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a Tribute to Madge and Timmy

I've just posted this on fictionmania. It's basically a tribute to Anonymous Writer, together with Cheryl Lynn one of the authors i follow on there. Of course i've incorporated some of my personal preferences and left out what doesn't quite tickle my fancies(like the threat of castration AW seems to prefer) but for the most part i tried to keep within the tradition. You can find the original Madge stuff HERE.

Madge's wonderfull Christmas-party

It was a rather festive do and all the guests were dressed to the nines, the ladies wore their prettiest dresses and the men wore their best suit and tie. Madge herself looked sublime as usual in a gorgeous black satin tailored pants suit
(Madge chatting to her  best friend Ruth)
"You'll be amazed, darling. I've been working on Tim ever since I found him in my bedroom lounging about in my  prettiest lingerie, dresses and high heels. I can't believe it's been nearly two years now.
Off course Timmy never would have been much of a manly man anyway. He was always too slight, delicate and much too pretty. The new life i'm forcing on him is so much more suitable to his meek fragile nature, you'll see when you meet him/her. I'm turning our little boy into a delicious wanton little lady, the wet dream of all the men that get the privilege of meeting him! You should see him as he elegantly minces and preens around the room wiggling his girly bum and teetering on his stiletto heels in a pretty dress and with his makeup and hair all done up nice and pretty. Can't even walk properly without his heels anymore as after wearing them for the past six months virtually permanently, poor Timmy's calf-muscles have adjusted to them. Timmy has always looked and acted more like a girl than a boy anyway and now with my help he's even more feminine than most girls his age. He's also started

developing little breasts now, even when i only have him on hormones every other month to keep some of the pervy boy thoughts alive that brought our little darling to us in the first place."

It was Madge's annual glamourous Christmas party and she couldn't wait to show off her latest successes with Timmy/Tiffany to all her friends and relations. Only a handfull of Madge's closest friends knew of Tiffany's true gender  and even they were convinced it was all Timmy's idea and Madge was just helping and encouraging her transgendered protege.

"The only problem i still had to solve was his uncooperative attitude towards dating men as up to very recently my princess had been very reluctant to accept her designated sexual orientation( of course if Timmy really had had such a strong preference for girls, he shouldn't have dressed up as one ) but technology came to the rescue. A friend of mine who works in neurology got me this tiny device that gives off pulses to certain nerve endings(in this case Timmy's erogenous are) via a small precisely placed electrode, giving me the power to reward Timmy's thoughts and actions with sexual stimulation. The full-on setting actually has our little lady in a total state of orgasm. This, together with a strict regime of carefully selected suggestive moviesequences and soundfiles about pretty girls like Tiffany falling under the spell of depraved older

gentlemen, have worked wonders. I even went as far as rewarding Timmy for verbally affirming his deep desires to be kissed and held by such men with delicious little orgasms. It was absolutely delightfull to watch. In the end i didn't have to use the device anymore, just the suggestion and hearing the words coming out his own pretty little mouth had him coming in his pretty panties all on his own. I have a feeling that tonight our princess is going to be very appreciative of the male attention she'll undoubtedly get."

Madge was almost purring with anticipation about the coming events as the two wicked ladies anxiously awaited Timmy/Tiffany's entrance.

"You see it's not only the conditioning and the rewards that make it work, the point is that before we tried to hook her up with boys her age and that made Timmy think of his own former life and in that light his subconscious mind translated this into a mainly 'boy on boy' experience and that did nothing to make Timmy feel like the girl in the setup. The situation with a mature gentleman turns out to be completely different as there is nothing that brings Timmy to the surface and Tiffany gets to both revell in her own now obvious feminine nature (especially compared to this 'man creature') and her newfound desireabillity."

