Friday, June 2, 2017

a Perfect daughter for a wicked stepmother

Bit too busy with other things to do a lot of writing but the picture basically says it all for now. Mommy has her way and gets more than she ever expected.

Georgina turns out to be more like her stepmommy than a real daughter ever would.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Georgina's Exquisite Surrender

And then the day finally comes to succumb to your ultimate submission......to HIM.
I love the eighties style wedding dress Georgina is wearing. Sir  Henry is of course very much based on the type of man i fancy myself.

By returning Guest-artist Ignatius Fluke

p.s. Keep ignoring me at your own peril.
p.p.s. I am looking for a new main character/ victim for coming scenes. If anyone has any suggestions? Preferably someone from the public domain like a minor celebrity from the past.(i've considered Leif Garrett but he's too obvious and maybe just that little bit too pretty. Basically the same problem with David Cassidy) Maybe someone a little less famous.Think i prefer a bit of an irritating teenage preppie. Makes it just that tiny bit more exciting to destroy his disgusting boyhood(lol).
I seriously considered young master Trump getting caught with big sister Ivanka's wardrobe but i don't want to wake up in Guantanamo one of these days.......... 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Delights of being Someone Else

How transvestism isn't always about being yourself. When looking back and having gained some understanding of my motives in these matters, i'd say that in my case my enjoyment is in being someone else who is this almost unreal, in all aspects hyperfeminine persona i invented. It's about the deception and the fraud instead of about a supposed true inner self. whilst at the same time taking this deception much further than a lot of the gendermotivated trannies do. Even my sexual preferences are those of my character and when i'm with a man there is not a cel in my body that experiences it as anything but a heterosexual experience and urge(gay men don't even turn me on for that reason). The vamp i used to portray always had a strong urge to be desirable and desired. There is also what i call "the other Planet effect". Bit like the speech of "Roy"in BladeRunner. We've been to places and had experiences none of the "normal people" had. It's something i can't easily explain to people who haven't been there and trannies who prefer more convenient and more conformist explanations. Yep, i'm a weirdo but that's nothing new either, i was diagnosed as one as a child. Sometimes i just can't help saying summink smart. Next post will probably be my usual pervy amusement stuff, i still have Georgina's wedding to finish.(i even got returning guest-artist Ignatius Fluke in to add some spunk to the festivities)..........

Friday, May 5, 2017

Guest artist: Satin Pansy

A welcome intermezzo whilst i prepare to get ready to go on to Georgina's further developments...(i think i found the perfect dress).
Got the permission to publish some early drawings by Satin Pansy who is rather famous for her Youtube and other fetish stuff. She's the absolute sissy fetish doll and one of my favourite kinksters. Always had something with the ones that go all out with this stuff(not even start me on her delicious satin and taffetta wardrobe- personally i always went a bit for the more grown up look but i could go for the sissy stuff if i could do it this way). First got talking with her back when we were both on Yahoo 360 and apart from anything i else i get the impression she's actually an interesting person.
The drawings really take me back to my own secret dressing up adventures in my teens. I kinda got off on the fear and anxiety part of it. Sneaking out at night for scary dressed up walks around the neighbourhood, just not getting caught....it still gets to me. First time getting noticed by men, passing cars hooting, men walking their dog accepting me as a girl and saying "hello, miss". Soooo exciting then......Guess most of us real transvestites have all been there in some way.

Satin Pansy
Me, still satins & tafetta but contrary to my sissy friend, i never got along with pastels.
Sorry,but i just couldn't help touching myself there. Hope it doesn't land me in trouble with the local authorities. I was already reprimanded by Flickr this week and i've been so on my best behaviour the past few years.

