Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christeen:.....Pining for uncle Bob?.....

Uncle Bob away for business????


My dear Bob,

Over the course of these last few months i have been forcing
Christeen's poor little heart and mind to grow so wonderfully
out of control. Everything is changing so fast for her now. It's
hard for her to try to make sense of the new flood of emotions
and desires you and i are forcing upon her unguarded helpless 
heart. It's delicious to already see her being totally mesmerized
by the mere thought of "her"man's presence. I have decided to let
her delicious agony take her even further into this deep almost
hysterical form of femininity and therefore i think we should
take a rest from your dates to let her longing for her lover and
the apprehension about her willing submission ripen to the
fullest. And as absense makes the heart grow fonder, you will
be off our little lady's menu for a while. I'll tell her you're away
on business and send her all your love.....for now. She'll be pining
for you in a true ScarlettO Hara dramatic fashion(aunty will see
to that)... Again, it's all so delightfully pretty and evil and dark

Your wicked little sister



  1. Love your artwork and layout. Please continue.

    1. I will and i'm glad you like it. Thanx x

  2. Perhaps Auntie could provide C with a locket that holds a picture of Uncle Bob. That way the girl could obsess over him romantically at any hour of the day, even lying in bed.

  3. I love your stuff. But i have to say i hate the new direction you are taking Christeen. What was so exciting was seeing Christeen FORCED into this. Seeing a hetero teenage boy forced to be a girl by his aunt, and to submit to groping old men. Having her fall in love with her uncle utterly ruins the dynamic. Now its just a transgendered love story. I want to see Christeen with tears in her eyes, and her aunt and uncle enjoying breaking her. I want to see Christeen mortified by her fate, not revel in it. I want to see her helplessly falling further and further into her new life, and read of her feelings of helplessness. Why even have a forced fem aspect if she is just going to acquiesce? There's nothing that ruins a good forced fem story than removing the forced aspect. And in this case, its quite unbelievable to think that a hetero teenage boy would fall in love with some old man. Please go back to how it was

  4. I think otherwise. This way the agony is still there but it's just more effective. Christeen is "forced" to smile and show happynes about her submission. There still is pain, to me actually more than in the fairly static situation in the stuff that the real Christeen is producing at the time. It's not a transgendered love story, it's dark psychological drama wieh a sadomasochistic twist. The mind is a creepy place. I've been there.(lol)


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