Sunday, March 26, 2017

Georgina: Are you ready for your date?

The date had been arranged at a very classy restaurant uptown.  Lady Fenton had secretly followed the romantic couple and stealthily sat at a nearby table enjoying the show!  Georgina's date, 69 year old Sir Henry, was practically drooling throughout dinner, eying his very glamorous young date sitting across the candlelight table .  Georgie flirted enthousiastically with the masculine elderly gentleman as his stepmother had instructed him.

Watching the, unknown to the onlooker, somewhat risqué scene unfold was getting Lady Fenton excited.  She even felt her panties become moist as she saw Georgina's date place his hand on Georgina's stockinged knee under the table whilst she seemed to actively encourage his intimate avances. It looked like an actual shiver of delight went through Georgina when she felt his touch.  This was going even better than she had hoped!

Later, when dinner was over, Lady Fenton furtively followed the seemingly infatuated couple out to the parking lot where the two were passionately making out, the older man pressing her stepson against the man's Jaguar as he was aggressively kissing his pretend girlfriend.  Georgie of course was eagerly and passionately clinging to "her" man and ethousiastically returning his kisses as if her life depended on it. After a short while, the two got into the man's car probably to drive to some secluded spot to indulge in more delightfull romantic intimacies that would enflame young Georgina's now so deliciously  susceptible disposition to the point of fainting of sheer submissive delight.

To be completely honest the basic scene-idea here came from a story i'd read a while ago. I adapted it to the Georgina situation and in the end i basically rewrote it completely. Maybe 2 or 3 half sentences were left of the original text so it's in no way plagiarism. I took the basic framework and i made it fly. I'm actually quite proud of my language skills on this one.(especially as english isn't my native language).

Monday, March 20, 2017

Georgina dreams....

A new girl like Georgie must always have her little out of control mind filled with thoughts of love and romance. It's not a matter of choice, it just has to be because I want it that way.....
a "girl"and her toy
Note from the Author: Even as a child i had a taste for the darker side of our imagination.
I simply loved the dark queen in Snowwhite, the evil stepmother in
Cinderella and i rooted for the wicked Witch of the west in Oz. My
favourite fairytale was "Mother of Toads" where the handsome
young hero falls under a love-spell of an extremely ugly toadlike
old witch. I loved it and as young as i was it already caused
a strange stirring which i now recognize as distictly erotic.
In later life as a young transvestite this idea translated very well
into my own excitement at being desired and courted by rather

disgusting old men.


Friday, March 10, 2017


It will happen anytime tonight. I should subtract my own visits of course and to general webnorms it isn't that spectacular but plenty of my serious artist friends in the outside world have no chance of having their work be seen by that many people at all so i should be a rather happy puppy at the moment.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Are YOU ready for the dress?.......

Georgina still needs to try on a lot of weddingdresses before he/she is ready for the real thing....... A girl can dream, can't she..........

Those who have experience with heels know that in no time at all her calf
muscles will have adjusted to wearing heels so completely that she won't be
able to walk or even stand without them without experiencing serious pain. In
only a few weeks time our delicate little miss will need at least a four inch
heel to be able to walk at all. Five inch heels will almost feel comfortable.....
Will Georgie end up on a Milk-carton? Never to be seen again?

All you want is....

All you want is....