Tuesday, February 20, 2018

another Tribute to Madge and Timmy

I've just posted this on fictionmania(and got refused at first for the protagonist supposedly being underage?-writing about unlawfull behaviour is not unlawfull-it's nonsense). It's basically a tribute to Anonymous Writer, together with Cheryl Lynn one of the authors i follow on there. Of course i've incorporated some of my personal preferences and left out what doesn't quite tickle my fancies(like the threat of castration AW seems to prefer) but for the most part i tried to keep within the tradition. You can find the original Madge stuff HERE
It's essentially a follow-up to Madge's wonderfull Christmas-party

Ever since my early puberty i had been plagued by dreams and fantasies of a world where depraved older ladies, for their sheer amusement, kept me in bondage dressed  in the most feminine of girl's clothes and high-heeled shoes and then laughed at my pretentions of ever being a boy again. In said scenario i was a toy for their perverted sense of amusement but these fantasies still thrilled me with strange delightfull emotions. To think of myself dressed in the pretty dresses and silky undergarments of an extremely feminine teen girl, undergoing punishments and dainty tortures at the hands of a dominant woman deaf to my protestations, had been completely intoxicating. Of course as an otherwise fairly normal teenage boy i had fought these clearly preposterous thoughts and fancies but they always returned and seemed to almost be part of my nature.
So if it had already thrilled me to just dream and think of such a destiny, how helpless i was to put up resistence when, with the arrival of aunty Madge, these secret dreams were translated into reality. My reluctance and resistance didn't disappear of course but it had always lacked conviction as deep inside i knew very well  that I secretly had always wanted this. Even when she, to my absolute horror, first mentioned that i should have a boyfriend and i was openly defiant of the whole concept, deep inside i knew that in the end i would probably beg her to make me go out with men. Madge knew me much too well, so this is where we have arrived over 2 years later.........