Monday, May 1, 2017


Just couldn't resist one more Mildred, she's just that extra cherry on the cake.Beginning to think i've got a real penchant for the cruelty stuff lately, and i was always such a kindhearted gentle person.......(lol)

Friday, April 14, 2017

More Georgina for Sir Henry

The minutes seemed like hours but finally Henry appeared from the bathroom wearing an expensive bathrobe. He moved to a portable bar on his side of the room and poured himself a drink. He then put on some soft music. I began feeling weak as he motioned for me to join him......
I had no choice now. Acting my feminine best I slithered off the bed and minced towards him swishing my exquisite bridal peignoir.  He took a large sip of his drink then tilted his head back slightly as he smelled my perfume. He set the glass down and turned towards me, holding me close and driving me crazy with his intoxicating masculine presence.
"Mmmmm, you look evenmore adorable and delicate than your stepmother promissed  you would be my sweet Georgina" he said, as he took my arms and we started slow dancing to the soft music.  I felt weak, like I was going to faint. I could tell he was hard once again now as he poked against me when he held me close putting his arms around my tightly corsetted waist. It didn't take long until he wisked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed! I slipped out of the chiffon robe and set it at the foot of the bed as Dan took off his robe. I then got into bed and under the satin sheets. Sir Henry an eagerly joined me, his penis already stiff and throbbing. He pulled me close hugging me then eased me down. I knew what I had to do and he watched as I gripped the shaft with my hand, my red, manicured nails gleaming in the soft light. I began to stroke him gently and then I opened my glossy pink lips and kissed him passionately untill we were writhing on the bed in ecstasy. Actual intercourse is however still off the menu untill our glorious wedding.
Even Mildred's wedding gown wasn't sacred to our now so delightfully selfish little lady. Our sweet fragile Georgina actually ordered Mildred to get it for her and made her help getting dressed and was obviously starting to enjoy the rejected older woman's discomfort. Whenever Mildred is in the room or when she otherwise notices her looking she purposely fondles Henry or starts to make out with him to see her hidden sadness. I guess little Gina has discovered the joy of taunting all by herself. It's so satisfying to see her pick up such feminine affectations.  Stepmommy is so proud of her little princess.....


Monday, April 10, 2017

Georgina:His wife as a maid of honour?

How wonderfully cruel and exquisitely inventive....


Estranged may be the wrong word when referring to dear old Mildred, just strange would have been a better option. Lady Mildred had always been a bit odd and she was rather kinky herself in her younger days. A bit of real-life roleplay like we're doing here would very much have suited her then so even when her personal role has changed a bit, she won't be totally weirded out by our little games. Especially when she finds out that her tasks as a servant will include satisfying the physical needs of Hobbs, Henry's loyal but quite grotesque looking butler, of whom it has been said that he has a quite ferocious sexual appetite and the tool to suit the occasion. She may even get to like it....

Meanwhile our enchanting pampered little mademoiselle is already revelling in the sensual experience of wearing Mildred's exquisite and priceless furs, wearing HER diamonds and pearls. How deliciously selfcentered and spoiled she has become, she is becoming such a darling little minx .  Of course i 'm utterly delighted about Georgina's progress, soon i'll be teaching her about feminine foibles like amused contempt, merciless taunting, sublimated frailty and similar ladylike affectations. It's just so beautifull . A wonderfully responsive sweetheart like Georgie just warms a wicked stepmother's heart.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Georgina: Are you ready for your date?

The date had been arranged at a very classy restaurant uptown.  Lady Fenton had secretly followed the romantic couple and stealthily sat at a nearby table enjoying the show!  Georgina's date, 69 year old Sir Henry, was practically drooling throughout dinner, eying his very glamorous young date sitting across the candlelight table .  Georgie flirted enthousiastically with the masculine elderly gentleman as his stepmother had instructed him.

Watching the, unknown to the onlooker, somewhat risqué scene unfold was getting Lady Fenton excited.  She even felt her panties become moist as she saw Georgina's date place his hand on Georgina's stockinged knee under the table whilst she seemed to actively encourage his intimate avances. It looked like an actual shiver of delight went through Georgina when she felt his touch.  This was going even better than she had hoped!