Madge seemed quite certain of herself and when our debutante finally joined the party, looking like an absolute dream of sublimated femininity in an exquisite black silk sheath cocktailgown, a fox stole and a pair of absolutely impossible black patent stiletto's, even Ruth was stunned.  With her hair done up in a very glamorous Marylin-like style(monsieur Henri had spent at least 2 hours getting it just right) and all the details like her make-up, the salon- nails and jewelery totally perfect, she looked like a young nineteenfifties moviestar. Of course Tiffany(at that point the whole concept of there being a 'Timmy' seemed very very far away) first came over to greet her favorite aunt and her guest and even dropped a little curtsey to the ladies. When she hugged and kissed Madge, Ruth heard her softly whisper a very sweet and sincere sounding "Thank you, aunty" to her 'benefactor'. It was simply delightfull.

"Now you go and introduce yourself to our guests, young lady, and don't forget to stand under the mistletoe a lot. And remember the rule, my little lady is not allowed to refuse any kisses from the gentlemen, do you hear. I won't stand for it after all we've done for you, sweetheart."
Tiffany meekly answered "Yes of course aunty". With that our little ingenue was off to join the party, delightfully swishing her stockinged legs within the confines of the exquisite but very restrictive calf-length gown.
Tiffany of course politely greeted Madge's ladyfriends with a kiss on the cheek but when she was introduced to a gentleman, she almost melted into him when she stood on tippytoes to offer said gentlemen her lips.

"Wait untill she meets old mr. Braxton, my sollicitor. He actually knows about Timmy (as he's an accomplice in changing Timmy's legal status) but he has been flirting with Tiffany ever since he first set eyes on her. Up to know she just saw this as the innocent chitchat of a friendly old uncle but recently i had her declaring her romantic feelings towards this elderly cassanova whilst holding his picture on a regular basis with some help of my little electro device and i have a feeling that they are going to get on extremely well tonight. Love is in the air..."
Madge almost giggled with evilish delight at this prospect.....

As Madge pointed out a heavy-set graihaired gentleman in his mid-sixties, Ruth saw that Tiffany/Timmy was already moving in his direction. She also noticed that Madge had taken out a small electronic device with buttons. So when Tiffany found her friendly uncle already waiting under a strand of mistletoe and kissed him lovingly on the mouth whilst resting her beautifully manicured hands on his shoulders, Madge almost simultaneous pushed the button."Just a tiny bit of encouragement on the lowest level to get her 'in the mood' should do it",she whispered to her friend.

The result was instant as Ruth actually saw a shiver go through Tiffany;s slender silk encased body and it didn't stop at that as when that first kiss ended she immediately drew her elderly admirer in for more and even more intimate mouth contact. His strong manly hands slipped greedily around her waist and within moments our little lady was actually passionately making out with her old 'uncle'.

within moments our little lady was actually passionately making out with her old 'uncle'
Madge was purring like the proverbial Cheshire cat at her newest victory. "Isn't it absolutely delightfull and terribly romantic? They are so going to fall deeply in love, she chuckled."
A short while later our lovebirds had obviously slipped away and when Marge and Ruth had a furtive peek in the adjoining room we found the two on the sofa, his arm still posessively around Tiffany's waist whilst kissing her passionately. The skirt of the silk dress had ridden up, exposing her smooth stockinged legs, being softly caressed by her elderly beau. She was in her turn timidly touching the now obviously bulge in the man's trousers whilst giving off soft moans of pleasure inbetween his deep probing kisses.
"I'll leave at it for a while but of course i will have to make an end to this before it goes any further. One does not need to hurry this romance as i'm planning to have lots more fun with our little debutante. Wait untill the extremely religious, almost puritan mrs. Braxton finds out that her beloved husband has fallen hopelessly in love with such a delicious creature like young Tiffany. The whole situation has intoxicating possibillities for further depraved intrigues. I love it already. In the end i'm just a hopeless romantic", Madge giggled........


  1. Simply beautiful. Poor Tiffany being led into a life of Trophy status for any of a few chosen gentleman. As long as she follows her feelings and thinks they are her own.
    What further adventures await as he spills his feelings to his hairdresser, to be passed back to his Aunt.

  2. Love your Madge and Timmy tribute. Excellent work Miss Saskia.


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