Timmy's Big day

"You're going to just love your new room up here, Tim dear" Madge said said in her all too familiar taunting voice. "Now you have become such a grown-up little lady with a boyfriend an' all, i've decided to get all your things moved up from your old room and put them in your new and much more befitting quarters so you'll be all set-up for your new life in no time!", she added as we entered the large upstairs bath. Madge then had me disrobe and put on a slinky silk kimono and fluffy bedroom mules  and sit on a little chair near the bathroom sink. She took a pair of tweezers and quickly plucked my eyebrows into a perfect feminine arch! She then put my head under the sink and began washing my hair. She then applied a chemical hair dye that stung my scalp. "You're hair is so nice and long and already such a pretty shade of blonde that it won't take any work at all to get it into an even prettier, brighter blonde" she said as she continued. She then washed out the dye and after drying my hair with a towel until it was just damp, she had me sit at the sink and quickly began cutting and styling my hair. I had already learned that years back she had learned to fix and style hair, her skill was quite evident now. It wasn't long before she had cut my now platinum blonde hair into a totally feminine style that could never be made to look anything like a boy's haircut without cutting it all off!
Things then went quickly. Madge had me sit at the bathroom sink once again while she rummaged through some things. She found some hair rollers and went to work on my hair. After she had nearly two dozen big curlers wound tightly to my head she put a hairnet on me and plugged in a hair dryer! She then started giving me a manicure and then fitted me out with a set of glamour length salon nails! "These are permanent unlike the stick on ones you wore before, darling. But i don't think you'll be in a hurry to dress up as a boy very soon anyway" she said in her most insincere amenable tone of voice, smiled sweetly and then started lacquering them a bright, glossy red! She then gave me a pedicure and after putting a pair of toe spreaders on each foot she then painted my toenails the same red as my fingernails! Whilst i was under the hairdryer Madge proceeded to get my things from downstairs and to move them to the adjoining room. I had thought 'this' was to be my new room but when i asked Madge she told me that this room would be sort of be my boudoir, where a lady would retreat when she wanted some private time. The room next door would be my actual bedroom as  i would find out later.  I noticed the ingrained devious smile as she mentioned that she would have a little surprise for me when i'd be all dressed up for my 'big day'. I had no idea what that was about but Madge obviously had planned something. And although i had accepted that my darling aunt was always right and always got her way, there was still a sense of both apprehension and anxiety creeping up on me.
Without any more explaining of what she meant she proceeded to do my make-up which included a pair of impossibly glamorous false eyelashes and an obviously very 'kissable' glossy red lipgloss.
She then took of the hairnet off and started to take out the tightwound big curlers one by one and carefully arranged and lacquered the resulting mass of curls into the undoubtedly extremely feminine style she had chosen for the occasion. A number of pretty white satin ribbons and bows were then carefully braided into it. And although i hadn't been given the chance to look in a mirror yet, the result had to be something quite spectacular.  Madge then helped me up from the stool and guided me into the room where a number of bags from some very exclusive clothing shops were waiting on the bed.
After slipping out of my robe, the first item she put on me was a tiny string to tuck  mylittle nuts and draw back my thingy. After some adjusting the last clue to my original gender was now neatly out of sight. Before fitting my developing little breasts in a pretty white lacy push-up bra she had once again placed her electrode gadget (she called it 'my electro clitty') on me. I was then laced tightly into a brand-new white waist corset that was even tighter than the ones i had worn before. It was lavishly adorned with lace and pretty satin bows and had six straps to which a pair of the finest fully fashioned tan nylon stockings were attached. For the next stages Madge had decided that i should be blindfolded so i would only see the endresult when i was 'ready'. The blindfold was a sort of a black velvet visor so as not to ruin my hair and make-up.
I was then sat down on the bed while Madge was gathering the rest of my "exquisite vestments for the evening". First was a flimsy item that felt as a extremely ellaborately decorated silk pair of french knickers. An involuntary shiver went through through me as i felt them being drawn up my nylon-encased legs to cover my girly derriere and neatly trimmed pubic area. Even after all this time the feel of these sensuous silky materials on my skin still intoxicated my now so weakwilled almost ditzy mind... Of course Madge didn't miss any opportunity to push my buttons and to force my urges and desires to "grow so wonderfully out of controll" as she called it. If i hadn't taken the little orange happy-pills earlier i may actually still have had reservations about tonights procedures but the pills stopped ones inner conversation and didn't leave any room for argueing. They were actually quite nice. Life was so much easier and pleasant when decisions were made by others. Especially when it was someone like Madge who was by nature always right and knew what was best for me.
Meanwhile my beloved aunty had forced my feet into an undoubtedly gorgeous pair of at least 5 inch stiletto heels (by now i hadn't worn anything under 4 inch heels for months and i doubted if i still could). She then ordered to raise my feet for a moment so she could help me into my petticoats and naturally i obliged. The gown would probably be something voluminous as the petticoats were floorlength and had several deliciously slippery layers. By now i should have guessed i which direction this was going but in reality i was still just meekly following Madge's directions like the perfect obedient princess i was to become....... Whilst all this was going on she kept telling me over and over how beautifull and exquisitely feminine i was going to feel and how all the men (and especially my 'boyfriend') would be totally at my feet. And the weak impressionable debutante, i was being turned into, drank it all in greedily and actually started to feel excited about Madge's plans for me. "Now little lady, stand up straight and hold your hands over your head so i can put your lovely dress on you". Of course i obeyed instantly so when i stood there, almost shivering with sweet anticipation, accompanied by the the delicious sounds of rustling silks and tafetta, a cloud of delicate slippery fabrics was lowered over my head and Madge zipped me up and carefully fitted the rustling layers of the skirts over my petticoats. After doing some final adjustments to my hair and adding some jewelry Madge decided to let me see her handiwork and removed the blindfold. At first i thought my vision was impaired untill i realised i was looking through a veil
I then got the shock of my life as I was made to walk over to the triple, full length dressing mirror and Madge drew back the veil. I now looked every inch like a living Barbie'Doll bride. She had been right, i probably looked like every man's wet dream. The exquisite designer bridal gown gleamed and rustled with every move i made.
It had a sweetheart neckline suggesting the beginnings of a pair of little breasts, then went down to my small corsetted waist and flared out in a very theatrical wide ballgown skirt with a bit of a train. My arms were covered by diaphonous off the shoulder sleeves. It was absolutely delicious. I was  totally breathless, my whole body shook with excitement as I stood in the middle of the room in an almost mesmerised state of absolute delight. I could see the gleaming bright red of my toenails shining through the reinforced toes of the sheer stockings through the open toes of the white patent stiletto heels. My long fingernails matched the gleaming red and my face, my own face was now unrecognizable to me as Tim with my hair now a bright blonde and all done up in ribbons and curls and with the jewelry and flawless makeup. I must have stood there for minutes breathlessly admiring myself in the mirrors whilst Madge stood behind me with a big smile of victory and satisfaction on her face.
After a short while Madge once again lowered the veil over my face and gestured me to follow her. "Well, i have another little surprise for my beautifull princess. You didn't think i had my little lady all dressed up for nothing, did you?
Madge then gently guided me to the adjoining room (my new bedroom?) that had been decorated with huge bouquets of yellow roses and when i looked up through my veil i imediately recognised my admirer mr.Braxton standing there looking every inch the part in a very classy traditional