Later, when dinner was over, Lady Fenton furtively followed the seemingly infatuated couple out to the parking lot where the two were passionately making out, the older man pressing her stepson against the man's Jaguar as he was aggressively kissing his pretend girlfriend.  Georgie of course was eagerly and passionately clinging to "her" man and ethousiastically returning his kisses as if her life depended on it. After a short while, the two got into the man's car probably to drive to some secluded spot to indulge in more delightfull romantic intimacies that would enflame young Georgina's now so deliciously  susceptible disposition to the point of fainting of sheer submissive delight.

To be completely honest the basic scene-idea here came from a story i'd read a while ago. I adapted it to the Georgina situation and in the end i basically rewrote it completely. Maybe 2 or 3 half sentences were left of the original text so it's in no way plagiarism. I took the basic framework and i made it fly. I'm actually quite proud of my language skills on this one.(especially as english isn't my native language).

Monday, March 20, 2017

Georgina dreams....

A new girl like Georgie must always have her little out of control mind filled with thoughts of love and romance. It's not a matter of choice, it just has to be because I want it that way.....
a "girl"and her toy
Note from the Author: Even as a child i had a taste for the darker side of our imagination.
I simply loved the dark queen in Snowwhite, the evil stepmother in
Cinderella and i rooted for the wicked Witch of the west in Oz. My
favourite fairytale was "Mother of Toads" where the handsome
young hero falls under a love-spell of an extremely ugly toadlike
old witch. I loved it and as young as i was it already caused
a strange stirring which i now recognize as distictly erotic.
In later life as a young transvestite this idea translated very well
into my own excitement at being desired and courted by rather

disgusting old men.


Friday, March 10, 2017


It will happen anytime tonight. I should subtract my own visits of course and to general webnorms it isn't that spectacular but plenty of my serious artist friends in the outside world have no chance of having their work be seen by that many people at all so i should be a rather happy puppy at the moment.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Are YOU ready for the dress?.......

Georgina still needs to try on a lot of weddingdresses before he/she is ready for the real thing....... A girl can dream, can't she..........

Those who have experience with heels know that in no time at all her calf
muscles will have adjusted to wearing heels so completely that she won't be
able to walk or even stand without them without experiencing serious pain. In
only a few weeks time our delicate little miss will need at least a four inch
heel to be able to walk at all. Five inch heels will almost feel comfortable.....
Will Georgie end up on a Milk-carton? Never to be seen again?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

the Christeen universe: More of Georgina......

 Lady Fenton rides again........

I had for a long time secretly been fantasizing about feminizing and dominating submissive boys so when after the passing of my late husband  i had noticed my up to that point rather boring loser stepson having develloped an unnatural interest in my lingerie drawer and assorted frillies, i saw my chance to have some fun and indulge in my dark hidden fantasies. I didn't really encourage him to dress immediately but at first only sorta provided him with ample opportunity and acces to a wide variety of women's clothes complete with plenty of lingerie, makeup and a even a wig! All supposedly accidentaly(lol). Later, after i had confronted him and his secret was out, i really started to enjoy controlling him and as time passed i noticed i seemed to become more and more excited by seeing his submission and compliant resignation to the new life i was seducing him into. And as while dressed up it was a certainty that he wouldn't be leaving the house of his own will so nobody would ever have to know of my intoxicating immoral scenario. Aside from my hairstylist friend Rhonda and my friendship with Henry who would visit on occasion no one knew what i was up to. And by the time i would be ready with our little ingenue nobody would for a moment question her gender and she would declare to any authority that it was all her own wish and that being a pretty young lady had always been her dream. It's all intoxicatingly delightful and right......and a little bit evil.
It's all going to be so delightfully romantic.
The Exquisite Enchantment of a Sleepy Beauty

