she is having on the men in her presence. Consequently she must also learn to be very conscious of what some of her actions, poses and movements will do to them. Deep inside boys with Bobbi's particular disposition already know what effect it has on men when he crosses his perfectly smooth nyloned legs with her incredible stiletto heels in a certain provocative manner(as those sort of  fascinations have already driven them to to their little dressing up adventures in the first place).
The basics for Bobbi's succesfull conversion were thus very much there already, we just had to make our precious little lady much more conscious of them and make her realize how excting and rewarding being desireable and desired can be. She had to learn to recognize and love the lustfull looks and stares and all other signs(yes, even bulging pants) that men and boys who lust after her may show

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Also updated my latest post so have a look there too. Still experimenting, so apologies for starring different people in the mother role.........

more Updates>

I've also considered Joan Collins for the role......or maybe she can be lady Fenton?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Movies......

Out of sheer boredom i've been experimenting a bit with moving stuff. Still using old stuff for the moment but i'm planning to do more like these in the future. I'm beginning to think the stuff i'm doing on this blog is factually a substitute for the movie i've got in my head but that could never be made. Active images like these may enhance the experience. The movie won't happen outside our heads but the power of the imagination may give us an idea of what it would be like.....(some people can do that with just words, they are called writers, i just need a bit more)

Adjustment Therapy by Lady F., driving home the message.......

Bobbi Marie remembered having these 'adjustment' sessions with the formidable Lady Fenton and they were probably pleasent enough as he always seemed to feel happy afterwards but he could never quite remember what was actually said.......


Thursday, September 21, 2017

An update and not an update....

The real update is actually an update of my previous post. I had gotten a bit stuck with the direction the scenario had taken previously so i just had to ellaborate a bit to restore the logic of the reasoning. Did i ever tell you people i'm a bit of a pedant at times?

I do however have a Bobbi Marie picture to show. Bobbi is becoming quite the sophisticate .....Lady Bobbi  sounds kinda nice and classy and it seems to fit her, especially as she mainly seems to attract arristocratic gentlemen.

Lady Bobbi has become just a bit too sophisticated to not be a "Lady"

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A very distinguished but slightly disquieting Gentleman.....and a revelation for mother

This time Bobbi Marie couldn't go for the "young hot Vamp in training" role. A possible liaison with Sir Randolph
would ask for a far more subdued  approach . Men like Sir Randolph want a "princess on the pea", a possible "damsell in distress"(or a damsell they could put in distress themselves and then sorta save).

she may have actually felt that way.as part of the role she had adopted
I was of course totally delighted to see Bobbi acting the perfect demure and slightly feeble young lady, almost reverently curtseying to her date whilst fluttering her eyelashes, feigning shyness and being hopelessly attracted to him. She was actually pretending to be unsteady in her 5inch heels so he'd have to support her. Yes, she was really the perfect submissive girlthing for this incurably vain gentleman and she pulled out all the tricks.......A bit too perfect maybe. Bobbi played the role to perfection and you can only do that if you really understand the part. Once again i had underestimated the devious mind of the selfmotivated transvestite, my dear Bobbi was(as Lady Fenton had suggested and encouraged) actually completely conscious of what her actions and little affectations were doing to this man. She was(as they say) playing him like a fiddle. The point being that, like Lady Fenton before me, i had really created a delicious pretend daughter that was taking after her mischievous mother (in this case even more logical as Bobbi, unlike lady Fenton's Georgina, really is my offspring) like few real girls could. My little lady may actually be enjoying acting all shy, prissy and delicate but deep inside she was very much the one who was directing this little play.
It's where dominant males (i mean the ones who think they are - i don't support the concept of dominant males) always lose out, the perfect submissive miss does not exist as real submissives are mostly people with a very low self opinion who can never handle a scenario like this without falling apart or getting really hurt. The perfect shy demure ingenue is bound to be a sweet delicate manipulative bitch..... 

All you want is....

All you want is....