The exquisite designer bridal gown gleamed
and rustled with every move i made
bridegroom suit (not a vulgar tuxedo but the sort that has a jacquet and vest). Again a delightfull shiver went through me even before Madge once again used her gadget on me. The memory of his ardent avances had been enough to turn me on although Madge's efforts did make my romantic desires even more urgent. I was quite overcome by the tender romantic feelings i harboured for this elderly Cassanova. Madge steared me towards him and put my beautifully manicured little hand in his. The lovely elderly man's hand was almost shaking with excitement at my touch and a look of lust, desire and admiration was writen all over his face. He was almost drooling when he looked at me and he was smiling as if he just won the lottery. It was so sweet.
"When i saw how you two got along at our lovely Christmas-party and how there was love in the air, i decided that you two should be married. Of course it's not strictly legal and Harold will still be living with his wife in town part of the time for reasons of convenience but in every other way you two lovebirds will be husband and wife." Madge paused for a moment...
"Now. Do you Harold Joseph Braxton take Tiffany Benson to be your perfect fantasy wife and promiss to love and cherish her and to guide your beautifull bride into the final stage of womanhood she so craves and deserves?..." " I do", old Mr.Braxton almost stammered in his obviously excited state. "And do you, Tiffany Benson promiss to take your boyfriend Mr.Braxton to now be your husband and promiss to love, cherish and obey him as the perfect little trophy wife you must become?" And as if in a beautifull trance(which wasn't that far from the truth) Timmy whispered "Yes aunty, of course i do..."
"I  now declare you to be man and wife and you Harold must now put the ring on her finger and kiss your beautifull bride. I will then leave you two lovebirds alone to celebrate your love and to fulfill your matrimonial duties." she said in a suggestive tone of voice.  I couldn't wait so as soon as this darling man had lifted my veil to kiss me, i virtually melted into my 'husband's arms in total surrender. Yes, i really wanted him inside me right there and then. Feeling his warm throbbing flesh inside my body as a final act of loving submission to 'him', my beloved 'lord and master'.
Mmmm, yes. Me, the blushing bride on my back in my beautifull wedding gown, with my stockinged legs around my loving husband as he filled my boypussy with his beautifull throbbing manhood and my pretty little mouth with his thick muscular tongue. Deeper and deeper he slowly thrusts into
i begin to feel the last rests of my
boyhood slowly slip away with each
thrust of his beautiful penis
me, almost splitting me in two as i clutch the silk sheets and beg him to continue. my words excite him more and he begins to thrust even deeper and more urgently into me. By then i am panting and
squealing like a girl, covered in the femininity of the satin, lace and tulle of my gown and petticoats, i begin to feel the last rests of my boyhood slowly slip away with each thrust of his beautiful penis and me slowly become more and more girl than i ever had ever felt. Then my husband thrusts into me one final time and holds me still as he pumps his warm seed deep inside of me, impregnating me - filling me completely.
"Mmmmm", i let out a long moan and shake my head as almost in disbelief as i feel his manly fluids enter me, warming my little girly heart. At that moment i felt so much like a girl that for a split second i almost thought i would be getting pregnant. After some time i started crying a little, like the girl i have become and layed back and basked in the

afterglow like the woman i've now become. Feeling my husband's sperm swimming around inside of me, desperately looking for an egg to impregnate. My husband has now truly taken my virginity,
He made me a woman, mrs.Tiffany Braxton.
i layed back and basked in the afterglow like the woman i've now become


  1. Really loved this entry. Too bad for Fictionmania (they're loss) for passing on this one. Bravo, I will be reading more of this blog.


    Annabelle B.

    1. In hindsight my conflict with Fictionmania kinda opened my eyes to the policy-changes they made in the past few years. This includes the compulsory registration when using the messaging board as well as the policies on content. I don't quite trust them anymore in regards to our privacy and their compliance with authorities. May be my personal paranoia but i'm not that keen on being registered by the brain-police.

  2. Seriously happy with the personal reaction by A.W. him/herself on these and i will probably be publishing some of A.W.'s artwork(drawings)on here in the near future(for the fans.

  3. Good story, keep it up!!


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