Sometimes one likes to make something special out of our little lady's bedtime. Having her all dressed up in her sexiest frilly nighty or babydoll and me of course immaculately done up and being irresistably menacing and overpowering.  I'd sit next to my princess on her impossibly femine bed in her now impossibly feminine and elegant bedroom when i almost tauntingly tell her about my delicious plans for her future. Meanwhile sweetly caressing her with my perfectly manicured hand under the bedspread until she's totally helpless to resist the sweet erotic agony i'm forcing upon her. I keep this up until our darling is almost in a hysterical state of arousal and is panting for release. At that moment, i know she is ready to agree to do or say anything i want her to. I make her admit to desperately wanting to be kissed and held by manly men and even have her beg me to make her have a boyfriend. Of course i record these statements and confessions for later use when she may have the ridiculous impertinence to protest against the wonderfull plans i have with her. At our most recent intimate little game  our precious little darling actually confessed to desperately desiring to be with a mature masculine man like Sir Henry and yearning  to be his obedient pampered little girlfriend.  Some of her adorabl girlish little wishes may well be granted but any hesitation on her behalf will result in a befitting but merciless punishment. The whole game is even more effective as she is usually already a bit drowsy from the sleeping pill i slipped into her milk which makes her mind more susceptible to my suggestions. So even if she may not wholeheartedly agree with her reluctant confessions later, the thought and idea is firmly planted in her impressionable fragile little mind.  It's absolutely intoxicating to see my formerly undesireable stepson slowly but inevitably turn into this demure, fragile and almost  compulsively dainty wanton princess .  Georgie now practically delights in and relishes her own helplessness. Like a delicious luxury item, much too delicate and not really made to exist in the real world.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Georgina: There is a wanton bride in every darling little effeminate...


A half decent bridal fantasy works virtually every time when
one wants to get our little darlings in the mood to devellop true
feminine feelings, moods and especially the exquisite feminine
delights that will make them slaves to their own unavoidable
submission. One can just see the last remains of boyhood flow
out of our adorable little ladies to be.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

the Christeen universe: Georgina, Lady F. takes charge....

(from a letter to aunty)
Isn't he/she a complete doll? I kept it simple for now as i had to work with the things i
had at hand but i'm planning to go all out on her. As soon as i've done some serious
shopping i'll be pampering my enchanting little debutante with some really sophisticated
and extravagant fashions to keep her penchant for the fetish side of her little foible alive.
 She is still a bit apprehensive(especially about dating men) as it's still all a bit much to
take in but she seems to accept my authority and seems delightfully obedient and compliant.
I still get a few buts but as soon as i put my foot down she does as she is told. Unlike your
Christeen she is very conscious of the fact that she brought this on herself by his/her
earlier hidden effeminate affectations. She knows very well that too much protests would
sound very unconvincing now....
Yours Sincerely, Lady Fenton (Purring, almost intoxicated with delight)

Friday, January 20, 2017

the Christeen universe: Georgina, a new wannabe miss?

(from a letter to aunty)
I had already had my suspicions when i noticed someone had been rummaging around in my undies drawer so i decided to encourage the little perve. I proceeded to stall a box of pretty silky girly items of clothes that i supposedly collected for the local welfare shop  in Georgies closet and my little darling totally fell for my little trap. I didn't have to wait more than a day before he was prancing around in them(i even included a little wig and a pair of MaryJane shoes) and i caught him on my little spycam. It was absolutely delightful to see him doing little seductive poses and fluttering his long girlish lashes at his full-size mirror. From that moment on i knew he was in my power and i'm planning to make the most of it. I haven't confronted Georgie yet but it won't be long before he'll be answering to "Georgina". 

Yours Sincerely, Lady Fenton


apreciation......(not really)

10 followers and a handfull of shy, mostly anonymous reactions is not very flattering, izzit?

What i want!

What i want!
I mean really really really frilly......the sort that will functionally kill off the last bit testosterone one has left. I think i want the black ones...I may go for the version with the lacy back opening to seduce prospect gentleman admirers. I've just taken off the birchplace link that should have been making me money as the system doesn't quite work for me. Pity, as my 10.000 visitors a month could well have worked for both of us. As it didn't they can very well bugger off. I'm not THAT stoopid.


All you want is....

All you want is....

vintage adverts

vintage adverts
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